Our Seven Days

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She didn't believe in the red thread of fate, or chance meetings or the impossible meaning of destiny. She believed in horoscopes, tarot cards and the stars above her. She didn't believe in religion, or faith or scientific explanations. She believed in Feng Shui and ancestral traditions.

But most of all, she never believed in what people called 'love at first sight' and the thought of 'together forever.'

And knowing herself completely, she would never fall for a man who believed in such things.

The week before the end of winter proved otherwise.

The remains of the past onslaught of rain was evident as Tenten walked on the damp sidewalk, her chignon buns attracting odd looks from the people who passed by. It was America, after all, and seeing that only a handful of people cherished their Chinese culture, she proudly embraced it, showing a bit of her culture when she had the chance to. Crossing the block she smiled as she reached the Starbucks where she worked the night shift at.

"Good evening, Tenten!" greeted the ever-so enthusiastic Ino. Unlike Tenten, Ino believed in chance meetings and destiny and 'love at first sight.' She was the type of person who would date the next guy she met at the subway. But she was Tenten's friend nonetheless, so she brushed these facts away. It's best not to judge people too quickly, like what her horoscope once said.

"Good evening, Ino." she greeted once Ino reappeared at the counter, her apron off and her purse in hand. "Going on a date?"

Ino nodded, smiling. "Yup, I have a dinner date with Sai!"

"You mean the artist?" Tenten asked, earning a nod from Ino. Needless to say, Tenten did find him attractive, painting at a small studio beside her apartment. So she approved fully. "Have fun then."

Ino squealed as she bid Tenten goodbye and exited the doors. Tenten sighed. As much as she wanted to experience love firsthand, she despised half of the men population, who believed in what she did not believe in. It was a sad thing, really. Oblivious men fall for such petty things that would eventually turn out to be lies.

Walking over to the employee lockers she found hers and placed her backpack inside. She took the apron and wore it, the green cloth contrasting well with her white button-up polo and black skinny jeans. Her black Converse squeaked as she took her card and punched it in, showing that she was ten minutes earlier than her shift was supposed to be. She smiled.

There were two things she liked about her 8 pm to 6 am shift in Starbucks. One was that the pay was good and probably enough to pay for her one-bedroom apartment three blocks away. The second thing was that she didn't tire herself that much, seeing that the volume of people wasn't as much compared to the morning.

She then thought about her horoscope as she looked at the people that entered and exited the shop, thinking of who in the world would walk through those doors and follow what her horoscope told her. That is, to change her life.


Pisces: You will meet someone who will change your life today.

Tenten stifled a sigh as the number of people at Starbucks waivered into none. It was Monday after all and seeing that it was the most disliked day of the week, people would just love to crawl under their beds and get the day over with. But then again, that wasn't the main reason she was apathetic. You see, her horoscope told her that she was supposed meet someone life-changing today. That was why she was ecstatic to go to work today. But seeing that it was only fifteen minutes until midnight and her patience was thinning.

She suppressed a groan as she looked through the glass windows, watching as the people walked by, not even sparing a passing glance at the sign at the front. Looking at the watch that read five minutes before midnight, she buried her head on her hands, another soft sigh escaping her lips. It was hopeless, her horoscope was hopeless. Or maybe it was just her, she didn't know.

Then she heard the doors open and looking up, her breath unexpectedly hitched.

By the door, stood a man probably a few inches taller than her, his long (silky?) hair let held together with a low ponytail. He was clad in an (expensive?) suit with the two buttons of his white button up undone. His eyes were milky lavender (contacts?) and there was a (permanent?) scowl on his face.

Could this be the person her horoscope was talking about?

She felt a weird bubbling feeling in her stomach as she looked at the clock (it's only 11:58!) then greeted the customer cheerily.

"What may I get you?" she asked in her most perky tone, although faltering when she saw that the man's scowl deepened.

"One tall Peppermint Mocha please." his voice was low and silky (like his hair!) and it made Tenten's heart (almost!) leap out of her chest.

"That would be $3.60, please." she said in the most passive way possible.

He pulled out his wallet and gave the exact amount of money to her, smirking as she placed the money inside the cashier. This made her completely flustered.

So she stumbled for a tall cup and the sharpie pen beside the cashier. "Y-Your name is…?"

"Neji." he simply stated. She could only raise her brows with confusion, blatantly ignoring the fact that she just learned the name of the attractive man in front of her. There was an awkward pause before she asked.

"I'm sorry, is that a g or a j in your name?"

He looked at her incredulously and let out a soft sigh before mumbling a 'j.' Tenten nodded and scribbled it down, flustered about her inquiry about his name.

Because seriously, why would you want to embarrass yourself in front of a handsome man by writing his name wrong?

She opened her mouth to say something but closed it again when she saw him walk over and sit on the pair of seats nearest to the counter. Remembering her job, she quickly scrambled to make his order. As she waited for the espresso she spared a glance at him, who seemed to be lost in thought. She looked away and shook her head. There was no such thing as love at first sight and there was no way she would bend her beliefs for him.

When she formed the drink she poured it on the tall plastic cup, topped it with the plastic cover and walked over to the other side of the counter.

"Tall peppermint mocha for mister Neji!" Tenten called out, although referring to the only customer in the shop. She watched as Neji stood up (too gracefully) and made his way to the counter. He took the drink from her hands and thanked her silently, the smirk still upon his lips.

Well, let's just say Tenten wasn't blushing.

Neji probably caught this because he chuckled.

Tenten wasn't pleased.

"You're going to scare your customers if you stare at them like that, you know." he stated. "Oh, and your hair looks weird."

Tenten opened her mouth to protest but he was already out the door, sipping on his drink as he smirked in victory.

Well, so much for life-changing.

Author's Note(2): This is only an introductory chapter. The others will get better. I promise!

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