Patch's POV

I couldn't believe that it was happening. What was I supposed to do? My mind was racing, trying to put together all that had happened. Doctor Griffin had smashed into my car, sending Nora and I into a horrifying wreck. I was hurt, my leg and shoulder aching terribly, but I had to ignore it. I had to ignore the blood that was seeping into my suit's pant leg and the pop my shoulder made every time I rotated it. I was a fallen angel, with super advanced healing. Although feelings of this pain were new to me, I had to push them aside. For Nora.

I slowly dragged her out of my mangled SUV, careful not to further damage my angel's body. I sat on the pavement, wincing as the shattered glass stabbed at my legs. I couldn't focus on that for long once I got a good look at Nora's face. She had a gash on her cheek that was oozing blood. Tiny pieces of sparkling window glass were scattered throughout her blood-matted curls. I couldn't see the source of the bleeding through her copious hair, but I was guessing it was a bad wound by the amount of dark blood dripping from the ends of her hair. She opened her beautiful gray eyes, but the look in them was pure terror. I saw a clear drop fall on her cheek, and I realized I was crying. I was so busy observing her broken form that I had overlooked the fact that I was terrified. Terrified of losing her, and of losing our precious baby. But I had to put my emotions aside. Nothing mattered but helping Nora.

She quickly commanded me to check if the baby's heart was still beating. I numbly nodded my head and laid her down gently on the ground. As I got a wider view of her body, I nearly threw up. Blood had stained her white bridal gown, a large spot of it flowing down the front of it. The dress was nearly shredded, probably by the sharp pieces of glass and metal that were once parts of my car. I took a deep, steadying breath and leaned down to press my ear against Nora's abdomen. I closed my eyes, praying for the first time in a very long time.


No flutter of our baby's heart like I normally hear. A moment of panic shot through me as I pressed my ear to a different spot on Nora's stomach. I sent another prayer as I listened more intensely.

A tiny, rhythmic beat was sounding from inside.

I let out a huge sigh of relief and smiled slightly. "Nora, she's fine. I can hear-" I stopped as I looked up to Nora's face and saw that it had gone slack. In fact, her entire body had gone slack.

My eyes grew wide as I scrambled up next to her head, looking down at her. "Nora!" I shook her shoulder gently.

No response.

I bent my head down next to her face and listened. Her breathing was shallow and quick, but it was there. I needed help. And fast. My hands patted at my pockets and I thanked my lucky stars that my phone had miraculously stayed in my pocket through the crash. I dialed 911 and waited impatiently as it rung.

Two rings. I grimaced.

Four rings. I snarled and began tapping my hand against my knee. I looked back at Nora, seeing her mangled and bleeding in front of me. I growled as it rung a fifth time.

"GOD DAMN IT!" I roared, hanging up and dialing 911 again.

The operator picked up at the second ring. "911, please state your emergency."

I sighed in relief. "I need an ambulance now. My wife and I have been in a terrible car accident. She's unconscious and bleeding, and-"

"Sir, can you slow down? An ambulance is on the way to your location as specified by your cell phone tracker. Now tell me calmly what happened."

I grit my teeth in frustration. I didn't want to talk to this woman about what happened. I wanted to get Nora help. Regardless, I complied. "We were driving home and another car smashed into the driver's side."

"Is the other driver alright?"

I closed my eyes and massage my temples. I had to keep cool. "Yes. They got out of the car just fine, and they got away."

"Did you see them? Can you identify the other driver?"

Finally, we were getting somewhere. "Yes, actually. Her name is Katherine Griffin, and she's a doctor."

"So you know the other driver?"

"Yes, she purposefully hit us."

"So you're saying this was a planned hit and run?"

I sighed impatiently and looked at Nora's unconscious form. "Yes," I said quietly, reaching down and placing my hand on Nora's shoulder. It was cold. I shrugged out of my jacket quickly and placed it over her. "When is the ambulance getting here? My wife is bleeding to death!" I raised my voice at the operator. She was wasting my time.

"They're only two minutes away, Sir, please stay calm. Is she still breathing?"

I lowered my head next to Nora's face again, listening to her breath. "Yes, barely."

"Does your wife have any medical conditions?"

I shook my head, despite the operator not being able to see me. "No, no medi- wait, she's pregnant. Does that count?" I felt so stupid. How could I have forgotten to tell her that?

"Yes. How far along is she?"

"Five months." My answer was automatic.

"Can you tell if her abdomen is bleeding?"

I forced myself to look down at Nora's body again, and felt a churning in my stomach. The blood seemed to be everywhere now. Her dress was weighed down by puddles of blood everywhere. "I-I can't tell," I stuttered, ripping my eyes away from the sight. I could finally hear the sirens, and a wave of relief washed through me. Help was nearly here. "I can hear the ambulance."

"Alright Sir, I will let the paramedics take it from here."

I hung up just as the ambulance came into view. I sighed in relief and looked down at Nora's face. She looked so pale, so fragile. My poor angel was so broken… I had to look away. The ambulance stopped a few feet away and a pair of paramedics hopped out. One ran around the back to get a stretcher. The other one came up to me and Nora. He was a tall and muscular guy, with all-American looks.

"Hi, I'm Jason. My partner over there is Cory, he's going to be helping your wife. Are you okay?"

I shook my head. "Don't worry about me. All I care about is Nora and our baby."

Jason pursed his lips and looked back to Cory, who was pulling the stretcher out of the ambulance. "Listen, Sir, I know you're worried about your wife, but I need to know if you're hurt anywhere."

I sighed and looked him in the eye. I couldn't believe I was about to do this when I hadn't in so long. Worry about the girl and the baby. I am not hurt in any way. Focus on her, I mind-tricked him. I saw his eyes glaze over in submission and he nodded. By this time his partner Cory had arrived and started examining Nora. Jason began to help him as well and I stood up and backed away. I had to give them space. They were the professionals, not me. I had no power over this. I couldn't save her even if I wanted to, which I did. I can't even tell anyone how badly I wanted to help her, to save her. I couldn't.

I ran my shaking hands through my hair, staring at the men who were trying to piece together my broken angel. I didn't know what they were doing, couldn't follow their flying hands as they raced against Nora's life clock. "I-Is she going to be okay?" I asked, trying to keep my calm.

Jason shook his head. "Hard to tell. She's lost a lot of blood. We need to get her back to the hospital, stat."

The other man, Cory, looked up at his partner. "Help me get her onto the stretcher. We need to hurry, her pulse is slowing."

Those words sent a panic through my system. I couldn't move. I was paralyzed as the paramedics picked up Nora's limp body and put her on the stretcher. They wheeled her into the back on the ambulance and hooked her up to a bunch of machines. I couldn't follow. My body wasn't cooperating. All I could do was stare as Nora began fading from my life.

Cory looked back at me. "Sir, you need to come with us."

I slowly nodded and climbed into the back of the ambulance. I sat on the floor as they worked on Nora. Jason went up to the front and began to drive. I heard a distant beeping and figured it was the heart rate monitor. I buried my face in my hands with my elbows on my knees. I listened as the beeps began to dwindle. I couldn't look anymore.

I just couldn't let myself believe that my angel was dying.

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