"It doesn't matter how tough things are... If you never give up, all your wishes will come true." Naruto Uzumaki

Ginny... Undeniably beautiful. Pale skin, red long hair, freckles. She was perfect.
But..., she was a girl. Like Hermione. So..., they couldn't be together. Ginny simply Couldn't like her in the same way.

So, Hermione buried herself in her work for school. Much more than usual. She avoided the common room most nights, staying in the library until she couldbarely keep her eyes open. Studying everything she could.

The night she had woken Ginny, she had been blushing furiously, touching Ginny at all, gave her goosebumps. Being near her, set her stomach in knots.

She wanted her... But..., Ginny couldn't possibly... She didn't...

Hermione didn't know... She was so confused... Ginny..., she'd make her life perfect. If she had her, she knew she could do anything. She knew her parents would be okay with, just like they were okay with having a witch daughter. They would love her just the same, as would Mrs. Weasley. She loved them all. The only thing was..., she didn't know if Ginny loved her too.

- Ginny -

She found Hermione sitting at a table in the library, books piled around her arms.

"Hey...," Ginny said softly, coming up to Hermione's right.

"Hi," Hermione mumbled distractedly.

"Would you meet me at the Three Broomsticks this saturday?"

"Sure," Hermione replied, not even looking up.

Ginny smiled, blushing brightly, before all but running back to the common room.
She was finally going to confess her feelings... She couldn't believe it...

She laid in her bed, daydreaming about Hermione before dozing off and still dreaming about her.

- Saturday -

Ginny dressed in blue jeans and a forest green button up shirt. She walked to the Three Broomsticks quickly, shaking slightly with excitement.
She sat at a table in the corner, waiting for Hermione to arrive.

Finally, Hermione walked in, her curly brown hair frizzy as always, her brown eyes searching for Ginny, lit up when they found the redhead.

Ginny anxiously waited for the other girl to join her. The walk from the door to the table seemed to take ages.
Hermione finally sat across from her.

"Hermione...," Ginny breathed, trying to calm her heartbeat.

"Yes?" Hermione asked.

"I... I need to tell you something," Ginny said, hesitating.

Hermione nodded for her to continue.
"I... I'm in love with you," Ginny said, her eyes on Hermione's.

Hermione's eyes widened, Ginny's cheeks flamed.

"A... are you sure?" Hermione asked slowly.

"Y-yeah," Ginny replied, searching Hermione's face for a reaction.

Then, Hermione nearly leapt across the table and crushed her lips to Ginny's.
Ginny's cheeks flamed brighter and she returned the kiss, one hand slipping behind Hermione's head to pull her closer.

Hermione pulled away though, much to Ginny's dismay.

"Let's go back to the dormitory," Hermione suggested, slipping her hand into Ginny's.

Ginny turned an even brighter shade but nodded and allowed Hermione to lead the way.

Turns out, wishes do come true.