Chapter 2

Then there was lots of lightning and big flash and suddenly 47 was in germany but it was okay because he spoke german very well.

"Was mahen sie hir?" asked him german farmer that saw lightning so 47 had to kill him but it was okay because the farmer was a SS ofizier. And then he walked around some more and asked politely "Endshuldigan sie bite konnen sie mir sagen welcher staat das ist?" and a german man said "Aber naturlich thas hir ist Kugelstaat!" which was german for "of course this is kugelstadt!" and suddenly there was a SS-patrol that stopped 47 and asked him "Zeigen sie mir ihr Papir!" which means "Show me your passpot!" and 47 said "Endshuldigan sie aber ish habe keinen Papir mit mir!" which is german for "I'm sory but I have no pass wit me!" and then the SS-ofizir said "then I have to schiese dish du schweinehund!" but 47 was faster and he stanglerd SS-patrol with his fiber wire but nobody saw it and they thoght it was accident so 47 went on with his mission.