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*Tooth being a super scary fangirl

*Jack fearing for his life

*Sandy being like a boss and drinking eggnog. (AAAAWWWW YEEAAAH!)

Right now, Jack Frost was in for a world of unmanly embarrassment.

Why you ask?

Well, as much as Jack Frost would like to admit he liked being the center of attention he certainly didn't want to go ruin his manly pride.

Whether it be a dare or not.

And that my friends is the vague story of how Jack Frost was currently hiding behind the many mountains of presents in the workshop.

"What the hell do I do now?" He thought to himself "I can't stay still with this stupid trail of dream sand" He tugged the almost tangible strips of sand circling around his ankle. Though it was not giving him any difficulties of walking it would obviously give him away to that scheming hummingbird and silent killer of a golden boy. But even though the dare bugged him a little bit he couldn't help but wonder what Bunny would think of him if he wore a dress. Would he just be weirded out by him or maybe actually like what he was wearing and maybe even call him…..cute?

As Jack explored the different possibilities of Bunny actually liking him he felt his face heat up and redden in a surprisingly dark hue that would have most likely been unexpected of a winter spirit. Though the choice of contemplating on his life was tempting, he instead chose to snap out of his thoughts and proceed with his escape plan.

The moment his foot stepped out of his hiding barricade of presents the familiar beat of fast paced wings had reached his eardrums a second to late and then the world suddenly went upside down.

"Oh there you are Jack ~!" The sickly sweet voice of the tooth fairy who was holding him up by his feet made him cringe despite the fact he was trying to hide his fear.

"Me and Sandy have been looking EVERYWHERE for you" Jack then saw the familiar stout little body of the Sandman who was floating in front of him while his staff was tied behind Sandy's back. An annoying smirk was plastered on his face.

"My chances of flying out of this place have now reached 0%" Jack thought to himself in despair.

"And if it weren't for Sandy's dream sand well…..I would have torn apart the workshop~" as soon as those words were drawled out from the tooth fairy's mouth both Jack and Sandy were visibly shuddering from the mental image of a rampaging Tooth.

"We wouldn't want that now wouldn't we~? And seeing as how you're not the lucky one here….." Tooth flung jack into an upright position in midair and saved the sprite from falling painfully to the floor by grabbing his collar and then proceeded to give him the most bone-chillingly intense glare that would have scared the Boogeyman into oblivion and beyond.

"I would suggest that you suck it up like a man or we'll see how manly you squeal after I'm done with you." The amount of venom in those words was enough to make the Guardian of fun to yelp out in fear and hysterically babble out:


"ENOUGH!" Jack shut up and watched as the scary expression of Tooth in fangirl mode wash away only to be replaced by her usual happy and chipper self.

"What the—?" thought to himself in disbelief.

"I knew you'd come around one way or another~" Jack flinched as Tooth started hugging him by his side "And here I thought that I'd have to use a little FORCE just to make you wear the dress I spent WEEKS to pick out"

Just as Tooth was about to drag Jack into her guest room in the Workshop to prep him in his dress for Bunny the familiar tune of little bells made the now sated Tooth look at where Sandy was standing and asked "Is there something you need Sandy?" Tooth said while raising her eyebrow.

Sandy formed a slightly large cup made out of dreamsand and made an act of chugging it down.

Tooth heaved a frustrated sigh as she looked back to the little golden man in front of her and said "You know I can't let you do that."

Sandy puffed out a silent huff and then proceeded crossing his arms and tilting his head to the side with a pout on his face.

"You've been drinking eggnog for three days straight and that's not healthy"

Sandy proceeded to go down on his knees on thin air and clasped his hands together as if in prayer with the biggest puppy dog eyes to go with the pleading act.

"….that may have worked for years but I'm not falling for that again this time" Tooth said with a proudly defiant tone in her voice.

The little golden man's head and shoulders slumped down in utter sadness as he slowly floated away. Then suddenly his head shot up and he did the most last resort thing he could think of.

H e turned his body to Jack and Tooth's direction and then raised his pointer finger up with a hopeful expression on his face as if he were saying: "Just one cup?"

Tooth stayed silent as she pondered on Sandy's question and then decided that Sandy having just one glass of eggnog wouldn't hurt anyone.

"Alright alright, you can have your eggnog—"

The sound of jolly jingling bells echoed across the room and was followed by Sandy pumping his tiny fist victoriously in the air.

"BUT! Only if you have somebody to watch over you" Sandy only nodded enthusiastically in response and not really giving a damn about somebody watching over him as long as he could drink his eggnog.

"You know I could—"Jack started.

Glare from Tooth.

"Never mind" Jack said as he ducked his head facing away from the queen of the Tooth Faeries.

Tooth smiled again and called out to Helga one of North's personal Housekeeper/Personal Cook

"Helga, can you accompany Sandy to the kitchen and make sure he gets his ONE cup of eggnog please?"

Helga gave a friendly grunt and trailed behind a now strutting Sandman towards the kitchen.

"Well now" Tooth settled Jack down onto the floor and then patted down the creases on his hoodie which Jack thought as disturbing "Now, since all of this eggnog business is settled…..let's get you all dolled up" The creepy overly sweet smile found its way on Tooth's face again and made him visibly shudder.

"W-wait a second Tooth!"Jack hastily said as she was dragging him by his wrist to her guestroom.

"What is it this time Jack?"An annoyed tone was starting to creep up in Tooth's voice.

"W-well it's not like I'm going to object to you now or anything bu—"

"That's good to hear" she said with a look of approval.

"It's just that…well….." Jack bit his lip as a noticeable blush was creeping to his cheeks.

Tooth raised her eyebrow in curiosity "It's just that what Jack?"

"About the dress you see and…."the blush was already reaching his ears now.

Ooooh Tooth thought as realization dawned on her and the look of realization that she had turned into a deviant smirk as she said:

"You wanna know what you'll be wearing for Bunny don't you?" she snickered out the words and watched as Jack's cheeks and ears were now tainted with a deep crimson red blush.

"Y-yes" Jack meekly said as he covered the lower part of his face using the arm that wasn't being gripped by Tooth as they were slowly nearing Tooth's room.

"I didn't make it that provocative if that's what you're worrying about" Tooth chirped out in a chipper voice.

Jack sighed in relief and felt the raging blush on his face vanish.

"Thank Manny" he thought to himself.

"We're here!"Tooth said enthusiastically as she and Jack halted in front of a door with a tooth carved into it.

"How original" he muttered sarcastically.

"What was that sweet tooth?" Tooth turned her confused gaze upon Jack.

"Nothing" he hastily said.

"If you say so…." Tooth said while giving him a skeptical glance as she opened the door to her room.

As soon as Tooth flipped on the switch to the lights Jack was already staring in awe at her room.

If there was one thing you could say about Tooth's room it would be the word "Grand". It looked like somebody had stolen a Royal Arabian tent complete with all the colorfully expensive furniture, awnings, decorations, food and silverware and crammed it inside this behemoth of a room with success because it looked absolutely….

"Awesome" Jack whispered as he marveled the sight of the room.

"Aww Thank you Jack~"

Now it made perfect sense to Jack to why North was taking such long time to finish his room. The amount of magic North probably had to use to make this room must have been a lot.

"Now then, since you're done gawking at my room let's get you a peek of your dress" Tooth said as she gestured towards the curtain beside her bed that was hiding Jack's doom.

Jack only nodded in response and did not escape because of the fact that Tooth had magically locked her room crossing out any means of escape Jack had thought of.

"Alright" Tooth gripped the side of the curtain with excitement on her face "One…..Two…Three!"

As soon as Jack saw what had been behind the curtain his face had turned as red as a tomato and then he shouted with an embarrassed tone in his voice:

"You said it wasn't provocative!"

Tooth only smirked.

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Finally! On the next chapter….there will be:

*Jack in a dress and acting like a blushing mess (hey! that rhymed~!)

*Bunny is a smooth flirter (hence Jack being a blushing mess)

*Tooth fangirling like crazy with her mini faeries

*Phil and North taking pictures

*Helga serving eggnog

*Sandy Drinking eggnog like a boss