"Whew! I can't believe it's our third year at Duel Academy already! Can you believe it, Sy?" An excited Jaden asked his blue haired friend. Speaking of blue…

"Hey, when did you get into Obelisk Blue? I could've sworn you were wearing yellow just a minute ago." Jaden peered closer to Syrus, inspecting him as if there was some sort of magic fairy or something that changed his uniform into a different color.

Syrus let out a sigh of annoyance, "If you were listening to me earlier, Jay, I was trying to tell you that I got promoted to Obelisk Blue! I even changed my glasses for the occasion…"

Jaden tilted his head and glanced at Syrus's glasses.

"You did?"

Syrus groaned and shook his head.

"Nevermind Jay. Let's get to class before we're late! We don't want detention on the first day, do we?"

Jaden chuckled and followed after Syrus. "Definitely not! Especially when it comes to Crowler! He's way too harsh."

"Only with you…" Syrus muttered under his breath. "I hope all our friends are in our class this year!"

Jaden nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah! And I hope we get some really strong duelists this year too! I'm getting excited just thinking about it. I can't wait to get my game on!"

They stepped into the classroom and scanned the area for familiar faces. Soon enough, they found Alexis, Chazz, Bastion, Aster, Tyranno and Blair sitting in the center chatting amongst themselves. Jaden ran down excitedly to greet everyone, unaware of the pair of light silver eyes trailing him from the corner of the classroom.

"C'mon, Stel! It's our third year and you're really not going to talk to him?"

Stella let out a deep breath and glared are her companion. "Venus, I told you to stop calling me Stel! It's Stella! I hate when you call me that…" She ran a hand through her long, raven-colored hair in annoyance. "These kinda things take time, okay?"

"I doubt it takes three years…" Venus mumbled, crossing her arms in an annoyed fashion. "I don't get why you won't talk to the guy. He really isn't that hard to approach." Venus received another glare from Stella and smirked in satisfaction.

"I'm just awkward when it comes to guys…"

"You mean Jaden."

"Urgh, shut up! Luck has just never been on my side these past few years, but I'm gonna change that this year…hopefully." Stella whimpered and her head dropped slightly in discouragement. "I…just don't know how."

"That's why I'm here. If you'd just let me – "

"Hell no Miss I-Get-A-New-Boyfriend-Every-Month." Stella interjected rudely and met an angry pair of violet eyes.

"I've only had three boyfriends, thank you very much." Venus retorted. "And I'm not going through another year of you complaining about 'not having a boyfriend like everyone else' or 'Jaden will never notice me' shit! So just shut up and take my help."

Stella's mouth remained ajar as she stared as her supposed best friend. She furrowed her eyebrows in frustration and glanced back at a familiar brunette moving zealously around the center of the classroom. She gulped and turned back to Venus and nodded. There was no way she was going to let another year pass without letting Jaden know how she felt. She'd only talked to him a few number of times, but they were tiny instances like saying 'excuse me' or 'you dropped this.' Still, each time made her heart flutter. But…did he even know she existed?

Class began shortly and almost half the class was asleep due to Crowler's boring lectures. He sneered as he took in the scene of sleeping students in front of him. An evil smile formed on his lips as he smacked the board loudly with a ruler and began calling out the names of students who were asleep and assigned them detention.

Syrus nudged Jaden with his elbow.

"Jay, wake up!" He hissed. He poked him again, desperately hoping that his best friend would wake up. "C'mon, you're going to get detention if you don't wake up!"

"Magical kuriboh dumplings!" Jaden blurted out, glancing around the room frantically. Syrus facepalmed himself and the whole class stopped what they were doing and stared at the confused Jaden.

"And Jaden Yuki…" Crowler continued, his smile growing wider.



Jaden groaned and slouched back in his seat. "You've gotta be kidding! On the first day, too?! Man, this is so uncool!"

From the other side of the classroom, Venus's phone went off and her loud ringtone blared out through her purse. Crowler turned his glare to the duo and pointed his ruler stick accusingly at them.

"Tsumoya!" He yelled, directing the ruler towards Venus. "Was that your cellphone that went off just now?!"

Venus glanced from Jaden to Stella and a smirk played across her lips. She knew Stella would hate her now, but thank her later. It was the first step to at least get her to talk to Jaden anyway! And for her sake, she'd better not be complaining about it in their dorm room.

"Sorry, professor. It wasn't me this time. It was Stella's."

Stella's eyes grew wide and she stared at her friend in absolute shock.

"What." She mouthed, only to receive a wink in reply.

"Hinode, detention!"

Stella sat back down in her seat, unable to believe what just happened. She never had detention a day in her life and now on the first day back at Duel Academy she gets it?! And…

She gasped, "Jaden…I…I have detention…with Jaden…"

Venus giggled and flicked back her long blonde hair. "Looks like it! Good luck~"

"You're the worst best friend ever!" Stella cried as she laid her head down on the desk.

After another half hour of lectures about expectations and deadlines third years were supposed to meet, Crowler finally dismissed the class. Except, of course, for the students that were called out for detention. He made them sit right at the front of the classroom in no particular order, but Stella was unfortunately the last to get to the table. And as if luck was finally on her side, Jaden was the second-to-last person to reach the table.

She took her seat hesitantly next to Jaden. Her palms were already starting to feel moist and her heartbeat was moving rather fast. She didn't dare glance at Jaden, but sitting so close next to him made her chest explode.


She blinked and turned the other way.

"Heeeeeyyyyy!" The same voice whispered.

Slowly, she turned around and her silver eyes met a pair of chocolate brown ones. She felt like her heart was going to jump out of her rib cage and she was scared it might never come back. She really wished Venus was there, but she couldn't keep relying on her friend forever.

"Y-y-yes?" She whispered back.

"You have a pencil I can borrow?" He asked sweetly, causing her insides to melt.

She nodded quickly and took out her backpack. She fished for one and her hand came out trembling, but she managed to give it to him.

"Thanks, you're a life saver!" Jaden told her with a grin. He glanced back at her and blinked. "Wait, have we met before?"

"N-no…not officially…" She replied meekly.

"Ah, well that's too bad! Let's start off with introductions then!" He held his hand out. "My name's Jaden Yuki! And you are…?"

She stared at his hand for a few seconds and wiped hers off real quick before slowly taking his warm hand into hers and shaking it. Hopefully Jaden couldn't feel how fast her heart was beating or she would've died of embarrassment.

"I'm Stella Hinode."

"Stella, huh? Cool name! Is it alright if I call you Stel?"

Stella averted her gaze from Jaden to a nearby chair. Did he just ask if he could call her Stel? And didn't she just tell Venus she hated it when she called her that? It was true; she did hate it when she called her by that name…but with Jaden, it was different.

She nodded in newfound confidence.

"Sure, Stel sounds…fine!"

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