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Blaise and Phillip: Soulmates?

They are staring. It is not very uncommon, and quite frankly, I like the attention. I am Blaise Harman, witch (and you can also say bitch) extraordinaire and one of the few Harmans left in the world (I'm talking about the Night World, of course). I'm gorgeous, and I know it. I (and I say that without a bit of shame) even take advantage of it. My sister Thea keeps giving me grief for manipulating boys (human and otherwise) and getting them to do stuff for me, but she's all happy and in love with her human soulmate.

Take now, for example. I am sitting in a library (yes, a library! Ugh…), waiting for James and Ash to finally turn up after they finish whatever the hell Thierry sent them to do for Circle Daybreak (Thea roped me into the human-loving community, and I hate to admit it, but I'm starting to develop a soft spot or those humans as well). My job? I'm supposed to 'alert' them of any 'suspicious activity' in our meeting place. So far, there is no creepy person lurking around and I am bored. It's really nowhere near as exciting as they show in the movies.

So I'm sitting here wearing just enough to make guys drool, but not so less as to attract attention (after all, I am supposed to be on a mission). Huh. Not that that's working. Every single guy in the room is positively ogling at me.

Well, except James and Ash now. They've just entered, joking and laughing. Wait. Who's that? The librarian isn't even looking at me! Hah. NOW he's looked up. But what…? He just glanced at me for a second! That's weird. Only, (and without exception) Night People with soul mates do that! Now he's looking at Ash and James. Maybe he's gay? Yes! That must be it. He's staring at them. Well, they are good-looking, of course. They're vampires for god's sake.

Pity. He's gorgeous. Oh, his eyes! I could stare at them all day! I just can't stand this confusion. I have to go and talk to him now. "Hey handsome!" I call out as I approach him. He turns and smiles. What a dazzling smile too! Now he looks like he's sizing me up. Huh. Maybe he's not gay after all. Pity he's human. I would've loved to date him without using him like all the others before.

We strike up a conversation which is verging on flirty, when suddenly, James and Ash approach us. The boy (man?), Phillip (I like the name. It suits him), looks up and gives them the same look as before. "Blaise" he said. "Can you do me a favor and pinch me?" Shocke at his strange request but unable to deny those smoldering eyes, I comply.

"Ouch! So I'm not dreaming" he continued. "You, Rasmussen, are really goofing around with Ash Redfern of all people." His voice turns hard and cold as he says Ash Redfern. What? How come he knows them? Anyway, back to the conversation.

"Oooohh. If it isn't Phillip, my old friend!" says Ash. Phillip glares.

"Okay, okay. Not old friend. Maybe new friend then? I'm sorry for what I did to you and your sister before." Ash of course.

"I can't believe my ears. Are you sure you haven't got an imposter in his place, James?" says Phillip.

James laughs and says, "I said something along the same lines when he apologized to me. Ash, come on, story time again."

Ash takes over, "Well, I fell in love with a human last summer."

Phillip just stares with an open mouth, doing the perfect impersonation of a gaping fish, but somehow managing to look sexy still. I'm still confused, but I let him digest the news before bombarding him with my questions. Then, when Ash holds out his hand to shake, Phillip takes it and says, "Okay. I forgive you."

Then James looks at me and asks Phillip, "What are you doing with Blaise here?" "Well", he says, "I was sitting over there, minding my own business when she came over and started flirting with me." He smirks and looks at me. "How do you know each other and how do you know we are not human?" I ask after getting my voice back. "Don't you recognize him? He's Poppy's twin brother." James very helpfully provides. Oh! Poppy! But that means he's not exactly human. Well, maybe I can date him after all.

Phillip smirks and says, "Yes, that's right. You can date me, after all." I'm horrified. "You're telepathic?" I ask him in shock. "Only when I try real hard", he says, still smirking. "Did you just start listening in or have you been doing that since I came to talk to you?" I ask, fuming now. "Don't worry. I just heard the last bit", he says, his smirk vanishing. "I like you too, you know?" That there just made my day. "So how about a date?" I ask him (I'm an independent woman. Of course I made the first move). "I would love to go on a date with you", he says, his face breaking into a genuine smile.

"Can I kiss you now?" I do what any sane girl would do in such circumstances. I jump him.

And, oh my goodness! He's an amazing kisser! Liking him a little bit has suddenly become love and sparks in the space of the few seconds that have passed, just because of this incredible kiss. It feels like everything always described the soulmate bond to be like. Wait. Is that what we are? Soulmates?

That's when I feel it. The so called 'pink haze' Thea always spoke about in excruciating detail. The best part of the soulmate bond. It's all amazingly, incredibly true. Everything that felt so disgustingly mushy to me when I heard about it now feels just so right. I can see his thoughts floating around and it's all so beautiful I feel dizzy. I never want to let go. Philip's thoughts reflect my sentiments perfectly and I understand how it feels to be in perfect sync with someone. I'm in love with the feeling. I'm in love with him. I love you too, Blaise. Wow. That was his thought! He sounds just as lovely in his thoughts as he does when he speaks!

When I realize we're not kissing anymore, it shocks me, but I don't mind. This connection is better than any kiss I've ever experienced. But it's time to let go. I hear Ash and James clearing their throats (they must have done it quite a few times) and know it's getting late. When will I see you again? I ask Philip telepathically. I'll join Circle Daybreak now, since my soulmate is a part of it. Poppy has been pestering me to join ever since she did anyway. I just had no reason to leave the human world until now. He replies, his eyes shining with happiness and...love. I'm still new to the wonderful, amazing feeling. Why don't you come with us to headquarters right now? We're heading there anyway, I tell him, happiness flooding through me. This sheer joy is worth facing any obstacle. I feel powerful enough to take on a fully grown dragon right now. He agrees, the joy I feel reflecting in his eyes, and we set off together to Circle Daybreak headquarters. Time to tell them they have a new member!

And that's done. All you wonderful people who followed this story and those who followed me, I owe all of you a massive SORRYYYYY! I'm sure you at least expected a new chapter for all the while I've made you wait, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I just didn't feel right continuing this story, and looking at the story again, I sincerely felt it needed a huge revamp. Also, it feels right to end the story here, and so I won't be continuing it or posting any sequels. There's always a certain satisfaction about imagining your own continuation, isn't there?