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Meeting Beck and Tori:

Meet Beck, a guy in his 18s'. He was a tall guy with olive-tome skin and silky black hair. Most girls would fall head over heels for him but he would reject them.

They say that nobody was perfect and this was true:

He had grown very lonely in the past year, always sad, never a smile on his face, stubborn and treating people harsh; He blamed his personality on only one person: HIS MOTHER

She was caught in an affair with another guy by his father and ran away with the guy causing Beck's father to have a heart attack and thus, dying. His huge company of making machines in California that was known all over the world was handed down to him, but he was already, grief-struck. And now he was living alone and the only time he talked was during business meetings or to his annoying girlfriend, Jade.

Meet Tori:

A very happy person also in her 18's. She was the type of person who would always be cheerful and not the least bit angry, eve at the person who hated her. She was the type who was always caring towards everyone but she had one flaw: She talked a lot!

She had come to California to visit her aunt and uncle for a year and to continue her studies. She had met Andre' there and had instantly fell in love, she had won his heart over and they became a couple.