Stella sat back in her seat and tried to keep her eyes glued to the board in front of her. Not beside her…where a certain brunette was sleeping away peacefully. Everytime she did so much as glance his way, she couldn't bring himself to stop looking at him. Her heart raced each time as well. Why was she so flustered over a guy she hardly talked to? She wished she knew the answer herself.

The clock read five o'clock. Detention was running until five-thirty. Class ended at three-thirty. So in short, detention ran on for two long, excruciating hours. Of course Stella was ecstatic about having Jaden there. It would've given her the chance to finally talk to him…if he didn't fall asleep fifteen minutes into detention, that is!

"I'm so going to kill Venus once I get back to the dorm." She muttered under her breath, glancing at the clock again even though she was well aware that the hands had only moved so little.

"And now all there might not be enough Kuriboh dumplings later…" With a sigh, she ran her hand over her stomach. "And I really wanted some. I'm so hungry!"

Thirty nerve-wrecking minutes finally passed by and Crowler dismissed the few students left in the classroom. Stella blinked and glanced at Jaden, who was still in a deep slumber.

'Should I tap him? I can't just leave him here sleeping…but what if he gets mad that I woke up him?'

Just before she could stretch her arm out to lightly touch his shoulder, a ruler flew down and hit the table she and Jaden were at with a loud smack. Jaden jumped up immediately, his brown eyes wide in shock.

"A-ah! W-what is it?!" He searched the room frantically, his disheveled hair swaying in the process.

"You're free to go, slacker. Next time, refrain from sleeping during my lectures." Crowler growled, sending Jaden a sneer before striding back to the podium.

A small laugh escaped Jaden's lips before he turned to Stella, still standing there with a look of confusion evident on her face.

"Hey, Stel! Were you waiting for me? That's really nice of you!" He said in his usual cheerful voice. He flashed her a grin, causing her cheeks to flush.

"A-actually, I was…um, I was…" She fumbled over the right words. No matter how badly she wanted to talk to him, she just couldn't get the words out.

Before she had another chance to get out what she wanted, Jaden's stomach let out a loud growl. He scratched his cheek sheepishly and let out a nervous laugh.

"Man, I'm starving! Sleeping sure takes a lot outta me!" He chuckled, "Say, what're you doing after this?"

"H-huh?" It caught her completely off-guard that he asked. What he trying to make plans? But then again, he was an overall friendly guy, so maybe she shouldn't take it the wrong way. But still, they just met! Well, they just met officially anyway…

"I'm just…I wanted to…" She took a deep breath. "I was…gonna see if there were any more Kuriboh dumplings left at the booth. I usually go after class to get them…"

"Ah, sweet! Mind if I join you then?" He asked nonchalantly.

"W-what? Y-you wanna come with me?" Her stomach was doing all sorts of flips. Who knew it would feel that great to get detention?

"Unless it's a problem…" He said, slight concern hinted in his tone.

She shook her head vigorously, "N-no! Of course not! Let's go then!"

Jaden punched the air happily before following Stella outside of the classroom. She cut through the yard and took the shortcut route to the beach, praying that the stand was still open and there wasn't a long line. She needed her dumplings. It was the only way to relieve stress, other than venting and annoying the hell out of Venus.

"Wow, you sure know your way! Are you a freshman?" He inquired, ducking under stray branches in order to keep her pace.

Her face blanched as soon as she heard his words. Her? A freshman? She was in her third year along with him! That proved how much he really didn't notice her. Disappointment weighed in her heart, but she wasn't going to give up just yet. She turned to Jaden with furrowed brows.

"Jaden, before this…we actually met once…" She mumbled, the tiniest bit of frustration shining in her silver orbs.

"We have?"

She nodded. Although deep down, she wasn't surprised that he didn't recall their first meeting. It was a simple, short meeting. Anyone would've forgotten about it, but not her because that was the first time she ever laid eyes on Jaden. And how could she let that memory fade so easily?

"It was freshman orientation. You were late, remember?"

He laughed, recalling back the memory. "Oh, yeah! That was when I dueled Crowler!"

"Mhmm," She began picking up her pace again as the beach came into view. "A-afterwards…I wanted to meet you...b-because I admired your dueling. But I didn't know what to say, so I blurted out something really…stupid." She added, blushing a darker shade of red.

His grin became wider and he leaned in closer, anxious of what she had to say. "And…what was it? I'm sure if you say it, you might re-jog my memory!"

Stella walked up to the booth, wallet in hand. "Kuriboh dumplings!"

Jaden blinked. "Hahaha, you must really like those, huh Stel?"

After paying for the dumplings, she handed a stick to Jaden and they began walking back towards the direction of the dorms.

"That was what I said to you that day…" She admitted shyly, her voice muffled from the dumpling in her mouth.

Jaden gulped down the dumplings in a matter of a few seconds. He looked up at the sky growing pink as the time passed, trying to recollect the incident. In the next moment or two, he snapped his fingers and turned to face her with a goofy smile on his face.

"Ahahahaha! Oh yeah, I remember that now! And then you ran away before I had the chance to ask you anything!" He exclaimed, clutching his stomach from laughing too much.

More blood rushed to Stella's thinks as she pursed her lips. She wanted to say something like, 'it wasn't that funny,' or 'shut up, already,' but Jaden looked happy, so she decided not to. Seeing him happy made her happy.

"I eat Kuriboh dumplings when I get nervous! And I just had some right after my duel that day and I couldn't think of anything to say…so, yeah."

"You're pretty weird, Stel."


"But that's why I like you! We should hang out more often!" He assured her, his smile growing wider as he did. "Sorry I forgot about it though! I wish we talked earlier! Hey, let's duel next time, okay?"

Stella froze. Did he just say…that he liked her? Well yeah, he meant it platonically, but still! Now she wished she didn't waste all that time wondering what it would've been like to talk to him and get to know him when she could've just done it! And all it took was detention. But still, for her, it was worth it.

"Hmm, Stel?"

Jaden paused and turned around, wondering on why she abruptly came to a stop. He glanced past the trees and noticed the Obelisk Blue dorm a little ways ahead. And since it was the girls' dorm, he figured that's why she didn't go any further.

"Oh, right! Your dorm's just over there? Well, I guess I'll see ya tomorrow then! And thanks for the Kuriboh dumplings! I see why you like them so much! Later, Stel!" He shouted as he turned around to leave, but not before giving her a small wave and his signature grin again.

Stella found herself breathing again once his red jacket and brown hair was out of her sight. She couldn't believe it. Jaden actually wanted to hang out with her! She rushed through the gates and ran up to her dorm room, slamming the door open.

"Hey, Stel. How was detention?" Venus smirked, blowing on her recently painted nails.

Stella let out a content sigh and jumped onto the bed.

"Kuriboh dumplings!~"

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