Love That Conquers All Prologue

Summary: What if they couldn't find a cure for Jem because it hadn't arrived yet? Sometimes loving two people can save a life instead of ruining it. Picks up right after The Clockwork Prince…

AN: So I just finished the Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince. I loved both and can't wait for Clockwork Princess. I am a huge Jem/Tessa shipper but still love Will. This idea has been bouncing around and I just needed to get it down on paper.

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Jem and Tessa stared at the new arrival along with the rest of the room. Tessa looked over at Will and then back at Cecily; they looked similar as any siblings would.

"No," Will said still holding his glass for the toast.

"William, you know I have to," Charlotte said looking at him.

"No, go home Cecily," he said slamming his glass on the table. The glass shattered and his hand began to bleed.

Tessa gasped and Jem went to help his parabatai. Will pushed him away and Jem persisted. Tessa stood unsure of what to do.

"I can't, Will. I came to be with you and train to become a Shadowhunter like you," she said looking at her brother.

Tessa swore she was looking at a female Will. She had the same black hair and blue eyes. Her face had the same angular features and she definitely had the same temperament.

Charlotte and Henry both approached her and tried to diffuse the situation. "Hello Cecily, I'm Charlotte Branwell and this is my husband Henry, we run the Institute here. Could we talk to you about your decision?" Charlotte asked.

"Of course," Cecily replied.

"Sophie, could you bring Miss Herondale's things up to the room next to Tessa's?" she asked. Sophie nodded and went about her task. "Now, Cecily, let's go talk about your decision and discuss arrangements."

Cecily, Charlotte and Henry all left. Tessa stared between the empty entryway and the two men that held her heart. Will looked truly hurt and she wanted to comfort him but she knew that it wouldn't be proper, not with her promised to Jem.

"She can't do this," Will said angrily.

Jem was attempting to perform an iratze on Will to stop the bleeding. Tessa walked towards them and stood behind her fiancée as she watched him struggle with the man he called his brother.

"She has every right, just as you did five years ago," Jem said finally securing the Mark. He sat down and sighed, running his hands through his silver hair.

Tessa sat next to him and squeezed his hand lovingly. He smiled at her.

Will groaned and stomped off out of the dining room leaving the couple by themselves.

"Well, that was…" Jem said trailing off.

"Very eventful," Tessa supplied. She was utterly confused and she still wanted to go off and comfort Will. "What will happen now?"

Jem looked at her as if she had shocked him with her question, "Charlotte and Henry will explain to Cecily that she is unable to see her family ever again if she decides to stay and what being a Shadowhunter is. Then there will probably be a meeting between Will, Cecily, Charlotte, and Henry, I might also be pulled in. After that it's up to Charlotte for what happens next. Will and I need to continue our education and training and I'm sure if she stays, Cecily will join us," he shrugged.

"Will I be included in those sessions?" she asked looking at him.

"I honestly don't know. We must try to talk to Charlotte soon. We have much to discuss and I'm sure part will have to be with Brother Enoch."

She gave him a questioning look.

"I believe that I may be handling my addiction better, I told you that I have felt stronger since spending time with you," he said turning towards her. "I have also been able to space out the times in which I have to take my drug and the amount I take has decreased. This happened after Will and I became parabatai but not as drastically. Over the years, I have slowly had to increase the amount and frequency that I use the drug."

Tessa stared at him confused.

"Don't you see Tessa, you are good for me. I need to speak with Brother Enoch about it and see if there could be any truth behind my feeling better. I want to also ask about the progression of my addiction and how much time the Silent Brothers believe I have," he explained still looking at her with love.

"James, do you really feel stronger?" she said looking straight into his silver eyes.

"Yes," he said sincerely.

She gasped happily and hugged him close to her. She hated that he was dependent on the demon drug and she was excited that he was feeling stronger, it could mean that he could spend more time with her before they had to finally say goodbye.

He pulled her back and stated, "You are my angel, Tess." He kissed her sweetly.

Bridget came in to the dining hall carrying a dessert tray and singing one of her morbid tunes.

Jem and Tessa separate both blushing and look at the new cook.

"Where is everyone?" she asked in her thick accent.

"Various places," Jem answered.

She sighed angrily and walks back into the kitchen with the desserts.

The couple laughed and began to eat their dinner in comfortable silence.

After they finished their food they went to go get their dessert. Jem was about to open the door for Tessa when the summoning bell rang.

Jem sighed, "I should go answer that, at least till Charlotte can come down. Care to accompany me Miss Grey?" he said offering his arm.

She took it and replied, "I would Mr. Carstairs."

They went to the door and heard someone knocking loudly.

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