Chapter 23

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"So… Abby," drawled Rivlorn. Abigail loves it when he does that bad boy drawl thing with his voice. "You want me to join you for family dinner tomorrow?"

Abigail nodded her head enthusiastically, "Yup, you said you were in town alone and I really don't want my poor baby having lonely dinner on Christmas Eve! Besides, I'll be all alone! My aunt has this pagan thing on and I have the house all to myself. So, no family dinner, just you and me, love. Anyway my aunt's totally cool with this sort of thing."

"You sure? Wouldn't want to get you into trouble. Why don't you join her?"

"My aunt is the quirky one of the family. We never really paid any attention to whatever she says. I just stay with her because she insisted," shrugged Abigail.

"Aww Abby, she really should. I mean, it's your aunt."

A woman with messy bushy hair busied herself at her kitchen counter, humming to herself. It was almost time for her nightly rituals, her sisters would be waiting. The front door opened, "Aunty! My boyfriend's eating over tomorrow night. It'll be alright, right?" Abigail stumbled through the door, catching herself just on time on the kitchen counter. Her face was flushed with joy and was a little blushed.

"Of course dear, Rivlorn would be a dear to have."

"Rivlorn? Aunty, I've never mentioned… How did you know?"

"Oh that darling boy, you must have mentioned him sometime to me… You must have forgotten. Now, I must go now, can't keep the gods waiting!"

"Bye Aunty, be careful! Eww, what's that bag you are holding?"

"Just some ritual stuff, be back at one, don't wait up!"

The Aunt bustled out of the door. Abigail looked at the bag of red goo in disgust, whatever that was, she doesn't want to know.

Dorrie bustled out of the house in a hurry. Her niece has already met her Divine Ruler; she must work fast. She entered a little pagan shop and hurried to the back to meet the rest of her witch coven.

The cauldron was in the middle of the room. A circle of people were gathered in an odd pentagram shape, dressed in red robes and wearing leaves crowns. They were traditionalist; cauldrons and chanting. Dorrie quickly took out the bloodied hair that she had stained with Abigail's monthly blood and hair from her comb and threw it into the cauldron.

Dorrie changed quickly into her attire and joined her fellow members. With bubbling and gases emerging, a voice could be heard.

"She's marked and seen. I've touched her skin. It's tonight."

The believers bowed and touched their head to the wooden floor. Dorrie smiled, the plan is now.

The door rang at seven sharp.

"Coming!" Abigail quickly wiped her hands on her apron, tossed it aside and dashed out of the kitchen. She opened the door to see a bouquet of carmine roses in her face.

"Riv! Oh my gosh! These are so amazing! The color is so… dark. Thank you, they are beautiful!" gushed Abigail, "Come in! Dinner's almost ready!"

"You cooked?"

"Yeah! It's my first time though, hope you like it!"

Abigail bustled off into the kitchen again.

Rivlorn wandered into the living room by himself, picking up pictures of Abigail and her aunt when she was at university events and family gatherings. An old picture of a younger Abigail and her aunt, with slightly tamer hair, but looking just the same. He picked up a wooden frame that had strange carvings on it. It was a black and white picture of a group of women in black, not smiling, staring at the camera. They looked really young and at the standing in the third row was Abigail's aunt, looking the same again. He stroked a sigil carved on top of the picture on the frame, feeling a slight movement in the air…


He turned, putting the frame gently back onto the shelf, "Yea?"

"Dinner's ready!"

As the two of them moved to the dining room, Abigail clutched his arm and asked, "Now tell me all about your day."

Outside the window, shadows started to gather.

Syusuke and Keigo had decidedly became roommates with Ryoma. While they said they were coming for a visit, they always happened to 'stop-by' at night and claim they were too tired to go back to Heaven and bunked over overnight, everyday. Seiichi was slightly better, he roomed 4 nights a week. Genichirou only stopped by occasionally while Kunimitsu, almost never. Well, seeing that he had to cover for three truant Seraphs, no wonder he couldn't stop by enough.

Ryoma was annoyed. He was on his first mission but some Seraphs just could not exercise self-control and was plain indulgent on his misery- Keigo calls it honor. He juggled school work, staying just above 10% so he was not an eye-sore to the professors thus keeping a low profile, able to escape extra-credits and at the same time, keep the classes with Abigail. He follows Abigail, occasionally in sight, mostly hovering above in the air, fighting demons that came even 3000 yards near her and now, 'entertain' the Seraphs.

Recently, Abigail's been hanging out with this new guy. Apart from an odd otherworldly vibe that Keigo says some humans may have due to inter-breeding between species, he seems like a relatively nice guy. Still, Ryoma does not know what's so special about Abby, besides that she has a major role to play in this world.

Christmas Eve, Ryoma brought Kyr out for a fly. He grew up to be around 3 feet long wing span and occasionally smokes. He was chased out of the house because Syusuke said they ran out of milk. Obviously they were planning a birthday surprise for him. Seraphs aren't too creative with their excuses but they do get what they want. So, on a cold winter night, Ryoma walked around with Kyr flying unseen to the human eye around the neighborhood, scaring winter ghouls that had come to seek vengeance as the ghosts of past, present and future.

Ryoma blinked. It was his angel radar tingling; Abigail was in trouble.

"Kyr! Tell them I'm on duty!" shouted Ryoma as he took off from the pavement and flew towards Abgail's house.

When Ryoma reached the windows of the apartment, it was covered in slick black oil that the demons brought with them when they crawled out of the pits of hell.

"Damn Saeki!" cursed Ryoma. He summoned his sword and hacked at the oil but it just resealed itself together. He spied an open window on the floor above Abby's apartment, flew in, unlocked that door and raced down the flights of stairs to the front door. The wooden door has been hacked in, by claws. Ryoma's surprised the wreckage was not observed by the other occupants. Maybe the demon got a little smarter to turn the human's attention away. He blasted the door apart and went in. Abigail was held by what Ryoma nicknamed The Oily and spotted Rivlorn lying behind the couch. As Ryoma got closer to Abigail, she screamed and kicked at him.

"Abby! It's me! It's Ryoma!"

"You monster! Demon! Get away from me! Rivlorn!"

Ryoma realized her eyes were covered by the oily substance. She couldn't see and was blinded.

"You killed him! My darling Rivlorn, what have we done to you!"

The Oil Demons dropped away from her; some forming a jagged edge sword on her right hand. She stalked towards Ryoma.

"I will destroy you."

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