one of the passages in this chapter is an edited chapter by Stephanie Meyer that was not included in the original Twilight book. Though I did change it a little, all rights go to Meyer. She is the queen of literature and deserves the credit


Mostly everyone got up. Some were tensed in front of mates while others gazed in wonder at the small girl. There were some hisses and an oh please from Jake.

"Why have you brought her here?" Maria panicked. "She is dangerous!"

"Calm down Maria." Said Peter. "How do we even know it is really her?"

"Eleazar?" Carmen asked in a worried voice.

"Why can't I See your gift?" Eleazar asked calmly. "Now that I think of it I can't see any of your gifts." He began to tense up as he spoke.

"My gift is not working either." Amos panicked. He was staring intently at Scarlet, as if intending to harm her.

"Sorry." Scarlet apologized calmly. "It is just a precaution. People tend to freak out." She gazed back at Amos, but without the threatening glare.

"Everyone please sit down." Carlisle spoke calmly.

One by one, everyone sat down until Amos finally gave in. No one let their guard down even for a moment. All eyes were on Scarlet as she told her story.

As she spoke everyone was silent. As the story progressed you could see the same flash of emotion on their faces that had been on ours earlier. Worry, relief, sadness, furry, amazement, and wonder flashed from face to face. The tension melted away and was replaced with curiosity. She either had a way of making everyone relaxed around her, or she was taking advantage of having Jasper in the room. It was hard to look at this small girl and feel she was dangerous, though I knew she could be.

When the story finally came to an end with her arrival yesterday, everyone seemed calm. At least, calmer than they had a minute ago.

You could see the questions were coming. Coleen broke the scilence.

"I don't understand one thing." She started. "If you have the power to defeat the Volturi by yourself then why bring us into this?" The question was not accusing, but merely curious.

"The stories are quite exaggerated, I will admit. If I were to fact the Volturi alone I may have the chance to take out more of them than most people, but chances are I would still die in the process. I can get distracted if I am dealing with too many things at once. Besides, the Volturi have doubled their guard, and that would leave too much of a chance for someone to get hurt. There is power in numbers."

"Can't you defend yourself while using your power?" Maria chimed in.

"Yes." Scarlet answered simply. "I am actually very good at self defense and fighting because of my strength, but it is harder when I am using too many skills."

When Scarlet mentioned fighting, a light snicker escaped from Emmett. He tried to hide it and look like he was listening, but it was a failed attempt.

"I wouldn't Emmett." Edward warned.

Scarlet whipped her head around to look at Emmett.

"No." She said smugly. "I accept the challenge. I have been wondering that myself. I should warn you though that there is more to it than strength."

I did not have to be told what they were talking about to know right away what was going on.

Emmett smiled wryly.

"Meet you out back." He grinned, his white, menacing teeth glinting in the light.

The tense atmosphere seemed to have been lifted from the room as the guests laughed, and headed outside for the event. By the time I got outside, Emmett was out back already warming up. Jasper was wrestling with him on the ground.

"Ok." Jasper laughed. "I'm done."

Emmett laughed and stood up, letting Jasper free from where he was pinned on the ground.

"Emmett," Esme started begging again. "please don't fight the poor girl. She is so small."

"No way!" Emmett laughed. "I have been waiting for a fair fight for a long time."

"Why do you like fighting so much anyway?" I asked. This had always bugged me. My big brother was always all too eager to fight, or accept a challenge, even if it was a threat to his life. I thought back to his eager grin when the newborn army was coming to kill me, or his optimistic attitude that was still present when the Volturi were threatening to destroy our family the last time. Even this time, before we knew of Scarlet, he had not seemed as worried as I thought he should be.

"You heard my story, didn't you?" Emmett paused to ask me.

I thought back into my murky past and realized I had not. Even after all these years. Edward's story telling left much to be desired when it came to the details in his families' personal histories. I had heard everyone's stories up to a point from him, but to get the full story I had gone to that person. It occurred to me that Emmett had never personally told me his story. Edward had told me that a bear had attacked him and Rose took him to Carlisle but that was all I really knew about my brawny brother.

"Edward told me you got mauled by a bear." I replied.

"Well then," Emmett began."It is time for you to hear the full story."

Renesmee sat on the ground to listen, so I joined her. Jasper moaned and sat down to listen too. He had probably heard the story many times before. Edward rolled his eyes, but sat down quietly next to me. Carlisle stood politely next to Emmett, and Esme went to sit on the porch with Rose, and Alice.

Emmett smiled and started his tale dramatically. "A looooooong timed ago, in a far off land lived a handsome young man named Emmett McCarty, who…"

"Just tell the story Emmett." Jasper complained.

"Fine then." Emmett laughed as he continued.

"I lived in a small town in Tennessee around the mid 1930's. It was not a very exciting life so I started hanging out with a crowd who liked to drink, gamble, and the like. Still, I never let my family go hungry. I would hunt regularly, and I would like to say I was very good at it.

"Well, one day when I was 20, I was on a routine hunting trip in the Smokey Mountains. I was following the trail of a Black Bear. Needless to say, I found it, and it was not happy about that. He attacked me.

"He was finished playing with me then, and I knew I was about to die. I couldn't move, and my conciseness was slipping away, when I heard what I thought was another bear, and a fight-over which would get my carcass I supposed. Suddenly, I was flying. I figured I'd died, but I tried to open my eyes anyway. And then I saw her," he said as he looked at Rosalie who was sitting with Alice and Esme on the porch. "and I knew I was dead. I didn't even mind the pain. I fought to keep my eyelids open-I didn't want to miss even one second of the angle's face. I was delirious, of course, wondering why we hadn't gotten to heaven yet, thinking it must be farther than I'd expected. And then she brought me to God." Emmett laughed his deep, booming laugh, and Carlisle smiled at him and patted his shoulder with a more subtle laugh.

"I thought what happened next was my judgment. I'd had a little too much fun in my twenty human years, so I wasn't surprised by the fires of hell." He laughed a much quieter laugh then I was used to, and I winced at the memory; Edward's arm tightened around me unconsciously. "What surprised me was that the angel didn't leave. I couldn't understand how something so beautiful could be allowed to stay in hell with me-but I was grateful. Every time God came to check on me, I was afraid he would take her away, but he never did. I started to think maybe those preachers who talked about a merciful God might have been right after all. And then the pain went away….and they explained things to me.

"They were surprised how little disturbed I was over the vampire issue. But if Carlisle and Rosalie, my angel, were vampires, how bad could it be?" I nodded, agreeing completely, as he continued. "I had a bit more trouble with the rules…." He chuckled. "You had your hands full with me at first, didn't you?" Emmett's playful nudge with his foot at Edward set us both rocking.

Edward shoved his foot away.

"So you see, Hell is not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you. I am very grateful to her for that. I just want to prove to myself that I can protect her from anyone or anything."

"Well, I think you are still just mad that you lost that first fight to that bear." Edward laughed.

Emmett growled and mumbled something like I'd like to see you beat me now.

Edward lunged at Emmett and sent him sprawling onto the ground.

"Edward!" I scolded.

"Don't worry about it lil' sister." Emmett was unruffled. "I got this."

They wrestled on the ground for only a couple seconds before Esme's reproving voice called sharply from the porch.


Emmett and Edward were up in a second.

"Sorry mom." They said together.

Renesmee started giggling and The rest of us joined in.

"So when will the fight start?" Benjamin asked as he walked over. The others had started to gather in the yard too.

"It will start right now." Scarlet called to Emmett as she started walking over.

I ran towards her as fast as I could. Maybe I could talk her out of the fight. After hearing about Emmett's obsessive fighting disorder I was honestly scared for the girl.

"Are you sure you want to fight Emmett?" I asked. I really was hoping she would change her mind. It was worse than picturing Alice fighting some newborn vampire.

"Oh please." Scarlet did not sound worried at all. "If Jasper can beat him then so can I. Have some faith Bella. Emmett may be bigger and he is still much stronger, but I have as much or more combat experience than Jasper."

It was hard to imagine this small girl fighting off anyone, until she slid the sleeve of her T-Shirt down just enough to reveal two scars on her left shoulder. They matched Jaspers many scars, and the crescent scar that was still on my wrist from when James bit me.

"Many people came to take my power. The Volturi are not the only ones who want skilled vampires."

I started to protest, but she put her hand up to silence me.

Emmett may have strength, but I have experience."

"You ready little sister?" Emmett called from the other side of the lawn.

"Do you mind if I beat him up Rose?" Scarlet asked with more innocence than I thought possible.

"Be my guest." Rose joked. I guess she really did like Scarlet.

"Be careful Emmett." Esme scolded.

"Yeah, We don't want you getting hurt." Jacob laughed. Everyone joined in, and Renesmee jabbed Jake in the side with her elbow.

Emmett rolled his eyes and stepped forward. He motioned with his index finger for Scarlet to step up too.

"Seriously man, if you hurt her I will personally snap your neck." Seth told Emmett from across the yard.

Scarlet smiled at Seth, and stepped up to Emmett. She reached her hand out to Emmett, as if to shake hands. Emmett, confidently took her hand and was about to shake when Scarlet grabbed his arm with her other hand, swung him over her head, and threw him to the ground.

Jasper, who was usually very calm, was laughing so hard that if he could he would be crying. Everyone joined in, including Esme and Rose. Jake was on the ground laughing with Seth and Renesmee's tinkling laugh could be heard from the other side of the yard.

"That was no fair." Emmett yelled in embarrassment as he sat up. " I wasn't ready."

"Well then, let's go again." Scarlet smirked.

Emmett jumped up and stood, looking down at the girl who had just thrown him to the ground. He narrowed his eyes as Scarlet approached him.

Scarlet swung her right fist at Emmett just in time for him to grab it. She gave him a quick smirk, and proceeded to kick his legs out from under him with her left leg. As he was falling, Scarlet grabbed his neck and shoved him to the ground with so much force that when Emmett landed, it created a crater in the dirt.

"Best 2 out of 3?" Scarlet asked with a grin.

"You're on!" Emmett answered as he jumped up, more enthusiastic than ever.

As they fought, Seth got more relaxed. Scarlet won almost every match.

By the time Emmett had decided that he had had enough humiliation for one day, and after getting Scarlet to promise to give him some tips for his technique, most of our guests had wandered away to different parts of the house, and Renesmee was almost asleep in Jacob's arms.

"I will carry her back home" Edward told him as he took Renesmee gently in his arms.

As we started home, I looked back to see Seth saying goodbye to Scarlet for the day. The scene looked so familiar. This is what it must have been like looking at Edward and me from the outside.

"It is very strange looking at them. It is not like any of the other wolves and their mates. It is….different." Edward said. "Jacob likes your theory. He thinks it explains everything. But, he thinks there is something more. Like they are soul mates or Seth is a genetic dead end, and the fact that they are odd just allows the imprint to take place. It is just a theory."

"Well, I think it is a very good one under the circumstances."

" I just hope she doesn't mind the smell." Edward joked.

I smiled at him and took his hand in mine. I looked into his face and saw how calm he was. He had been so worried last time the Volturi came. I sighed.


"Aren't you worried about the Volturi at all? Last time everyone freaked out, and this time everyone is fine."

Edward did not take long to ponder the question before answering.

"With Scarlet on our side we have the advantage. She can use her skill on multiple people. There is no point in worrying."

"But, how many people? She said that if she uses the skill on too many people she gets tired, and if she is distracted she loses focus."

Edward thought about this for a while. He still did not have an answer when we got home.

He laid Renesmee in her bed and tucked the sheets around her. We kissed her goodnight as always, and left the room quietly.

After he had closed the door, Edward turned to me. He lifted his hand and brushed it gently across my cheek. We stood there for some time, just looking into each other's eyes. When he finally answered my question it was in a whisper.

"We just have to have hope, love." He said simply.

"I can't trust hoping to keep us alive."

"Hope is all we really have right now, and that hope is centered around Scarlet. You saw how calm Nessie has been since she got here. Even her nightmares have stopped."

I could not argue with that. Any person that could alter dreams with her presence was someone you should be able to trust, but I just could not do it.

Edward saw the conflict on my face and smiled as he took my head gently in his hands. He kissed me lightly.

"Let's just concentrate on what we have right now." he suggested in a whisper.

I nodded silently in agreement, and with that we walked slowly back to our room for the night.


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