Chapter 5

Agent 47 went on with mission to kill Adolf Hitler and prevent World War 2 so he killed Waffen-SS soldier who shouted "Bitte nicht scheisen!" and then, 47 strangled him and took his clothes and trhow him in front of truck so it looked like accident and everywhere was blood and bones and now, 47 looked like SS soldier!

"What happened?" asked SS soldier suddenly and 47 said "Heinrich jumped in front of truck! Hande hoch!" and then, he shot SS soldiers and made it look like accident, too, and then he knew that he had to drive to the reichstag and kill Adolf Hitler because it was his mission.

Then, he was in front of reichstag and the SS soldaten said "Tut mich leid you cant enter!" and then, they shoot at him with german panzerfausten because they were evil so 47 took out his silverballers and shot at him but didn't kill him and then he thought "silverballers are not invented yet! I have to take Machinengewehr!" and then, he jumped on a german Leopard 2 panzer and took its machinengewehr and killed its crew but it was okay because they were nazis and then, he shot at them with Machinengewehr! Everywhere was blood and bones and also brains as the SS-soldaten were ripped apart by the schweres machinengewehr while shouting "Hande hoch!" and it looked a lot like the final scene from movie John Rambo (because movie is badass!).

Then, he entered the reichstag and had to make kung fu fight with some leibwache soldaten from hitler and then, hitler was there and said "Do you think tatsachlich that you can defeat me, the mighty Ubermensch? I am the Fuhrer of the deutsches reich! I will destroy you and kill everyone on earth except for the arisches Rasse! For the nationalsozialischtischesarb eiterpartei Deutschland!" and then, he attacked him with badass robot cyber suit that had swastikas everywhere! He

shot at 47 with minigun but 47 dodged his bullets and also laser and plasma guns and everywhere was flames and burning swastikas and it was epic and awesome!

And then, hitler said "Lacherlich! I will detryos you with the faust of deutsches reich!" and then, he charged towards 47 and punched him and 47 was punched across the room until he was

in the fuhrerbunker! "Do you have any Letzte Worte to say, Schweinhund?" asked adolf hitler, but 47 said "No!" and then, he dodged his plasma cannon and placed a mine on hitlers Energiekonverter and it exploded and there was nuclear mushroom and hitler screamed "NEIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!" and then, he was dead! And there was hitler blood and bones everywhere

and also his mustache which was violently ripped from his body. And 47 said "Mission accomplished" and was back in year 2010.

Suddenly, he looked in shock because everyone has become communist and was talking backwards R and then, he recived message on his mobile phone that said "U have new mission Agent 47!" and he knew what was next: He had to kill Stalin!