hey guys. so i know i said i would never do this but i guess i can delete it later.

So I am having a major case of writers block. It has been over a month since last update and i will tell you now that I only have like 2 pages done. I know what i want to happen, but I am having trouble getting there. I feel like I am rushing events and I don't want to. I want everything to flow perfectly. I am looking for fillers and I cant think of anything. So in terms of the guests you have seen already what would you like in terms of interactions. Between the new covens and the ones belonging to meyer who should be friends, couples, ect? Are there any special Edward Bella, Jake Nessie, or Seth and Scarlet moments you want to see or any moments among other couples?

Your replies mean the world to me in terms of my writers block, and so far i have not gotten many. It would really help me get this chapter and the story itself done. I have no intention of ending the story until I have reached the ending I have planed.

BTW, for updates on the falling star websight look in the reviews. Thats where I will post updates. The websight when fully up and running will be where you can see the newest characters and what I am up to in terms of writing.