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Set ten years after the movie; Christmas Eve has come to the world once more.
Kozmotis arch, part 1

Santoff Claussen was in an uproar once again. The yetis were all frustrated do to a mass color mix up; Bunnymund and North were almost at blows because of it. The elves had been told to stay out of the way due to so many of them being stepped on. Most of the little men were sulking in the kitchens, preparing food for the after Christmas party. Ever since Lune had inducted Zephyr's companion into the Guardians of Childhood, it had become tradition. Even so, Phil the yeti was in a panic because Jack was "missing" and Sídhe had been nearly knocked out by a reindeer earlier that day. There was a decent sized knot on the young spirit's head, but no other harm had been done. All the same, Phil had made her rest in her room.

Sídhe was determined to escape the mayhem that had invaded North's workshop. The chaos of an "organized" holiday was usually far too much for her free willed wind. Therefore, she typically flew around with Jack in the area around Santoff Claussen to keep him company. Unfortunately, there was a damper in her plans. Phil had come by her room every five minutes for the last two hours. She almost suspected that the poor yeti had been pacing in the hallway or was wandering around Jack's room which was the next door down. As if on cue, Phil walked through the door way and said something in yetish. Sídhe had been trying to learn the language, but after 10 years, it was still difficult. She caught 'Jack', 'feeling' and the rumbling sound that signified 'um'.

"I keep telling you, Phil. I'm fine," she said, almost indignantly, "Jack's playing with the winds nearby. He didn't want to cause trouble."

In truth, she knew that Jack was in pain. North had asked the spirit of Winter to hold off the storms for the past two days. Jack wasn't meant to hold back his powers, just as the wind was never meant to stop. Zephyr had been keeping her up to date on how he was. So far, it had whispered about a nose bleed that wouldn't stop and a myriad of scrapes from falling over his feet. The bump on her head was nothing in comparison. She'd had the wind keep him company and cradle him in the sky in her stead. It was the main reason she kept him company. North had asked this horrible favor of him nearly every year since they had joined the Guardians. Jack had agreed to masochism because it was "the only helpful thing he could do". At least, that's what he kept telling her. Phil, noticing her distraction, didn't buy what she was saying. He grumbled in yetish, but she was too preoccupuied with her thoughts to understand. The wind was speaking louder now; Pitch was coming. She told the breeze to take Jack to the inlet they loved and hide him. In the meantime, she waited for Phil to leave once again while praying that Pitch wouldn't notice.

Once the yeti had meandered off, she got up, perhaps too quickly, and nearly fell from the sudden vertigo. Her vision swam in the most sickening fashion, distorting everything in the room until she was forced to squeeze her eyes shut. It took several precious minutes for her to regain her sense of balance. She pulled herself off the floor. Sídhe heard the telltale scuffling of Phil's heavy footfalls. Adrenaline helped fight off the wave of staggering nausea. Sídhe grabbed her cloak from a nearby chair. It had been so long since North had given it to her, but the soft fabric showed no sign of wear. She clasped the silver hook before reaching for her staff as well. The wind deposited it into her outstretched hand. With it, she ran for the window and threw it open. Phil opened the door in time to see the Wind spirit jump from the window sill. She heard an alarmed sound from the poor yeti as she swan dived several stories. Zephyr caught Sídhe with practiced ease, but she was sure that it did nothing to assuage the yeti left squalling from her bedroom window.

"Sorry, Phil!" she yelled as she soared off towards Jack.

The wind told her what had happened since Phil had wandered off the last time. Pitch had followed Jack to the cavern. The winter spirit was fighting the Nightmare King, but it was a losing battle. Jack was tired from restraining his powers. Sídhe willed the wind to help her fly faster to the inlet. There was no telling if they would make it in time.