The dream
I ran without looking back I knew he was going to catch me but it was my only hope my long ginger hair floated elegantly behind me blocking my view of him the man with 1 thousand souls stuck inside him. i flick my ginger hair out the way he was only a meter away what was i running from i knew he was a man and something is telling me hes evil i looked back again and he was right behind me suddenly i woke up i was sweating and in bed in my bed ''man my head hurts''i wined to myself as i brushed my long ginger hair out the way.i got out of bed and walk to the bathroom my eyes were dark my hair was scruffy and my skin was pale with sickness ''err'' i squealed when i saw the day ''why dose it have to be a Monday''i prodded back to bed with the most awful head ake. Just as i dosed off my mum screamed''WAKE UP IVY''

The new boy

I got out of bed and shouted ''MUM DO I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL''it was quite dumb of me to say that cause the answer was...''NO''if she felt what i felt she would deferentially stay home.I slowly got into my clothes ,brushed my hair and got into my broken down car and drove off i got to school there was allot of commotion about a new boy i just ignored it and sat on my own as usual to be honest i'm quite unpopular but i am pretty, people just don't see me i'm like a ghost even saying hi dose not work the only time people notice me is when they 'axcidently' run into me.i sat down on the playground floor and did some homework when i looked up i saw some of the popular girls chatting and looking at the new boy i decided to look as well and there was a pale boy standing by his car i blushed a bit cause i might have a tiny crush on him but no way was he going to ask me out when the populist girl in school dose not have a boy friend the reason for that is she says none of them are good anouth for her and the way shes looking at him means she defiantly has a crush on him. i looked at him a bit more and suddenly his head turned and frezzed on me i quickly turned back and hid my face in my homework book ''omg''i thought to myself as i looked up i saw the popular girls pointing and laughing thank god the bell went off i quickly stood up and ran to class making shaw he did not see me.

The first word

What luck the new boy is sitting next to me well all i need to do is ignore him.''hi''whispered the new boy i quickly said ''hi'' and stuck my head in my head in my text book ''my name is jake, jake