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Ash: 14

Misty: 14

Cilan: 16

Iris: 14

May: 13

Tracey: 15

Jessie: 27

James: 25

Max: 10

Brock: 19

Dawn: 11

Cynthia: ?

Disclaimer: No, I don't own these awesome characters :( I can pretend though, can't I?! :')

It was a gorgeous mid summer's day on Undella Bay. The Wingull were riding on the gentle breeze while squawking happily and all different types of pokemon swum in the ocean; some of which belonged to our heroes!

Since Ash had won the Unova League in mid April, he had decided to take a good six months off, just relaxing, meeting up with old friend's and deciding what he was going to do next.

Most likely he was going to travel around his home region of Kanto with his new girlfriend and old best friend Misty, and whoever else that wanted to join him.

As the sun pounded down on the almost white sands of Undella, Ash splashed in the water with Misty and even rode her fearsome Gyarados with her. When he pressed his hands firmly on her slim waist, his heart rate increased.
At that moment, he realized just how lucky he had become after confessing his true feelings to her and how honored he was to call her his own.

Suddenly the enormous dragon pokemon hurled them off his back and into the water. Just as they tumbled into the ocean, a huge wave hit them, crashing its passengers to the shore. Ash landed on the sand and ended up taking what seemed like the whole beach into his mouth.

Once he'd gotten the sand out of his mouth, he flicked his hair and noticed two girls coming towards him. Ash grinned as he saw it was two of his best friend's smiling faces.
'Hey girls!' he waved to May and Iris fondly. 'What's up?' he questioned, noticing they were looking around.

'Oh hi, Ash,' the brown haired coordinator greeted, tugging her latest swimwear over her flat stomach. 'Is Misty around? We'd like to borrow her, if you don't mind?' she added.

May smiled as if it was no problem either way. Being in a relationship of her own with Tracey, she understood that sometimes he needed one to one 'couple time' with Misty.

Iris came to join May, her and Axew looking around for the red head.
'Hey little kid!' she winked in a cheeky way at Ash before turning serious. 'So do you know where she is?'

Ash laid down on the sand and closed one eye, feeling the cool water brush his tanned legs.
'I dunno, probably harassing some water pokemon!' he chuckled fondly before closing the other eye.

The next thing the teenage boy knew was an absolutely agonizingly painful twinge to the head. He rubbed the blurriness out of his orbs to make eye contact with a very angry Misty that was holding her mallet over one shoulder.
'WHAT DO YOU MEAN HARASSING WATER POKEMON, KETCHUM?!' she demanded crossly, causing him to leap up.

'Well what were you doing then?' he asked his girlfriend, rubbing the comically large bump on his head.
Misty swung her mallet around a few more times to prove her anger before clasping her hands together dreamily.

'Oh I spotted a gorgeous Tentacruel in the distance so I just had to try and catch it!' her eyes sparkled like stars in the night sky. 'It was the most beautiful one I've ever seen! It's body was so squidgy and his eyes so warm! Oh and his red spheres were so cuddly and the most stunning colour you've ever seen! His...'

Misty trailed off to notice that her friend's had started a conversation of their own. She practically puffed up like a Jigglypuff and stormed over to the group.
'Were you even listening, Ketchum?!' she demanded, right into his ear.

The teenage boy didn't even jump at the sudden boom of her voice. Instead he just turned around to face her in a casual way.
'Yeah I heard; it's the most gorgeous of all Tentacruel.' he rolled his chocolate orbs fondly at his girlfriend before his ears pricked up. 'So did you catch it?!' he asked excitedly, his inner pokemon trainer getting the better of him.

Misty's face fell and her lip quivered in an adorable way, causing Ash to blush. He shook the love struck thoughts going through his mind away before pulling her into a warm hug.
'I take it you didn't, huh?' he asked sympathetically.

The red head shook her head sadly into his bare chest.
'No...' she practically whispered before looking up at him and blushing. 'I was to busy cuddling it to realize .. That it was a robot. And when I tried to catch it I saw it had a window on it...' she paused, giggling in spite of herself. 'It was Team Rocket's new submarine and Jessie and James were inside there... snogging.' she grinned to the rest of the group.

Ash burst out laughing, causing Misty to shake with him.
'So you tried to capture team rocket with a pokeball?!' he wiped a tear away before laughing even harder. 'I'm sorry Misty but even I'm clever enough to recognise a fake pokemon to a real one!'

That was the last Ash said before he was struck with a mallet once again.
'Jerk.' she muttered before turning to the girls with a frown on her face. 'So why did you want me again?'#

May paused, still recovering from the violent scene that took place before her. Iris noticed her hesitance and spoke for both of them.
'We were just gonna go and see how many pokemon we could spot and try and catch as many as we can. You up for it?'

Misty nodded enthusiastically, realizing this was a golden opportunity to catch a real Tentacruel. The red head bent down to Ash who was still partially unconscious from the incidents with the mallet.
'See you soon Ash.' she pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. 'The girls and me are gonna go pokemon hunting. Is that okay?'

Ash didn't reply but gave them a shaky thumbs up before flopping back onto the ground. As soon as they were out of sight, he closed his eyes, realizing this was a perfect time for a nap.

Ash was just about to doze off when a feminine voice caused him to snap his eyes open.
'Ash?' the voice called gently.

The teen opened his eyes wide open and sat up. He came face to face with a woman with long blonde hair and wearing a pale teal top and charcoal smart trousers.
'Oh hey Cynthia!' he greeted happily before noticed her concerned expression. 'What's the matter?'

The Sinnoh Region Champion sighed before inhaling deeply.
'I have to go back to Sinnoh right away!' she began, causing Ash's eyes to grow wide. 'My Grandmother has broken her leg after an accident in Celestial Ruins.' she explained shakily. 'I'm the only one who can look after her. She says she's okay but I can't help but think she isn't.'

Ash frowned in a concerned way before giving the woman a reassuring smile.
'No problem! You go and visit your grandmother for as long as you need to. Us lot will be fine!' he assured her.

Cynthia couldn't help but smile at his maturity but nibbled her lip nonetheless.
'Are you sure Ash? You're staying in my villa and I'll have to take Jervis with me. Will you kids be okay on your own?' she asked worriedly.

Ash's reassuring smile grew even wider.
'Go!' he insisted. 'We have Brock and Cilan to take care of us. And Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy are a phone call away.'

Cynthia nodded, finally satisfied with leaving them alone.
'Okay.' she smiled, hopping into her jeep. 'I'll be back in no more than a week!' she called as she started the car.

Ash waved to her as she drove off into the distance, in the direction of the airport. Just before she disappeared out of sight he yelled to her.
'Don't worry! Everything will be just fine!' he yelled, his voice echoing around the bay before settling down on the sands.

Little did he know, this was going to be one of the most eventful weeks of his life.

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