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Naruto sat up startled and looked around. He soon recognized the area as his mindscape, though it was somewhat different than before. The floor was no longer filled with water, and was simply what looked like cracked concrete. The pipes were still there and when he looked around, he spotted the cage gates also.

"At last! That seal has proved more annoying than I figured. Come here boy." The Kyuubi called out from behind his cage. Naruto stood up and walked closer to the cage. He stopped when he was about 10 feet from the bars. "I'm sure you're wondering why I've called you here." Naruto had an idea, but nodded anyways. "I would have called you sooner, but the Yondaime's seal has proved much better at blocking communication between us than I expected. Anyways, you have killed your first human, and as a result, I believe you are ready for a deal with me."

"What type of deal?" Naruto questioned.

The huge beast grinned. "That idiotic Hokage's seal has stuck us together for the rest of eternity so we might as well make the best of it. I think you will find that we both can benefit from working together. If you agree, I will give you full access to my youkai, and though it will take time to acclimate your body to its full corrosive properties, you will eventually be able to go into full tailed beast mode." Its huge tails swayed back and forth as it waited for Naruto to answer.

"Sounds like fun!" He chuckled, but then he paused. "What do you want out of this?"

"Not too much. For one, I would like you to change this damn cage to something more interesting, a forest perhaps. And secondly, I want you to let me out every once and awhile. I want to be able to fight again, to do what I was made to do! Not sit in THIS DAMN CAGE!" It roared and slammed a few tails against the bars, after a few awkward seconds it spoke up again. "My apologies, got a little worked up there for a moment. So what do you say?" As he finished his sentence the bars morphed in a collar that was wrapped around his neck, while the rest of the cage swirled and changed into a forest that looked extremely similar the Forest of Death. The Kyuubi grinned as it felt the (albeit fake) wind against its fur, and looked down to see some smaller beasts roaming around.

"Alright then, time to hold up my end of the deal, this will hurt… a lot." Red chakra began to swirl around Naruto and eventually covered his whole body, then all at once it soaked into him and he felt as if he had been dipped into lava. His muscles spasmed and he fell onto the floor writhing in pain as his world faded to black once again.

He woke up in the real world and sat up panting heavily. He looked at his hands and observed that his gloves seemed a little tighter than normal. In fact, his pants and jacket felt a little too tight too.

'Must have been the youkai.' He thought. 'Good thing I have so many pairs of this outfit, or else I would have to do laundry every day. And that I brought those larger sizes that the Ame-nin had.' He stood up and walked over to his closet. After opening it he pulled out the next size in his outfit and changed into it. Happy that they fit well, he went over to the mirror and inspected himself. He noted that he had grown at least an inch or two and was now around 5 feet 9 inches. He flexed his arms and felt like they were also a lot strong than before.

He grinned and quickly left his home to head towards a more secluded area in the Forest of Death. After a good 30 minutes of running, he was satisfied he was far enough and began to search for the youkai inside his body. Red chakra began swirl around him and formed a one-tailed fox cloak over him. He laughed and turned to see a boar that was nearby, rooted in place. He pointed his arm towards the beast and was satisfied to see that the red chakra formed a clawed arm that shot out and wrapped itself around the boar.

The beast squealed and attempted to thrash its way out of his hold, but soon succumbed to death as the youkai burned its insides and killed it. Naruto let the cloak fade and plopped to the ground.

"That was awesome! But, I'll have to find time to get used to it; my insides feel like they are on fire!" He laughed, and then immediately fell onto his back and passed out.


The next day, the genin had gathered at training ground 8 once again, and were waiting for their jounin. One poof and cloud of smoke later, she showed up right at 7:00 am.

"Naruto," she pointed at him. "Mind telling me why you know a kinjutsu? I talked to the Hokage yesterday, and he stated that he didn't know why you knew the Shadow Clone."

He shrugged. "Figured it was payment for killing a traitor, and returning a valuable scroll." As it turns out, this boy was actually a clone also, and the genin himself was the Konoha headband (which was on his arm) this time.

She then gave him a look that said, 'You will be talking to the Hokage later.' Then she paused for a moment. 'Is he taller?' Kurenai shook her head and ignored that thought for now.

"Anyways, today is your first day of training. I will use today's training to determine what you need to work on in the future, and what you are deficient in. We will be starting with physical training every morning, with running laps, push-ups, sit-ups and then taijutsu spars. After that, we will be having an early lunch together. Then, we will return to work on chakra control, and once I deem you fit, you will move on to ninjutsu or genjutsu. We will be alternating between the two, depending on what I want you to learn, and what you have been working on previously. By the end of training it will be around dinner time, and you will be dismissed for the day. Any questions?"

They all stayed silent, so she then ordered them to begin by stretching and then doing a regiment of push-ups sit-ups, and other simple exercises. Naruto figured that he should actually do the exercises, and switched back with his clone. Kurenai was pleased when she determined that all three of them were already physically fit for their age, which meant they didn't have to waste time getting them into shape later on. Afterwards, she sparred with each of them individually, to see what their level was in taijutsu. Then, she took them all aside afterwards.

"Okay team, I'm very impressed with all of you so far. Hinata, your taijutsu is exceptional, but you need to work on being a bit more flexible with your stance. I noticed that you always use the same rigid stance of that style, and that won't do at all. If someone already knows about the Gentle Fist, or fights you for an extended period of time, you will become predictable, so we will be working with you on that. Naruto, your taijutsu is also very good, and something I've never seen before. You could keep up with me when I was almost going full speed, which shows a lot. You precision is also top notch, but I noticed that you rely heavily on dodging and evading, your offense was a little lackluster. Though your strikes were very powerful when they hit, you never went on the attack enough."

Naruto spoke up. "I've never needed to only on taijutsu. I always have my weapons on hand. I don't need as many hits when I can paralyze with a single cut."

Kurenai shook her head. "You have to be prepared for anything Naruto."

'I am probably prepared for anything, besides maybe the entirety of Konoha blowing up.' he mentally retorted.

"Even fighting without your weapons. Though, I do agree that your taijutsu is already good enough that we probably won't have to focus too much on it. And finally, Shino. Your taijutsu is probably the most 'well-rounded' of the three of you. You are very good, and your stance is almost perfect, and you have a good use of offensive and defensive strikes. But the speed of your moves and strikes could use a lot of work." she turned to face her whole team again. "Guys, I'm going to be honest with you now and say that given your fitness level, and taijutsu, you are all at least low chuunin already, you just need more experience." she looked at the position of the sun. "Since it looks to be around noon, let's go get some lunch together and then we will come back for more training."

The group left to go to a local BBQ restaurant, and sat down with Shino next to Naruto and Hinata and Kurenai on the other side of the table. Once again, the jounin found her team to be so quiet it was almost aggravating. The boys would typically only talk to each other, and only in short sentences anyways. While Hinata refused to even look at Naruto for extended periods of time. Their team was lacking cohesion, but hopefully with time they would all get used to each other.


After the meal, they all walked back to the training grounds to work on their chakra control, but Kurenai was in for a major surprise.

"Okay guys, I'm going to teach you two chakra control exercises: tree walking and water walking." she noticed that Naruto shook his head.

"I mastered both of those years ago." he stated.

'I saw him use tree walking, but not water walking. But I should have guessed. With his huge chakra reserves, he would have to have near perfect control to work on genjutsu, which I know he can use.' "Okay then, would you mind helping your teammates with the exercises." she questioned.

Naruto shrugged. "I can give a few tips, but there's not much I can do other than that. Chakra control is something that one has to figure out how to do on their own, it's like trying to teach someone how to use chopsticks in the dark: You can talk to them, but it's hard to describe the intricacies of holding chop sticks. You can try and show them, but they can't really see you anyways. It really just requires their own trial and error to figure out how to do." Kurenai seemed to agree with his assessment but waved him on. "Fine. Tree walking is just learning how to mold chakra somewhere where you are not used to, and using it to stick to a surface. You have to keep a relatively constant flow, and keep the right amount flowing. Too much and you blow off, too little and it can't hold you. Water walking is very similar, but requires you to push your chakra out of your feet at a very steady rate to maintain a bubble that holds you up. That's all I can think of."

Kurenai spoke up. "Shino, Hinata, head over to those trees and start practicing. I suggest lying on the ground with your feet up against the tree, and then trying to walk up from that position." The two walked off to try to complete the exercise. She turned back to Naruto. "Okay Naruto, I will be judging your genjutsu proficiency. So, I've heard some rumors, but I want to hear from you. How good are you?

"I've created my own genjutsu, made it impossible to remove by pain and can layer it."

The red-eyed woman almost choked on her own spit. Then gathered herself again and said. "That is impressive. If what you just said is true, you are already extremely proficient. Would you care to demonstrate one of your genjutsu for me?"


Kurenai looked puzzled. "Why not?"

"I don't plan on permanently impairing my jounin-sensei. All of my genjutsu are offensive and viciously attack the mind. If you want an example, go look for a chuunin that was convicted of attempted rape about a year ago. He should be in a mental institution." he sounded... proud of that fact, something that unnerved Kurenai slightly.

'I'm a genjutsu specialist, so I highly doubt I couldn't get out of whatever he puts me under. That being said though... that man is still there, as far as I've heard, so he's got a point.' "Okay then, how about we move on to ninjutsu? What jutsu do you know so far?"

"I don't feel like divulging exactly what I know so far, but I can give you a few that I've mastered. Gunshot, Great Breakthrough, Grand Fireball and you know I can use the Shadow Clone, are all jutsu that I've mastered. I can use each without hand seals or shouting it to mold the chakra."

Once again the jounin was extremely astonished. 'He sounds more like an experienced chuunin or even jounin than a newly minted genin. Three different elements used, holy crap...' "Well Naruto, can you please show me each of those?" He nodded and turned to face away from her. He proceeded to raise one arm up elbow bent, and make a fist with his hand. A bowling ball sized glob of water formed around his fist, and he proceeded to punch forward, sending it hurtling into a nearby rock. Upon hitting the piece of rock, it blew the target apart and showered the area in chunks of stone.

Kurenai looks impressed, then held up a hand. "Hold on, that wasn't Gunshot. That jutsu is formed in the mouth and spat out. You formed it around your fist."

Naruto nodded, and tapped one of the canisters attached to his mask. "Since I've got my mask, I can't spit things out of my mouth. So I've had to improvise. But they are still the same jutsu; the chakra is simply kneaded in other parts of my body, instead of my mouth. Like my Grand Fireball is formed the same way I make the Gunshot." Kurenai shook her head in disbelief.

"That's enough of a demonstration then. If you've figured out how to modify jutsu to fit your own needs, then you are by far the most powerful genin I've ever seen." she complimented. "Why did you not skip the Academy?"

Naruto shrugged. "The Hokage and Anko didn't want me to; afraid I wouldn't have enough friends with people of my age group." Kurenai's mouth formed a sad smile knowing that he really didn't have any friends anyways.

"Okay Naruto, since I'm not prepared to teach you anything else today, you can head home for the day. Tomorrow you and I will be talking with the Hokage though. Meet me an extra 30 minutes early at the Hokage's office." He nodded and walked away towards the Forest of Death.


The next day Naruto and Kurenai walked into the Hokage's office together and stood in front of him.

"So Naruto-kun I don't really have very much time this morning so I will make this quick. I assume you know why you are here?" he asked and received a nod in return. "The technique you now know is forbidden for a reason. Though not strictly a kinjutsu, it is a very dangerous technique, as it drains chakra extremely fast and can kill if misused. So tell me, why did you steal that technique from the scroll?"

"Hokage-sama, I just found it too irresistible. A solid clone would really help my fighting style, and is extremely useful anyways. And let's face it; I'm not going to be running out of chakra anytime soon. Like I told Kurenai, I consider it payment for returning the scroll and killing a traitor."

The Third seemed to think it over. "Very well Naruto-kun, we will put it down as payment for a B-rank mission. Don't let hear about you stealing anymore jutsu." He warned. "Now I believe that you have a team training to get to?"

"Hai Hokage-sama." Kurenai bowed and they both left.


The next two weeks consisted of basic training for team 8. Kurenai had told them that missions would have to wait as she made sure that they had a good base of knowledge to work from. They had mostly gone over chakra control, getting to know each other, and finally teamwork exercises. Their cohesion was gradually improving, but Naruto was still proving to be a bit of a problem. One moment he seemed like Itachi, never saying more than needed with hardly any emotion, but the next he was laughing at the most random things, and retelling (somewhat morbid) stories from his times in the forest of death. On a positive note, Hinata had begun to become at least somewhat comfortable around her teammates, and her stuttering had become less noticeable.


At a popular ninja bar, some of the jounin had met up to discuss their teams and a few others like Anko had decided to tag along also. They ordered their drinks and chatted amongst each other.

"So how are everybody's cute little genin?" Anko asked the group.

Gai decided to blast everyone with his opinion full volume, as usual. "MY GENIN ARE FLOURISHING IN THEIR SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH!" Everyone except Kakashi winced and tried to rub feeling back into their ears for a moment.

Anko did a quick translation in her head. "So you're saying they're pretty strong then?"

Gai gave her the 'nice-guy' pose, complete with teeth sparkle. "YOSH!"

Asuma lit up a cigarette. "My genin could probably already give yours a run for their money. The Ino-Shika-Cho trio has always been strong, and this year is no exception. My team may even enter the chuunin exams this year."

Kurenai's eyebrow rose slightly at his claim, and thought about her own team entering the exams that were only a few months away.

Kakashi snorted under his mask and looked up from his smut. "Pretty confident in your genin, eh? I doubt even your trio could take on just two of my genin. Though they are a bit arrogant, Sasuke and Kiba are power houses." He stated.

Kurenai rolled her eyes. "I doubt you've even taught them tree walking yet, have you?" Kakashi laughed and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Like I thought, at least I'm teaching my genin something. And they are already strong as is."

Anko smirked. "Well, well, well… How about we turn this dick measuring contest to one that involves some cash?" She received everyone's attention at that declaration. "This will be like an advanced form of Capture the Flag. Here's how it will go down:

"First off, the betting will start at 25 Yen (1 Yen = 1 Dollar, easy that way) into the pot which I will hold… and take 10 percent since this was my idea… Anyways, each of your teams will have a flag with that team's number on it, and it will be held on a small mobile flagpole. The goal is to steal the other team's flagpole and keep it until two days from now, so let's say by midnight Friday. Now once a flag is stolen the other team has to try and get it back before the deadline.

"At midnight after two days, the team with the most amount of flags wins! And as an added bonus: if you don't have your own flag, the entire team including the jounin has to sing a song. This song will be sung in the market district at noon, which the team holding their flag chooses!" She cackled and rubbed her hands together as the others cringed (except Gai of course…).

She regained her composure and continued. "The flags can be stolen from anyone, even from a team that stole it first. So by the end of deadline, whoever has the most amount of flags wins. Though if the teams tie, the team that still has the flag with their number on it will win. Now, anyone have any rules they want to throw out on the table?"

Kurenai looked concerned. "They just got out of the Academy, and now they will have to spend two whole days on guard protecting a flag? What about at nighttime or when they are eating?"

Anko grinned even more. "This will be a great training exercise and even preparation for the chuunin exams! Think about it, no one is ever going to give you a break when you are alone out in the field. In fact, that's when they will most likely strike. Maybe your teams will just have to become that much closer to each other, neh? And anyways, if they can't survive two days in a training ground they have no chance in the exams."

The red-eyed kunoichi then turned to see one of Kakashi's infuriating eye-smiles. "Maa maa. It's okay Anko, I guess her team isn't up to the challenge. It's okay, we understand."

Kurenai's visage hardened at the implied insult. "We will need to inform the parents that the genin will be staying until midnight on Friday."

Gai nodded, and then actually spoke in a normal tone of voice for once. "We all agree that only the genin can defend or capture the flag, since we are testing their skills and not each other's." Everyone bobbed their heads in agreement. "I would also say that the flag cannot be stored in a scroll or hidden underground. Though I think Henge or genjutsu should be legal." Again, everyone nodded.

"The game should be kept within training ground 15. It's large enough that all four teams will have plenty of room, but it will still keep them confined as to not disturb the rest of the village. Team 7 will start on the northern edge, Team 8 on the eastern, 9 on the southern, and 10 on the western." Kakashi said.

"Sounds reasonable. So, you guys want to put your money where your mouth is?" The senseis each eyed each other for a moment, before each of them took out their respective wallets and handed their money to Anko.

"Hey! I want in on this!" A random jounin called.

"Yeah, me too!" A chuunin agreed. There were a few other jounin and chuunin nearby that decided to put in their bets too.

"Well, the winnings will be handed out three days from now at this very bar. Now here are your flags." Then they all shifted in surprise as 4 flags complete with flagpoles, seemingly appeared out of nowhere and were handed to each of them. They each had the respective team's numbers on them and were all a bright red with the number being black. The pole was about 7 feet tall and made of a relatively lightweight PVC pipe.

They all gave her an odd look. "Were you planning this?" Kurenai asked. The purple-haired kunoichi just smiled cheekily.

"The games begin tomorrow at noon, training ground 15. Bye!" Anko smiled and ran off after finishing her drink. The others awkwardly sat for a moment before grabbing their flags and walking off the plan on how to help their team get all of the flags.


The next morning Naruto and his teammates were all sitting by a tree waiting when they all looked towards the poof of smoke that just appeared.

"Good morning everyone!" Kurenai called. She sounded much more awake and loud than usual, which annoyed Naruto and just puzzled the other two. "We are going to be doing some quick jutsu training. Then at noon there is something fun I have planned for you guys involving some other genin teams. Now then…" Kurenai pulled out three sheets of paper and went to hand one to Naruto.

"I already know my affinities." Kurenai nodded and then handed the other two papers to Shino and Hinata.

"Channel chakra into them." She watched as Shino's card crumbled to dust and Hinata's card became soaked with water. "Shino, your chakra affinity is earth, while Hinata's is water. That will make learning certain jutsu easier than others, and it has other implications that I won't be going into right now. Shino, I will be showing you Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall while Hinata I will be showing you Water Release: Starch Syrup Capturing Field. These jutsu will help in protection and containment, which will be vital to fending off attackers and forcing enemies into corners. I know that you guys are just out of the Academy, but these jutsu will help a lot later today." She spent the next few minutes going over the chakra flow and hand signs to the two techniques, and demonstrated each to the genin. After making sure that they had the general concept down, she went over to Naruto.

"Naruto, while Hinata and Shino are working on their new jutsu, I'm going to be helping you with your genjutsu. Now I know that you can create powerful ones already, but I believe you lack subtlety." He stayed silent, showing that he didn't understand where she was going with this. "Naruto, do you know that you've been under a genjutsu for the past 10 minutes?"

He jerked his head slightly in surprise, and sent out a pulse of chakra. From his point of view, Kurenai's hand rippled slightly and then revealed to be holding a kunai in her hand. Naruto almost pulled out his own kunai, thinking she was about to attack him, but decided against it as she didn't make any moves afterwards. On the outside it only appeared that he shifted his arm slightly, so the red-eyed woman ignored it.

"As you can see, genjutsu doesn't have to be something large and devastating. Simply putting one over my hand, I was able to hide a kunai from you without you even suspecting you were under an illusion. That is one of the great powers of the illusionary arts, it can be used to change incredibly small details that most people wouldn't notice, but will greatly affect any battle." For the next few hours, Kurenai watched as her genin practiced their techniques. Soon it came time to head towards training ground 15, so she told them to follow her.

They also all took note of the flagpole held in her hands that had a red flag with the number 8 plastered on it. "I bet you are all wondering why I have this flag. Well, you guys are going to be participating in an advanced training exercise!"

"Looks more like capture the flag." Naruto commented from his place at the back of the group.

Hinata decided to speak up. "What do you m-mean Kurenai-s-sensei?"

"Naruto is partially correct, this is a game very similar to capture the flag. But here are the rules…"

Kurenai briefly explained the game and how it was going to be played (except for the betting that she had participated in) and then took note that they had finally entered the training ground, and it was already 11:45.

'So that's why Anko refused to stop hugging me until I promised to win her lots of money…' Naruto thought with a small smile at the thought of Anko hugging him. Then his brain hitched forward.

"You mean we get to… fight other genin in order to get their flags?" Naruto asked. Kurenai nodded slightly perplexed, and then she got a feeling of dread in her stomach.

'Oh dear… what have I just unleashed…' she thought as she heard a dark chuckling coming from her student. A dark fog soon started to surround him. After a few seconds it obscured him completely, and then blew away to reveal empty air.

"The game will begin soon, make sure to protect the flag and try to talk some sense into Naruto when he gets back." Kurenai hugged Hinata and waved to Shino as she walked away, leaving her genin to their fate.


Naruto was excited. He finally got to openly attack the other genin, as long as he had the reason of 'getting their flag'. He didn't really care about getting the flags (though he didn't want to disappoint Anko), but he also refused to sing anything in front of anyone… ever. He would rather murder someone… or a few people, than attempt to sing.

Anyways, he was currently on the prowl for another team. He heard from Anko about Kakashi's tardiness when it came to everything, so he knew that heading north would be a waste of time for now.

As he was jumping along, he finally came to the river that separated the northeast corner from the southwest corner, and was happy to see that team 10 was gathered around their sensei Asuma. Choji was currently sitting next to their flag, and munching on a few chips as Asuma finished explaining the rules of the game. Shikamaru was on his back staring at the clouds, probably only partially listening to his sensei, while Ino was trying her best to understand the game (undoubtedly trying to figure out how to impress Sasuke).

Naruto made another 50 clones and had them begin to spread out throughout the forest in preparation as he began to flood the area in a thick mist. He was extremely happy to see that the youkai influx had increased his own reserves quite a bit and he was able to cover a much larger area in mist.

Asuma tensed and looked around. "Looks like the game has started already. Remember; if you lose, your training will be increased tenfold!" As he finished, the fog finally overtook their group and even though they were sitting a few feet from each other, they couldn't see one another.

Naruto chuckled as he felt the genin fidget and get up to try and find each other. He was thoroughly enjoying this 'training exercise' as Kurenai called it. 'I don't get to kill them, but this is fun all the same!' he cheered mentally.

Using subtle manipulation, he disoriented them be adding in different breezes around them, and having clones make noises that were just loud enough for only one person to hear. Soon enough, each genin was completely alone and nowhere near their teammates. Naruto quickly strode through the fog and approached Choji and the flag. He wanted to add to the effect, so he began to release KI and channeled just a touch of youkai into his throat and eyes. This made his eyes glow red behind the eye-pieces, while his voice gained a deep and demonic edge to it. He also ordered his Mist Servants to make sure they approached Ino head on, as she would likely scream at the sudden appearance of an enemy.

A clone appeared in front of Ino and sure enough, she let out an ear-piercing scream that cut through the muffling fog. The blonde haired girl haphazardly swung out with a kunai and hit the Mist Servant, making him split into two more, further freaking her out. This distracted her while a Shadow Clone quickly went up behind her and chopped her in the neck. Shikamaru wasn't fairing any better, as his shadows weren't strong enough in the mist, and he couldn't formulate a plan under the intense KI. Soon enough, he too was knocked out by one of Naruto's clones.

The real Naruto's body seemed to float through the mist as he approached Choji. Dispersing some of the fog around him, he revealed himself to the pudgy boy and began to chuckle.

"You hear that? That scream was your teammate. The other isn't faring well either." He paused and a hidden blade slide out of its sheath, dripping in poison. He turned his hand over and seemed to be examining the blade."It's amazing, what fear can do. It can make the strongest men quake on their knees, and the most courageous give up hope. Humans are so powerless against fear, and I am its avatar!" He emphasized his declaration by focusing even more KI on the boy, causing Choji's body to shake under the pressure."So… would you like to hand over the flag, or end up like your friends?"

Choji began to sweat as he looked down at the flagpole held in his hands. Tentatively he put it on the ground and backed away. Naruto sheathed his blade and laughed some more as he approached and grabbed the flag. He stood back up and then surrounded himself in mist once more. A few seconds later, the fog completely dispersed as if it was never there. The entire training field looked undisturbed, except for Ino and Shikamaru lying on the ground some distance from each other, and Choji finally gave in to his shaking and fell onto his knees.


'I'm thinking this team deserves something more… exciting.' Naruto thought as he traveled to team 9's (Gai's team) training ground. As he crested a small hill he looked down to see the team hovering around their flag. Two looked to be discussing strategy while the third one in the green leotard was doing pushups at an incredible rate. He created another batch of clones and tossed them each a scroll filled with explosive kunai. He ordered them to attempt to surround the team, while he distracted them.

The Hyuuga seemed to have noticed him and pointed out his form to his teammates.

"Get out of here." Neji called. "You cannot even attempt to get our flag. Fate has determined that we will win this little competition." The boy didn't even feel the need to activate his bloodline against Naruto, a decision that he would regret later.

"Yeah, we're a whole year older anyways. I kind of feel bad for you rookies." The girl, Ten-ten commented.

Naruto began to toss simple senbon at them, keeping all the attention on himself. Soon enough, he stopped and spread out his arms as explosive kunai began to rain down all around them. Ten-ten used her skills with her own weaponry to knock as many kunai off course as she could, while Neji and Lee simply dodged around most of the explosions. Eventually, all three ended up back-to-back with the flag in-between them. They were running out of options fast, but the fiery balls of death simply stopped raining down on them, and they were able to relax for a brief moment.

"Ha, that will not be enough." Neji remarked between breaths.

"No, but this will." The genin all turned to see Naruto standing in between them where the flag was a moment ago. He then Kawarimied with a training post covered in explosive tags and then began to sprint away with the flag, laughing maniacally the whole time.



After the smoke cleared, a crater was revealed with team 9 spread out a short ways away. They had managed to get out of the immediate blast radius, but still got hit and thrown away. As a result, they all had scrapes and burns covering parts of their clothing, and some of their skin, but still had all their appendages attached. Lee stood up and threw his fist in the air.

"I will get our flag back! And if I cannot, then I will perform 100 pushups on my fingers, and if I cannot do that, I will run 200 laps around Konoha on my hands! And if I-"

"LEE!" Ten-ten shouted. "Please quiet down and help us up." Lee apologized and then helped his other teammates up off the ground.

"We are going to get our flag back." Neji declared. "No-name losers like him have no right taking it."

"Let's at least rest up for a bit, that explosion hurt." Ten-ten complained as she rubbed her scraped arm with some ointment.


Team 8 was surprised when Naruto appeared in front of them holding a flag two flags already.

"This is just way too much fun!" he cackled as fog began to encircle him again.

"Naruto." Shino called. "It would be logical for you to stay here. Why you ask? We have to defend the flags, and have yet to form any kind of plan."

Hinata nodded her head. "All three teams w-will be coming after us s-since we have all b-but one of the flags."

Naruto stood still for a moment, and then let the fog dissipate. Shrugging, he conceded. "Alright, I guess that makes sense. I'll leave Team 7 for now." Naruto made sure to put their flags under a genjutsu to make them invisible. After agreeing with his teammates, he began to patrol the area hoping to encounter someone.

The rest of the day proved fairly boring, as everyone was still recovering from their previous fight or preparing for ones to come. There was a brief scuffle with Sasuke's team, where they managed to snatch Gai's flag. But as soon as they got it, Naruto became angered and started to attack with his poisoned blades, forcing them to make a tactical retreat.

As they ran, they ended up running directly into team 9. Since they had been tired out from the fight with Kurenai's team, they were not prepared at all and ended up losing a flag.

So at the end of the day, Kurenai's team had their flag and Asuma's flag while Kakashi's and Gai's teams had each other's. As midnight on the first day drew near all was quiet.


The moon was high in the sky on the first night. They would just have to keep at least 2 flags until midnight tonight, and they would be the winners.

Naruto could barely contain his excitement and bloodlust. He wanted a good fight! He wanted to feel their blood seep through his jacket and stain his gloves. He-

"Naruto." Shino shook his friend's shoulder. "You need to rest. Your watch is over."

Naruto nodded to his friend, as he had volunteered to stay up for first watch. They knew that they couldn't just assume the other teams would stay away for the whole night, but so far that had been the case. He tried to get comfortable, but just couldn't let his mind relax, as he felt extremely vulnerable down on the ground in view of everyone. So he came up with a solution and quickly made a clone up in a nearby tree and did a quick Kawarimi with it. Nodding his approval at the seamless switch, he laid himself down on the branch and let himself drift off.

Soon he was abruptly awoken to the influx of memories from his clone. He quickly jumped down and assessed the situation.

Apparently, he hadn't gotten to sleep much, and it was now only just approaching morning. As it turns out, all of the teams were circling around team 8 (from some distance away) and were watching like vultures. Naruto did the first thing that came to mind, and began to fill the area with a thick mist. He knew that the mist rendered every Dojustu that he knew of useless, as Sharingan simply couldn't see through it, while the heavy chakra infusion left Byakugan useless as well. As far as he knew, Sasuke hadn't unlocked his Sharingan yet, but better safe than sorry.

The final day was upon them, and it looked like it would be truly exhilarating.

As he made his way towards his teammates, Naruto almost couldn't contain himself he was so excited, but soon the edges of his vision began to darken, and his head filled with a new pain.

'That can't be good. Maybe I'm more tired than I thought…'


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