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Rubbing her eyes, she looked around at what had happened before her. The bottom of the hour glass opened and sand leaked out. Rocks began to fall from the roof and she heard the Vizer cast magic.


"Give me the dagger!"


"You have unleashed the Sands of Time, I can undo what you have done. Give it to me!"

She remembered this scene play out in the game and she knew that if she was going to get to the bottom of what the fuck was happening, she would have to follow the prince. She ignored the fact she wasn't turning into a sand creature and ran pillar to pillar following the prince outside of the room before the walls collapsed. Quietly she dove behind a pillar to hide from the prince. Peaking from out behind it, she watched the Farah run from the room and the prince defeat the sand creatures with Farah's voice helping him. Antigone was in so much panic, she did not notice any sensations in her own body. She felt neither hot or cold, nor tired or energized. She needed to calm down. She slowly walked to the next pillar to get a better view of the prince as he stepped into the beam of light. She knew now was going to be the only time she could disarm him so he would listen to her.

The beam of light faded but the prince lay unconscious on the ground. Cautiously, she moved toward him. Still out cold, she nudged him with her boot, ready to bolt at any stirring. Fortunately, he didn't move. She drew his sword from him but let him keep his dagger, for she didn't think a sand creature prince would be of any help. She sat a few yards from him and waited for him to stir.

"What am I going to say? This is crazy. I must be dreaming. Huh, if I'm dreaming, this is an awesome dream. Seriously, who has dream where they get to play in their favorite video game? So just chill, An. It'll be okay."

Whispering same reassurances to herself, she managed to calm down and consider the possibility of this being an adventure. But that calmness vanished when the prince started to stir. Slowly, he got up and gripped his head.

"That hurt. Why did I even run into that? It could have killed me."

Oh great, now he's changing his actual lines. How am I supposed to treat that?

"Wait, where is my sword?!" Panic crossed the Prince's face as he turned round and round; a dog chasing a non-existent tail.

"Um, hi." She spoke and he seemed to not see her at first, or believe he was seeing her. She did realize she was probably dressed strangely to him. However, after seeing that she held his sword, he crossed the distance she had placed within seconds, managed to take the sword, and pin her against the wall.

Stupid choice with the wall, Antigone.

"Why did you take my sword, woman!"

"Wait, wait! Just calm down for a second, I was trying to avoid an incident like this. I wanted you to know I mean you no harm and so you could listen instead of attack me! Please don't hurt me."

I sound like a whinny bitch and besides, I could probably break free from this hold, I have been doing Karate since I was a girl. Oh well, he's too good a guy to do me any real harm.

Not releasing her, he stared at her face and looked her up and down. Suddenly she blushed at the close proximity of such a handsome man and her.

Smarten up.

"If you're done looking me over like a piece of meat, will you listen to me?" She shot the words with venom to make him feel guilt, which she knew worked for Farah.

Sighing, he released her and sheathed his sword. "I'm waiting."

"Um, my name is Antigone. And um, well, you've basically destroyed the kingdom by opening the sands. So you need to close them."

"Yeah, I've basically got that." Sarcasm trickled through his voice.

"And well, the dagger is the only reason why you aren't a sand creature, so don't ever take it off your person." That seemed to surprise him.

"How do you know that?" He glared at her, now untrusting her knowledge.

What? I tell him he's a video game character? Does he even know what that is? No. Lie.

"My mother was an oracle, she sent me her to help you." He visibly relaxed at her words.

"So you know how to fix all of this?"

I did when I was playing as you, but obviously since I'm here, things will be different.

"Kind of? It's different than what I learned."

"Do you know where we start at least?"

"Um, not really. But I know we'll figure it out. Besides, Farah will help us at some point."


Smirking, she teased him, "Spoilers! Now come Prince, let's go win this war."

Laughing he followed her. After noticing she was unarmed he stopped again.

"You have no weapon. Oh no, do you even know how to use one?"

Antigone stopped in her tracks. No weapon but she had her fists, but that wouldn't block sword blows.

"Um, well. No. But I do know how to fight with my hands and feet."

"That won't stop sword blows."

Sighing, she put her hand to her forehead and put her weight on one foot. "I know."

"You might be able to use a shortsword. You look maybe strong enough to hold one?"

Maybe strong enough?

"What's that supposed to mean!"

"Well you're a woman. And you are quite dainty looking." He said as he walked toward a broken weapon rack that lay on the floor. "Come here."

Muttering swears under her breath, she went to him. He past her the tiniest and lightest thing, next to a dagger. This is way to light. It will shatter.

"Strong enough to hold that?"

Rolling her eyes, she put the weapon back and strode to the area where the sand creatures died. She grabbed a sabre off the floor. Examining it, she lifted the weight and looked for cracks or dents. She did a move that she learned when she first started Karate that had room for a weapon. The weapon felt like an extension of her arm. Good. This is will help.

She turned back to smirk at the prince but found him with his jaw dropped. She burst out laughing.

"What's wrong, princey boy?"

Turning red, he closed his mouth. "I'm just surprised you can even lift that." Then he muttered. "Or even do that move." But she heard it.

"Not as weak as I look, huh?" She stuck her tongue out at him as she walked toward him. "Now I need to put this into something, so I can walk without having it out. Ideas?"

"Maybe we could fasten a belt and you could but it threw that for now?"

"Can you do it? I have no idea."

"Sure." He walked to a curtain and pulled it down. Sitting on the floor, he began to work. She sat across from him.

"How did you learn to do that?"

"When I was a child, I once found a sword in the guard house and stole it. However, I was running and had nothing to put it in. I tripped and fell and it sliced open my leg. Needless to say, I was introuble. However, the person who found me was the old man who took care of me. He taught me how to take cloth to make it into a sheath for a weapon and belt for it. So if I ever lost one, I would have something to put it in."

"Oh, that's cool."

"Cool? Why is it cold?"

"That's slang for something that is…um…something that is a little better than good but less than amazing?"

He nodded in understanding. "Where do you come from?"

North America? Do they even have that. What's my heritage again? English and Slavic? Those aren't good. Greek? My skin is dark enough and so are my hair and eyes. Yeah. I went there when I was a kid, so I know the basics.

"Athens, Greece. Why?"

"You speak differently than someone from here and your clothes are strange."

She looked down in her hiking wear. Wincing, she realized these were not the most flattering close she could be wearing, but at least they were practical.

"Yeah, I know."

"You said the dagger protects me from the sands." He looked up into her eyes. Wow, so they're blue. "So what protects you?"

Puzzlement filled her mind. What does protect me?

"Honestly, I don't know. Maybe I'm special." She laughed hoping he would too. He did.

Smiling he looked at her again. "You are a very strange person, Antigone."


Smirking he said, "Welcome."

Suddenly, Antigone's wrist began to feel warm, an uncomfortable warm. Her charm bracelet was glowing!

"What the heck?" She looked at her wrist and examined the glowing charms.

Suddenly, the sound she always hated came.

It seems to sand creatures had responded. But this time they brought reinforcements.

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