I walked through the dimmed streets; my thin leather boots enunciated every cold step. I could feel the eyes on me. It was fairly obvious, everyone was curious about the estranged daughter of Odin, the shadow beneath my younger sisters light. I drew my arms around me as the cold affected me much more than it usually did. I sneezed quietly as I walked back to the warm, unwelcome home.

I walked in the door, and my shaky, pale hands hung up my scarf.

"Are you home from your walk, sister?" The musical voice of Thor rang in my ears, and the feeling of crushing self-loathing became heavier upon my chest.

"I'm home." I called out, and released another sneeze, followed by a shiver. Blast, I was becoming sick. I'm an immortal, and yet I was not immune to the common ailments of Asgard. I coughed, and felt my face curl into a scowl; just one more thing for everyone to be ashamed of me for. I walked into the sitting room, and sat in the chair that was farthest away from the flames of the roaring fire. I curled my knees up to my chin as I watched the flames dance. They seemed so together and happy. It made my heart ache for my father and sisters approval. I coughed once more, and I dragged my cool wrist across my nose. This sickness was becoming more and more troublesome.

"Sister, you look as though death is looming above you…" Thor commented her voice soft and soothing; her sweet nurturing nature was becoming more and more prominent. I held my tongue at her comment. I desired deeply to say that I wished that death were looming above me, but I did not wish to have her worrying about me.

"Don't worry about me sister… I shall be fine. It's just a common ailment that will-"My defense was cut short by a sneeze. I cursed under my breath, this was becoming out of my control. I should just sacrifice myself to something and allow myself to die. I glanced back at the flames, and tried to ignore the worried patter of feet that was echoing around the house. A hand appeared in my peripheral vision. I looked over to see Thor with a blanket draped over her arm, and a hand extended towards me.

"Loki, come, and sit with me by the fire and warm yourself before you fall even more ill." She spoke. Mystified by her kindness, I mechanically grasped her warm fingers that seemed to burn my icy skin, and I allowed her to guide me to the chair that our father often occupied when he was home. She made me sit, and she sat with me, as she wrapped the both of us into a warm cocoon. I felt my face heat up as my sister embraced me. I glanced over at her through the thick curtain of my raven hair.

"Thor, why do you take care of me?" I asked, my voice raspy, and my eyelids felt heavy. Thor wrapped an arm around my shoulders as she slowly guided my head to a pillow.

"Rest sister; you have a fever and its making you tired and confused." She whispered. My sick state made her voice sound like honey and liquid velvet. It was beautiful. I fought to keep my eyelids open, as I attempted to move my mouth. I couldn't resist any longer. I felt my eyes slip closed as I drifted to sleep in the loving embrace of my sister.

I'm not alone…. Not anymore…