You know, when she woke up that morning, she had the feeling to just stay in bed; that feeling where it fills you with dread to just think about getting up. But she did anyway, why? Because it was her last day of highschool. She knew that she couldn't skip it, even though sometime in the next five months, she was still allowed in it. She had worked her ass off to graduate early; she worked it off even more to get the bank to give her the rest of her money to go to Europe for 5 months too. So technically, she wouldn't have time to go back. It's not like she wanted to. Her 'friends' had deserted her long ago and the only reason she stayed in school was to be able to go to a university abroad. She just kind of wanted to thank the teachers who gave her lessons as she went along. She was all alone, but she was far from lonely. She had her books, and her homework, and her swimming. Oh, and she also had her video games. The same games her parent's worked on before they disappeared on her. But at least they disappeared with enough money in the house for her to live comfortably as a wealthy orphan. She would silently thank her parents for the ridiculous safe they insisted being installed into the basement because apparently 'the banks aren't safe'. She was glad because if they had put it into a bank, she wouldn't be able to touch it until she was 18; which means she would have had a much shittier time then she was already having. She never really felt like this was where she belonged. She always hoped for something more worthwhile than what she was currently experiencing.

The disappearance didn't really change much about her life. They were always gone. Her Mom was a voice director; one in three in the country. She would travel the world to find voices and be gone for weeks at a time. Dad was a writer, so he would always tag along with her. They always assumed she was okay with them leaving all the time. And in all honesty, she was for a while. It's been three years since Antigone last saw her parents. The only thing she really had left of them was a charm bracelet they had given her on her tenth birthday. Every year they would get her a charm to put on it. It still had a spot left, but could never bring herself to buy something for it.

After her shower and breakfast, Antigone hopped into her car and drove to school. It was an uneventful day. Mostly teacher's watching youtube with the class because the finals and the exams were all completed. Technically, everyone was already done the course. It never made sense why they insisted on keeping them for the last Friday of the week. But she never complained out loud, she didn't really have anyone who would care to listen. As the clock slowly ticked closer to her last period; the only thing in the way of freedom, Antigone considered just ditching class. What were they going to do? Ungraduate her? She smiled slightly as she flowed over to her locker to grab her keys and coat.

On the way out of the building, she looked around the building that had given her ambition for the last three years. A part of her was glad to be free of it; the other wondered what she would do now. She wasn't upset leaving the building, in fact, the closer she got to the door, the happier her heart felt. She would now be able to see the world and meet people who were like her. However, her quick trip out stopped when she accidently bumped into a Middle Eastern janitor while her was carrying some rolls of toilet paper.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I should've been looking where I was going!"

"No, no. It was I who was hiding behind a mountain of toilet paper rolls, my dear." He gave a hearty chuckle and stroked his beard. She gave a laugh as well.

"At least let me help you carry them." She started to help pick up the rolls and he smiled and nodded.

On their way to the janitor's room the man began talking again.

"So you must be glad you're graduating, huh? Bet you're not going to miss it."

"Yeah, this school doesn't have much to miss. Uh, no offense." She turned a little pink for insulting the school he spent his time cleaning.

"Non-taken, Antigone, non-taken."

When they got to the office and put the rolls down, she turned to say goodbye and to smile at him. But he was busy scrounging through drawers in his desk.

"Wait a second, wait." More scrounging, a cuss, a kick at the desk and more scrounging followed. "Ha, here we go." He turned around holding his hand closed giving her a grin. "Take this for your help, and as a graduation present." Her took her hand and dropped something small into her hand. "For your bracelet. I noticed it had a charm missing."

She looked down and saw a small hour glass shaped charm in her hand. It was silver with the odd shimmer of gold. Honestly, it was beautiful to her.

"It's so pretty! But I can't take this, it's too pretty to be given out to someone for free!"

"I won't take no for an answer. No off you go, you've got a trip to pack for right?"

"Haha, thank you, sir. I'll put it on right now."

"Why don't you wait till you're home? You might drop it on this dirty floor. Seriously, is this place ever cleaned?" He gave her a wink and ushered her out of his office. With a goodbye, he closed the door behind him and Antigone started down the hallway and made it to her car before what had happened really hit her.

She had never seen that man before. Not once in her memory, that was nearly perfect, did she remember meeting him. And he knew about her trip, that she had told no one about. And about her charm bracelet that she was wearing under her coat! Ignoring the frightening tingle that racked her body, she put it off as a coincidence. Many students were going on trip for the break and lots of girls had charm bracelets. But what she fought to ignore was the fact that he knew her name.

After getting home, Antigone decided that she would play a little Prince of Persia number 1. She went and turned on the original xbox and plopped down on the couch. After an hour, she finally had beaten the Vizier in Farah's chamber. Antigone always found the romance between the two cute and wished that she could be Farah. She admired the prince's bravery and saw him as one of the most attractive video game characters she had seen. Humming to herself, she left her remote on her couch. She went and looked out across the hills and rivers that sprawled the area where she lived. It was still early and she wanted to go on one last hike before the end of the year. She went out dressed in shorts , a tight black tanktop and wore a band around her arm to put her music player in. After she tied up her running shoes, she realized she had forgotten her bracelet. She always felt naked without it, like she wasn't right to be without it. However, even after putting it on, she still felt out of place. She remembered the hourglass the janitor gave her and decided maybe that's what her subconscious was telling her. Antigone went around her bed and scooped up her jeans, digging into the pocket to get the charm. After putting on the charm, she went down stairs. Walking out the door, she glanced at her ipod and turned around to lock her doors. After doing so, she glanced up and froze. Blinking, she rubbed her eyes and smacked herself a few times. No rolling hills met her, no river valley, she was standing behind a huge hourglass and all she could hear was a familiar voice, that she didn't want to admit was, shouting at someone to stop before he destroyed them all.

She had walked in on the first scene of the Prince of Persia game.

Panicking, she turned around to go back through her door, but only saw a wall. She was trapped in a video game's world. Watching as one of the most horrific things of all video game time took place.

"What the hell just happened to me?"