I know this chapter is short but its just the beginning. I'll have another chapter by the next day or two. My first Story but I think i know where im going with this story. Thank you and hope you enjoy

The pounding of my heart against my chest and the shortness of my breath is all I can remember from this summer.

Running every morning along the beach with my ear buds intact, blasting "Hall of Fame" by The Script, along with the other songs on my work out playlist. Even though it was the summer and I was out of school, I still had to be in shape for my new season at my new university. I was always a California kid so when I got noticed from an out-of-state university I hesitated. Eventually I decided that it would be good for me to get away for a while and I accepted UPenn's offer, so I had to keep my work outs up even throughout the summer. Most of the time I lost track of how long I had ran so I checked my stopwatch and it reads almost two hours. I decide to stop my music and sit on the sand to catch my breath and drink my water, but I just fell back and let the sun hit me while breathing in the ocean and listening to the waves. It was amazing that even though I've lived near the beach my whole life, the sound of the waves could still soothe my thoughts. But this thought was interrupted with an announcement of a passenger's name that was needed at a terminal. I suddenly realized I was in the airport waiting for my flight to Pennsylvania and that I had been staring at my computer screen for the last twenty minutes thinking about my last run.

I had been at the airport for about two hours but I still have 20 minutes until my flight boards. As I snap back into reality, it hits me that I'm exhausted. As I come to this realization, I spot a coffee shop in the airport and pack up my laptop and head over. I expected there to be a long line, but there was only a few people in front of me and about four people actually sitting in the coffee shop. I zone out and I feel a light touch on my shoulder.

"Excuse me, but it's your turn to order." I blink a few times and see that the two people in front of me were gone. I move forward and order a medium vanilla latte and give the cashier twelve dollars so that I could also pay for the stranger's coffee behind me. I get my coffee and sit down at a table and was about to pull out a book when the cashier came and walked up to me.

"The girl, that you bought a coffee for told me to give you this." The boy's hand shows that it's a pastry bag and it has a blueberry muffin in it and a little note that read "Thank You."

I say thank you while giving him a smile. He returns the favor with a warm smile then turns to go back to work. As I look away from the cashier I spot a girl looking at me. She smiles and lifts her coffee up while mouthing "Thank You" and walks away.

I couldn't help but watch her walk away. She was wearing a pair of jean shorts and a white t-shirt with a black tank top under it. The girls white t-shirt was so mesmerizing over her dark tan skin, also her hair was a beautiful dark brown and her messy loose curls swayed as she kept walking. Before I turned my attention away from the stranger with the beautiful smile, I noticed her walking up to another girl, a blonde, and give her a kiss on cheek. I turned away with blushed cheeks and see that my phone is vibrating. Finally.

"Where are you? I've been here for over two hours and you are supposed to be on that flight with me you know?" I say while smiling.

"I know! Sorry I was running really late. But I'm here now and the plane isn't boarding yet right?"

"No it hasn't boarded yet. Wait where are you?" I say and suddenly feel arms around my waist. I turn with a smile and hug Patrick. "Someone likes to be fashionably late. The plane is about to board, let's go".

"Hey I have to make an entrance don't I? Wait where's my coffee Paige?" he stops in his tracks and I look back to see him pretend to look hurt.

I look around the airport and pointed to the left at some gates. "Um I think it went that way." Patrick looked at me with a confused look. I cross my arms and try to be serious "Well if you would have been here when you said you would, than you would have had one; but instead it went to this girl who was behind me in line." As I think about the girl again, I feel a smile spread across my lips. I turn and walk towards the gate for out flight so that Patrick wouldn't see that my cheeks were more red than usual.

I stand in the line of passengers and I feel Patrick standing very close to me. "So you're telling me that you bought a coffee for a girl you don't know, but not one for me? I'm really hurt Paige, but I hope that she was cute at least." He looked at me with a smirk and a risen eyebrow.

I give my ticket to the flight attendant, and out of the corner of my eye I see the girl from the coffee shop walking with her hand linked with the blonde she was with earlier. My eyes fell to the floor and waited for Patrick. Why did it even affect me? This was the only time I was going to see that girl ever. Why did it matter if she had a girlfriend or not?

We sit in the back of the plane and before Patrick could really start a conversation, I turned and looked up at him. "Pat I didn't really get sleep last night. So if you don't mind I think I'm going to sleep during the flight or at least try." Patrick smiled and patted his shoulder so that I could rest my head there. I put my seat belt on and rested my head on his shoulder and looped my arm through the open space between his arm and his chest. Hopefully I could get some sleep on this seven hour flight. Just before I closed my eyes, my eyes fall to the person who was putting a carry-on on the overhead bin in front of me and see the stranger with the smile. I rub my eyes and look up again, but noticed that it wasn't the girl with the smile it was someone else. Of course it wasn't the girl she had brought coffee for because why would she be here? This was the last thought on my mind before I fell asleep on Patrick's shoulder.