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Undercover Disaster

Keiko Fujiwara

Full Summary:

There has been a murder scene at Greenbrier Resort and Greenbrier's CEO, Thomas Gilmore, has requested two of New England's finest detectives from the NYPD to conduct an investigation since he doesn't want this murder to leak to the West Virginian public knowledge. In order to make this undercover seem more believable, Joe Bishop assigns Evan Marks and Catherine Chandler for the task. A lot could happen at the most romantic, expensive resort in America and Evan decides to use this chance to win Catherine's heart. However, Catherine is NOT looking forward to this undercover assignment far away from home—especially being miles apart from Vincent Keller; the man who has undoubtedly captured the young detective's heart. Catherine tells Vincent of her little task and he doesn't like the idea of her spending lots of quality time with Evan Marks: his competition. Is Vincent willing to risk his identity to make sure nothing happens between the two co-workers? Find out and see!

Chapter One:

The Unexpected Task

"You look like you haven't slept in weeks!" Tess stated as she saw her partner, Catherine Chandler, walk towards her desk. "Problems with Mr. Complicated?"

"It has nothing to do with Mr. Complicated." Catherine replied. "I just found out some awkwardly stressing but yet exciting news."

"What type of news is both stressing and exciting?" Tess asked as she gave her partner a confused look.

"Tess," Catherine said. "Brooke is pregnant…"

"Oh, yeah. I would be awkwardly stressed and excited too. How far along is she?"

"Ten weeks." Catherine replied. "I just find it weird that I'm going to have another sibling…and I'm almost thirty."

"Having another sibling can't be all that bad, Cat. Believe me, I have five older brothers. Think of it this way, your father and Brooke will be so focused on the incoming baby that they'll forget all about your anti-sex life."

"Thanks, Tess. That's exactly what I wanted to hear." Catherine rolled her eyes. "Any cases?"

"Not yet. The day has been pretty slow lately." Tess stated.

"Alright. I'll be right back. I need to check up on something."


"Don't worry about it." Catherine replied. "I'll be back within the next two hours." Just as she turned around, Joe blocked her path and gave her a stern look.

"I have a special assignment for you and Evan that you two will need to go home and pack immediately after the briefing."

"E-evan? Why Evan? I am HER partner, remember?!" Tess exclaimed, slightly offended.

"If you're so curious, Vargas, don't hesitate to join in on the briefing." Joe stated before heading towards his office. "I'll see you two in ten."

"What was that all about?" Tess asked, giving Catherine a confused look.

"I have no idea…I wonder what he could be wanting Evan for."

"Beats me…though, did you see how serious the boss looked? I mean, he did NOT look happy AT ALL."

"I know…he looked…disturbed for some reason. I wonder if it's about a case." Catherine suggested as she shrugged her shoulders. "I'll be right back. Since I obviously can't leave yet, I've gotta step out to make a call."

"Alright. You do that. I'll go pester Evan and see if he knows anything about Joe's…attitude and what not." Tess replied before she headed for the morgue.

Catherine quietly walked into the Ladies' Restroom and made sure no one was in there. She stood in front of the door to block any other women from trying to go to the bathroom and pulled out her phone. She scrolled down on her contacts' list and pressed the single letter, V.

On the fourth ring, she heard a raspy, deep voice answer the call. "Hello?"

"Vincent, it's me. Turns out I won't be able to make it over until a little later. The boss is about to brief me over an assignment I'll have and then he'll be sending me home to pack immediately afterwards."

"What type of assignment recalls you to pack?" he asked, confused.

"I'm not sure…Considering we've only done local crimes…so…I'll have to get back to you on that one. I'll see if I can come by later, okay?"

"Don't worry about it, Catherine. I'll stop by your place in about thirty minutes. You should be home by then, right?"

"Yeah. I should." She replied and then added, "I've gotta go now."

"Okay." He said before she ended the call. Without further ado, she made her way to Joe's office.


"Now that all of you are here," Joe glanced at Catherine for being late, "I've received a devastating call from one of my old high school buddies, Thomas Gilmore—the CEO of West Virginia's Greenbrier resort. Unfortunately, there has been a horrific and gruesome double homicide. He's requested NYPD's finest to investigate as undercover cops."

"I'm still a little confused to why I'm dragged into this." Evan stated as he pointed to himself.

"You and Chandler are going undercover for this investigation." Joe replied.

"Ummm…Not to be rude but your friend DID say NYPD's finest." Tess said. "Evan maybe a great forensics guy, but he isn't a top field agent. No offense Evan."

"None taken." Evan responded. "Sir, I agree with Tess. Why have me go undercover when there ARE better field agents for the job?"

Joe nodded his head and replied, "I understand where you're coming from Vargas and Marks, but I've made my decision. If Chandler and you, Vargas, go as undercover cops, you two would have to either pretend to be lesbian lovers or will have to stay in separate rooms. Because I know you two would not really like to pretend the former, I think it is safe to say that sending you two together would not work. But, if I have you, Evan, and Chandler go together, you two can pretend to be a married couple experiencing your first honeymoon. That way, you two can stay together in the same room and not have to deal with communication barriers. Two is greater than one."

"You want us to what?!" Catherine exclaimed in shock.

"You heard me, Chandler. You and Evan will be undercover as newlyweds. If you two conduct your investigation properly, the assignment shouldn't take longer than a week. Besides, Thomas agreed to pay for your stay. Take advantages of this opportunity like an added perk but I don't want you two slacking off because you're at a resort."

"What am I? Chopped Liver?" Tess said, waving her arms to be noticed. "While Cat and Evan are having the times of their lives, what am I to do? I can't exactly work without a partner."

"You'll be going to…but not as a guest."

"Uh-oh. I don't like the sound of this." Tess frowned as she put her hand on her hips.

"Think what you will, Vargas, but I'm having you go as a maid. That'll give you easy access to the scene of the crime." Joe replied.

"Why not have Evan go as a maid or a butler or something!? I mean, he is the science dude so don't you think being a worker is more his thing? He could use his magical tools to assess the crime scene as he's "working"!"

"Calm down, Vargas. My decision is made. Evan, it may be helpful if you bring some of your lab equipment for blood tests and what not. If you need any other equipment, Thomas would be more than able to help you retrieve what you're looking for. For the next six hours, I want the three of you go home and pack. Meet back here at two. I'll have someone take you three to the airport. Your flight will be leaving at four and when you first come here, I'll give you your itineraries. Any questions?"

All three shook their heads and made their way out of Joe's office.

"This'll be fun of sorts." Evan smirked.

"Don't count on it, Evan." Catherine replied, annoyed.

"Come on, Cat. Lighten up! It's just for a week anyways." Tess exclaimed and added, "If anyone should be complaining, it should be me. I'm the one with the lame-ass maid job. Wait…I just thought of something." Tess ran to fetch Joe before the other two could leave for home.

"What is it Vargas?"

"Just wondering, why are agents from the NYPD going to conduct an investigation in a different state?"

"Because, I told you Thomas Gilmore is my friend. He also doesn't want to leak anything out to the press so he thought investigators from a different state would be a better approach." Joe responded. "I thought I told you three to disappear!"

"Right!" they all replied before making their way to the door.


'I can't believe this!' Catherine mentally shouted as she packed her clothes. 'Not ONLY do I have to travel hundreds of miles for a private investigation but I have to do it with Evan no less! I mean, I know he's a nice guy and all and he's a good friend but, this undercover assignment is probably going to bring out the player inside that brilliant British mind of his.'

"Careful, Catherine. You don't want to start smoking steam from your ears." Catherine spun around, finding Vincent only three feet away from her, smirking.

"I'm guessing you can sense my frustration." She said as she opened another drawer to fish for clothes.

"A little." He answered, taking a seat on her bed. "So what's got you so worked up for?"

"Work." She replied darkly.

Vincent took the pair of pants she had in her hands away from her and urged her to sit down next to him. As a former doctor, he knew that the best medicine to cure an angry soul is to vent in order to gain an outside input. "What happened?"

Catherine sighed, sat down right next to him and said, "Joe, my boss, has assigned Tess, Evan and me an undercover assignment at Greenbrier in West Virginia."

"Greenbrier, as in THE Greenbrier?" Vincent asked as his eyes widened.

"Yeah…that's the one. Anyways, I'm declaring this assignment as entrapment." She stated.

Vincent chuckled and said, "I bet it couldn't be all THAT bad. I mean, you'll be staying at Greenbrier. THE Greenbrier."

"The resort part of it won't be too much of a problem, Vincent. It's the undercover back story I'll have to bear with while being there."

"What do they have you doing?"

"Well, Joe has assigned Tess as a hotel maid." She decided to slowly drag out the information, not wanting to provoke any beastly episodes.

"I'm guessing she got the worst end of the stick?"

"She feels like she does but I disagree completely. Compared to my undercover disguise, hers is Heaven."

"Why?" Vincent asked as he subconsciously leaned closer to her.

"Here goes nothing." She muttered but she knew he could hear her. "Joe has Evan and me pretending to be newlyweds to make a story sound more believable. Evan is obviously thrilled with this assignment. He was practically glowing as we left the station. That's not a good thing, Vincent."

Vincent's eyes started glowing with jealousy. Catherine immediately noticed his temper change and quickly cupped his face with her hands. "Vincent, it's okay. It's alright."

His eyes simmered down to their original color and he muttered an apology.

"You don't have to be sorry, Vincent." Catherine lightly laughed. "As long as I keep my guard up, I won't let Evan's player side get the best of him. If it does, I'll smack him silly until he remembers his place. Okay?"

"So…pretending to be newlyweds means you two will be sharing a room, Catherine. You DO know Greenbrier's honeymoon suites consist of only one bed, right?"

Catherine's eyes widened. No. She hadn't thought of that.

"Great…" she replied. "Just another thing to make this assignment even more terrible."

"W-what if I go?" he suddenly offered but then realized how stupid the suggestion was.

"If only you could, Vincent. That would make this torture seem bearable…but, we both know there're obstacles with that."

Vincent sighed, "Yeah…it was a dumb idea."

"No, Vincent. Not dumb; just…impossible." Catherine smiled. "To know that you'd be there watching over me would keep me sane, Vincent. I'll have to warn you about something though."

"What? There's more?"

"Kinda…you see…Joe has asked us to act like a married couple in the public eye…so pretty much when we're not in the bedroom, we have to cling to each other…like kissing…"

Vincent breathed deeply to control his anger and felt Catherine touch his arm for comfort. "Just know that whatever happens in that resort, it is ONLY one-sided; Evan-sided. I have no feelings for Evan, Vincent. I promise…no matter what things look like."

"Why are you telling me this, Catherine? It's not like I'll be there having a front row view." Vincent slightly chuckled.

"Because…I know…deep down…that despite how impossible your idea may seem, you'll find a way down there. I know you, Vincent. Just because an idea sounds like a dumb one or an impossible one, doesn't mean it's going to stop you from doing what you want to do. Then again, there's always JT who could persuade you to stay home."

"Yeah…Good ole JT." He smirked. "When do you leave?"

"I have about three hours left until I have to be back at the precinct. I have to finish packing at some point. Then I'll have to take a shower and find some way to refill a prescription of Xanax to take care of my flying anxiety." She said with a laugh.

"I think I could help with that. How bad are your symptoms?"

"Oh…well, let's just say the last time I flew, the plane received a lovely floor decoration to their aisle." She chuckled.

"Alright." Vincent said as he pulled out his cellphone. Catherine stayed silent as he dialed the only other number in his contacts—JT. "Hey JT…I have a favor….Yes, JT….No, JT….Could you just let me talk...Okay, I need you to get a bottle of Alprazolam for 10 mg…Okay…Thanks, man."

"Just curious, wouldn't me, a cop, taking illegally prescriptioned drugs be a bad thing?" Catherine asked as he ended the call.

"Not if you just add them to your already prescriptioned Xanax bottle. No one will ever know the difference." Vincent evilly smirked.

"You are so bad, Vincent Keller." She playfully grinned as she elbowed him in the arm. "If you weren't technically dead to the world, I would have arrested you for illegally prescribing me drugs."

"So…let me get this straight….You would hypothetically lock me up because I illegally prescribed a drug to you that could help your flying anxiety yet you don't see my biological condition as a reason to put me behind bars?" Vincent asked, amused.

Catherine chuckled and said, "Hypothetically—yeah."

"I see…Anyways, JT is only getting you enough pills for the plane ride to and fro. You take the first pill an hour before your flight. You shouldn't need to take another one after four hours but, if you do, only take half a pill."

"I know," she laughed, "It isn't the first time I've taken Xanax before."

"Just a friendly reminder. Why don't you go and finish packing while I make my way to the warehouse. I'll fetch the prescription once JT gets home, which shouldn't be too long from now, and then meet you back here within the hour?"

"Alright. Sounds like a plan." Catherine smiled. "Thanks, Vincent. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you."

"Likewise." He muttered before leaving his heart back with the woman he just finished talking to. 'JT was right,' he thought, 'I'm completely smitten…'

Vincent Keller was indeed deeply in love with Catherine Chandler. He would go to great lengths in order to be with her and keep her safe. There was no way he could let Evan Marks steal her away from him. From what Catherine has said, Evan is a charmer. He can capture pretty much any woman's heart with his accent alone. Unlike him, Evan could find another girl and move on. The chances of Vincent finding another woman like Catherine—a woman who could accept him for who he is and not run away—are slim to none. He was going to do whatever he can to convince JT to let him go to Greenbrier. Even if that means to gravel on his knees and beg JT to let him go. He would definitely break his pride if he had to.

'I refuse to allow myself to stay home when Catherine needs me elsewhere.' He told himself as he made his way to the warehouse. 'I have to somehow make JT understand my bond with Catherine. Otherwise, he's going to give me a fat-ass NO.'

Vincent sighed. He knew the road ahead was going to be a tough one considering his circumstance but he just couldn't allow her to go practically alone with Evan to a resort that's filled with many romantic possibilities. He's a charmer and like Vincent, he'll do whatever he can to win Catherine's heart. And this was a game Vincent Keller could NOT lose at any cost.

If he did, it would destroy him.


"And why did I need to bring home Alprazolam?" JT asked as he walked into the upper level of the warehouse.

"Before I answer anything, you should sit down and drink first." Vincent replied, handing him a beer.

"Whatever dude." JT said as he twisted the cap off of the bottle and began drinking. "Okay, I'm drinking and sitting. Wait…let me think…this is going to start out with "Catherine is…" Isn't it?"

Vincent didn't reply.

"Good gracious, Man! What did she do now?"

"Nothing!" Vincent yelled to defend the very woman they're talking about.

"What then?"

"Catherine WAS given an undercover assignment at Greenbrier."

"G-greenbrier!? As in, GREENBRIER?!"

"Yeah. Anyways, she firstly needs the Xanax because she has flight anxiety and needed more. I thought that adding a little bit to her already prescriptioned bottle wouldn't hurt any."

"But that's not why you want me to drink, is it."

"No. That isn't the reason. Catherine is not going on this assignment alone. Her partner, Tess, will be disguised as a maid and Catherine…." Vincent's voice trailed as he tried to keep his nerves collected. "Catherine and Evan are posing as newlyweds."

"Woah…And she's OKAY with this?!"

"No! She's not! In fact, she told me she wished I could go with her to keep an eye on her. She knows that Evan is a player—"

"Because he kissed her?"

"JT! Not now! Anyways, because Catherine knows he's a player, she doesn't feel comfortable sharing a honeymoon suite with him."

"Okaaaaay…soooo I'm guessing that's downing your vibe a little, isn't it."

"A little…and she even told me that, there are things bound to happen outside of the bedroom…like kissing and such to make their 'newly-wedded' marriage seem real."

"And you're okay with this?"

"If you're asking if I am perfectly content with the fact that my Catherine…I mean Catherine…is going to the most romantic resort in all of America with a player for a coworker rather than me, then No! I am not!"

"Woah dude. Calm down before you hurt someone." JT waved his hands. "Obviously, you don't trust Cat."

"It's not that I don't trust her, JT, because I do. I just don't trust Evan. He could try anything with her while on this trip not to mention Catherine said he was glowing when leaving the precinct."

"Yikes…glowing men….that's never a good sign."

"Exactly! And that's why, JT…"

"Oh no…here's the kick in the stomach…"

"…I've decided to go to Greenbrier and keep an eye on her."


"Calm down, JT. I've got it all figured out."

"Which is how exactly?!"

"Remember when you made me fake identification cards and records for emergencies only?"

"You mean those Vincent Zalanski cards and records?"

"Yeah…those ones."

"Dude…that was a joke. LITERALLY. I was not intending you to actually USE them!"

"I don't care. I'm going to use them."

"…And again, how are you going to pay for one, the plane round-trip and two, the resort?!"

"I'm going to dig up my personal funds from being a doctor."

"Vincent! Those funds were buried for a reason! The hidden cash is supposed to help you get back on your feet once you're cleared to live a normal life again!"

"I know JT but honestly? After ten years do you honestly think I'll ever live a normal life?! Besides, even after I use some of it for the round-trip and Greenbrier, I'll still have a large sum left! When we buried that money, I also said the money was to be used for EMERGENCIES. It may not seem like it to you, JT, but situation is definitely an emergency in my book."

"Oh? You mean the book you've titled as: INSANITY TO THE EXTREMES? Because, Vincent, of ALL the stupid ideas you've ever conjured while knowing Cat, this has GOT to be the CRAZIEST of them all!"

"I know, JT! I know it's risky and crazy but I canNOT just sit back and allow that…that player to try to take her away from me! I've worked too hard to earn her trust and I'm not going to lose her altogether! She was shot not too long ago, remember? Remember how hysterical I was after coming home with blood all over my suit? That's how I'd feel if she ever left me, JT!"

"Dude…Catherine is not a trophy to put on your trophy case. She's not your property. You can't just objectify her like you used to with other girls several years ago. She, unlike those naïve college girls you continuously slept with, is her own person and she's very independent. If she heard you, right now, claiming her as your own, she wouldn't like it very much." JT said calmly but still angrily.

"I know, JT. I don't mean to objectify her like that. You're right about one thing; she IS different from ALL of the girls of my past. Trust me; I won't ever treat her like the way I have treated girls during college. Being 'dead' for ten years has brought me to the realization that I was already a beast before becoming one. She makes me feel alive, JT. No other woman has ever done that before. I know I was very possessive in the past when it came to women but, in a way, this is a different kind of possession."

"Possession is possession, dude."

"No, JT. Trust me on this. It's different." Vincent replied, as he started putting his suitcase together.

"Alright, man, do what you have to do. It is your life, after all. I'm not your nanny so you don't need me to tell you to not do something. Just call me every few hours, okay? That way I know you're still alive."

"Really? You're letting me go?" Vincent gave his roommate a look of surprise. Sure, he planned on going with or without JT's blessing but having his best friend's support in this ridiculous decision is all he could ever ask for.

"Sure, dude. I realized that if I found out Sarah and some guy were going to a conference together, I'd probably stalk them too." He smirked. "Why shouldn't you?"

"Thanks man. I appreciate it." Vincent smiled as he finished packing the last thing.

"No problem…just do me a favor."


"Before you come home, I want you and Catherine to discuss your relationship. I know you two have had these "actions speak louder than words" moments and hidden messages with each other but, seriously. I'm tired of all this sexual tension between you two. Either have sex before you come home or establish some kind of "future sexual" relationship. Because seriously, you two are like bipolar sex magnets. Sometimes you two are both Norths and you avoid each other's touch. Other times you two are opposite polarities and obviously crave each other but then one of you, namely you, switch back to the opposite pole and start to pull away again. So, just figure out your sex lives. Okay?"

"Erm…okay…" Vincent replied awkwardly. He never thought JT would actually encourage him to have sex with Catherine—then again, it WAS JT who encouraged him to tell Catherine how he felt way back when.

Sure, he's told her in so many forms but, yet, he's never verbally spelled out those three defining words that could make or break any gut-wrenching moment. But, even if he doesn't tell her soon, he still cannot allow Evan Marks to one-up him with Catherine. Evan is exactly how he used to be before the beast—a charming man always on the prowl. Evan objectifies women, only dating them for the pleasure they can bring him. Vincent has seen the way Evan looks at Catherine—a look of hunger and want but nothing about love; only lust.

Catherine doesn't deserve someone who's always seeing her as a sex doll. Sure, she doesn't even deserve a beast but, at this point, Vincent didn't care. He loved her too much to lose her now. Catherine has always told him that she is her own woman and she chooses what she does in her life. Not once has she ever run away from him. He was grateful for her decision to stay with him—even if it was just a friendly affection on her part. She noticed him and never gave up on him as much as he wanted her to. He truly loved her and he wanted to prove to her just how much he cared.

He picked up his suitcase and grabbed Catherine's Xanax before placing them on his bed. He started towards the door and said, "I'll be back soon. Gonna dig up the money. If you could, could you do me a favor and buy me a ticket to the closest airport from Greenbrier? Oh and call Catherine and find out which time her flight is and tell her I wanted to know."

"Whatever dude. Have fun shoveling." JT replied, pulling out his phone.

"Thanks, JT."

"You owe me."

"I know." Vincent replied, making his way towards the door. "See ya."

"See ya." JT replied, knowing Vincent was making a REALLY risky move but he also knew Vincent needed to discover things on his own or else he'll never learn. In ways, JT believed Vincent was more like a teenager than he ever was. His yearn to be with Catherine has caused so much drama on JT's end; so much drama a teenager would conjure. As JT searched his contacts, he couldn't help but laugh at Vincent's little plan. Even if it was a horrible one, JT couldn't deny that he was interested in the results. Only time will tell.


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