Jack never liked losing. He despises the fact that you can even lose at all. As much as possible he tries to steer clear of the loser train and instead tries to ride the chariot of victory with all his winter spirit pride in the view of an audience. Unfortunately Tooth, Sandy and North would rather have it the other way and include Bunnymund (who does not know about Jack's feelings for him) to their schemes. Not even giving a single care if it was almost Easter (Bunnymund's time to shine).

It was a misty Monday morning in Jack's home (his frozen Lake) with Jack himself sitting on a branch of a tree. A week before Spring would come and also the time before Easter would too. It was exactly those times where North would gather all the guardians to have a meeting that had no particular purpose.

Despite of all the excuses he would make, everyone and even the elves knew that he does this just to get on Bunny's nerves and bicker about how Christmas was ultimately better than Easter. Though, Bunny was not a fan of North's "Meetings" he would still come and along with him a snide comment that was immediately directed at North.

This was one of the main reasons why Jack would come. He would always find himself leaning on his staff and staring at the way Bunny's strong and stable hands that would carefully guide the paintbrush to make those beautifully graceful patterns on the eggs that he would bring to the workshop and how he would wittily and confidently respond to North's rants.

Jack never really knew when this feeling started building inside of him and made him a love struck mess. He just started 'observing' whatever Bunny would do. Like how he would have the habit of forgetting his paintbrushes in certain places here and there (like in North's workshop, in Tooth's feathers or sometimes even stuck in Sandy's dream sand) or when he would leave colorful footprints wherever he walked due to the fact that the paints he had been using sometimes spilled onto his feet without him knowing. But the thing he always observed about Bunny was his accent and the words that would come out of his mouth whether insult or compliment in that deep and rich voice of his.

Oh how he loved when that accent was used on him and whe-

Jack snapped out of his bunny induced thoughts by slapping himself in the face. After which he stood still in the middle of his lake, breathed in and felt the presence of the wind all around.

"Hey wind, can you take me to the Pole?!" he suddenly shouted. The wind complied to his wish and soon sent him soaring out of Burgess and to where North's workshop was.

Though he would feel at ease whenever he would ride the winds he always had this pestering thought that would always resurface every time he tried to block it out:

"I love Bunny" Jack thought to himself as his face had a grimaced look written all over it and a mild blush that was starting to spread across his cheeks.

~ 1 hour later ~

Jack slowly entered into the Globe Room of the workshop using the opening window that MiM uses to communicate with the guardians and gracefully landed on the marble stone floor. He looked around and saw the usual sights in the workshop, The elves doing random stuff, the Yeti's making toys and one particular Yeti with its face planted on to its working table with a bunch of hand painted toys around it [guess which yeti it is folks ;) ].

The only weird thing that he saw was Tooth with baby tooth fluttering around her whispering to Sandy while both of them sitting on a red velvet couch in the far end of the room with a mischievous smirk on Tooth's face and Sandy's face also morphing into the same expression as their conversation progressed. Jack became curious to what they were talking about that made them oblivious to the world. He started walking to them at a normal pace. Then he started slowing down as he got closer and closer. When he was finally in front of the two fellow guardians he waited for them to notice him. Seconds passed and they were still in their deep conversation, Jack was starting to get tired of their intimate talking time. So he did the most sensible thing he thought of to break the conversation: He gave a not so light tap on their heads.

Sure enough they snapped out of their deadness to the world and turned to glare at whoever had the audacity to hit them on the head. When they saw Jack they stopped mid-glare for a few seconds and Sandy being more sensible of the two was the first one to snap out it and formed a top hat out of his sand and tipped it over his head as his way of saying "hi" to the young guardian which in turn said a simple "hey". Tooth also snapped out of it too and said a sheepish "hello" and a quick sorry for the almost-glare he received.

"So, what were you talking about a while ago?" Jack started.

With that question being asked Sandy started showing images using his dream sand. The first one was the vague image of a Yeti, the next image was a person plucking one of the Yeti's hairs without any reaction from the furry giant and the final image was a trophy.

"Exactly~! We were just talking about this challenge that we made for ourselves" said Tooth in a too enthusiastic voice with the additional nods of Baby Tooth and Sandy.

"By challenge you mean…Pulling out a strand of hair from one of the Yeti's in this workshop without getting caught?" Jack asked emphasizing the word "without" and they nodded in reply.

"Man you guys have got to be kidding me…that is too easy!"Jack exclaimed.

"It is not! And we're not just getting a strand from any old Yeti; we're getting it from Phil! Let's see you try to get one" Tooth huffed while Sandy nodded in agreement releasing a puff of dream sand from both his ears.

Jack mentally cringed at the thought of trying to get ANYTHING from Phil. Jack couldn't even snatch a cookie crumb from North's disregarded plates more or less get past the security in this place and he was only one Yeti out of the hundreds that could have stopped him.

Though the fact that getting a strand of Phil's hair was worthy to be called mission impossible he didn't want to admit it, after all he had his pride to think about. Also the fact that he had been invisible for 300 years meant that he was already good at these things…right?

"As I said, it's too easy and it'd be such a waste if it finished too fast because of little old me" Jack said nonchalantly as he started walking away from the two guardians.

"You see this guys? He's already chickening out" Tooth said in a smug tone.

Jack frowned as Tooth said this and whipped his head back to the spot where Tooth was folding her arms, head up high with a smirk plastered on her face also catching Sandy silently giggling with an image of a chicken above his head and beside it an arrow that was pointing at Jack.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Who said I was chickening out? I never chicken out of anything especially if it's that easy of a challenge" Jack quickly stated without thinking much of what he implied.

"So you're saying that you'll do it then?" Tooth asked in an amused tone with arms still folded and one of her eyebrows going up.

"Sure, if it gets you to stop saying that I'm chickening out or maybe if you want to lose that bad "Jack said.

"Well, we can't disagree to that now" Tooth said as she shared a grin with Sandy and Baby Tooth.

"So what's in it for me if I win?" he asked.

"Anything you want" Tooth stated "as long as it's within our power of course" she then added a few seconds later.

"Interesting, so if I do get the strand… I would like to have a week… no maybe a month of both of you letting me eat candy without any of your dental checkups or charade like lectures about how unhealthy candy is for sleeping..." Jack paused relishing the outraged looks that the two guardians and Baby Tooth gave him.

Now, one would say that this kinds of prize isn't even worth objecting to but he chose it because the one thing he knew about these two particular guardians that would bug them the most was the fact that they would be hindered from what they did the best: checking his teeth and monitoring his sleep time.

"Now wouldn't that make a good prize?"Jack finished with a smirk.

"N-now Jack we all know what happens when you eat too much candy…right Sandy?" Sandy gave Tooth an urgent nod then pointed above his head where the image of jack in a fidgety state was.

"Yes Sandy, and of course the effect candy has on teeth! Do you even know how long it takes to recover from cavities? And don't get me started on the molars and they're the ones that are the hardest to deal with!"Tooth fanned herself with her hand and gave an exasperated sigh as if the thought of cavities was going to push her in a state of unconsciousness. He even noticed Sandy patting a teary-eyed Baby Tooth on the back with his finger.

"That's all I'm gonna ask from you two but if you can't handle it I underst—"Just as he was about to finish Tooth cut him off.

"Fine" Tooth said in a grumpy voice "but you'll have to sign this first."She motioned with her hand to her right where a golden scroll and quill magically appeared in a puff of smoke.

"So wh—"Yet again he was interrupted by Tooth.

"It's a contract made by Sandy "Sandy gave a wink and Tooth continued "that states that the looser of the said bet shall be bound by the dream sand that is currently magically combined with this contract, so this means that if any of us lose this bet we are expected to face whatever demand the winner has given." she finished.

"So all I have to do is sign and the bets on?"Jack gave a questioning look while asking.

"Simple as that…why do you even need to ask?, you feel like chickening out again?"Tooth asked smirk back on her face.

"Hah! In your tooth-filled dreams" Jack said as he signed on the paper next to Tooth's and Sandy's signatures.

"But wait, you haven't told me what both of your prizes are going to be?" Jack asked.

"No worries Jack, since you became part of this dare me and Sandy are gonna be a tag-team and we'll only ask one thing from you but as I said we didn't expect you to be part of this so we're still in the middle of thinking"Tooth replied.

"Oh and—"she started "Let our bet begin!"she shouted.

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