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Once upon a time,

General Kozmotis Pitchiner had been the champion of the Man in the Moon. It had been during the Golden Age, before any of the Guardians, save for the Sandman, had been reborn. He had been responsible for leading the Age's Armies against the fearlings and Dream pirates, who sought to ruin hard won peace of the world. In their prison, these darker forces were utterly powerless under his watch.

There was more to his story, however, than meets the eye. Kozmotis was the father of a beautiful young girl whom, due to his dangerous duties, he saw very seldom. One evening before he left to aid the Man in the Moon, she gave him a golden locket with two small, but infinitely precious pictures within. The first was of his beloved daughter playing in a field of wildflowers, while the other was a fine photo of Kozmotis.

"This way," the little girl said as she handed him the locket, "We'll always be together."

Kozmotis latched the priceless treasure around his neck, swearing never to take it off and made his daughter promise to be good for her mother until he returned. She agreed with a joyous smile. Little did her father know, he would never return.

Then: Kozmotis

"Daddy!" a voice wails in absolute terror.

Kozmotis had been keeping watch over the Dream Pirates and Fearlings until the voice of his daughter echoed from the depths of the prison. Panic rose in the general as he ran toward the source. His little one had never set foot in the prison, but he was certain that he had heard her.

"Daddy, help me!" the voice cracked with fear, "I'm scared!"

"Amelia, where are you?" he called back, still running.

The sounds of his child crying lead him to the lowest level of the prison where the most potent of the fearlings were kept. Behind the bars of the first cell sat Amelia. Her head is buried in her little hands and her small should shook with the tears careening down her face. Kozmotis rushed to the lock; he fumbles the first few attempts to unlock the door in his desperation. A small part of him believes that this might be a trap, but he shoves the notion down. Amelia was in dire danger. That was all that mattered.

Eventually, Kozmotis unlocks the cell door. As it swung open, the sounds of terrified crying dissolve into something much more horrific; an echoing giggle erupts from the cell. Amelia stands up with her head still down and begins to slowly walk toward Kozmotis. The warning Kozmotis had felt returns with full force as she lifts her head to reveal golden eyes peering up at the general from her auburn hair. He begins to back up away from the fearling that had taken his daughter's form. A wicked grin spreads across its face when fear finds its way it Kozmotis' eyes.

"What's the matter, Daddy?" Amelia's voice resonances around the room, "Don't you love us anymore?"

The apparition of Amelia bursts into black sand and reforms as several dozen Night Mares. They quickly surround the general, neighing maliciously in anticipation. Kozmotis falls over his feet attempting to scramble backwards, but before he can hit the ground, the fearlings attack. An agonized scream tears its way from him as the sand brusquely melds into his flesh. All vision fades into darkness as the fearlings completely engulf him. And yet, they aren't trying to kill him off. No, the fearlings have a much more… interesting plan for this hero of the light.

Within seconds, Kozmotis' Golden Age armor has been torn to shred, replaced with a black, form fitting robe. His once auburn hair turned the color of coal and his skin had taken on an ashen hue. It was the change to his very soul that was most drastic. The fearlings had integrated themselves into it, corrupting Kozmotis entirely.

Note: This is just a filler that I wrote a while back. I'm halfway through writing the next segment of the Kozmotis arch, but I need sleep… so here you are. It should be noted that I may rework this into a later chapter.

Storm-Maiden-Lucania I'm glad you're enjoying my work. Thanks so much for reading! I haven't gotten to read the books by William Joyce yet, but in reading the wiki page and watching Rise of the Guardians, I knew Kozmotis was more than he appeared. The butterflies appeared near the end of the movie as well.