Deep breath, this is the final chapter

warnings: gay slurs

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Jesse St James was nervous - what the hell? The boy had never felt nervous about a school dance before, nationals sure but a dance? What was wrong with him?

If he was honest with himself he really cared about Rachel and wanted to impress her… was just, it was that school. When Jesse had attended McKinley he had been reminded of his old school, the same jocks, the same cheerleaders even the same loser gay kid.

Jesse was not about to let a fag ruin his evening with Rachel even if Finn got in the way. So far things were going well; he had picked Rachel up from her house and after meeting up with Sam and Mercedes had headed over to Breadstix for a bite to eat. They had chatted amiably but then Finn and Quinn (yes they were actually their names Jesse had found it hilarious too when he had first been introduced to them) had to interrupt them. Jesse grimaced throughout the whole exchange but was thankful when Mercedes stepped in and asked them to leave.

Kurt quietly accepted Blaine's arm as he walked nervously into the McKinley Gymnasium to the sound of Puck, Artie and Sam singing that awful Rachel Black song, even if it was really catchy. "Wow I don't think the room has ever looked this good" he said gazing around the star themed decorated room.

Blaine shrugged "I wouldn't know, you left this room out on your tour the last time I was here."

Kurt turned his head from looking at the singing group to Blaine "sorry"

"Too many bad memories?" Blaine asked in a soft tone of understanding."

"Yeah. You know sometimes I think that you know me too well." Kurt smiled fondly at his date

"Well enough to know that you really want to dance to this song." Blaine laughed as he led Kurt over to the edge of the dance floor and swayed to the beat. The boy in the kilt rolled his eyes when Blaine decided to crack out the 'embarrassing dad' dance moves but even couldn't argue that they were having a great time.

As Rachel took the microphone and the music became a lot slower Kurt and Blaine distanced themselves from the dance floor and instead were scrutinizing over the other peoples outfits. "I'm sorry" Blaine mumbled quietly as Kurt finished talking about how much he dented one of AV girl's dresses

"Sorry?" Kurt asked

"I said that I was sorry." Blaine repeated a little louder

"I know, I heard you the first time but why?"

"Well I know you really want to dance to this and I'm sorry that I'm such a coward and can't do it."

"Don't be silly, you aren't being. I'm happy standing here beside you." Kurt reassured his boyfriend

"Really, you mean that?" Blaine asked hopefully

"Of course" Kurt said he wanted to tell Blaine how handsome he looked and how much it meant to him that he was here yet instead he opted for the safer "Would you like to get some punch? before Puck spikes it"

The boy who was not wearing a kilt agreed and led the way through the throng of slow dancing couples to where Coach Sylvesters's family heirloom of a punch bowl stood.

"Are you ready for your performance?" Kurt asked as they crossed the room once more to stand to the side of the stage ready for Blaine to take his place.

Blaine grimaced "I don't know, I mean he [Jesse] is right there. What if I can't do this?"

"Shh, ok you are going to be fine, nothing is going to happen. You're going to go up there and sing and amaze us all with your talent," Kurt winked " courage. Just keep your eyes on me and forget about everyone else in the room."

"Every-time I look at you I forget that there's anyone else in the room." Blaine smiled causing Kurt to blush and giggle.

"Go get 'em tiger" he said as Brittany and Tina who were singing backing vocals for the song joined them and walked onto the stage.

Jesse noticed who was walking onto the stage and scowled. Oh great he really did not want to deal with this right now especially not after all suggestive looks that he had seen Rachel and Finn share during his date's song, he didn't understand how McKinley was allowing two fags to come to prom together to spread their fairy dust all over the place and nobody was doing anything about it.

"You were great" he greeted Rachel as she came bounding over "it could have been improved but it was good nevertheless."

Rachel rolled her eyes "I was amazing admit it."

Deciding that changing the subject was the best thing to do Jesse asked "do you want to go dance?"

As he twirled Rachel to the rhythm of the song Jesse tried to forget about the two boys that greatly disliked him, things were going so well until Finn happened. Jesse wasn't sure what he had done but all at once Finn was there trying to force his way between him and Rachel, everyone was shouting including himself and then this blonde woman came over and was throwing him out for being violent.

Jesse huffed with indignation, he hadn't even done anything. After promising Rachel that he would wait for her outside to give her a lift back home Jesse left the room yet before he could exit the building completely he noticed that the light was on in the classroom on his left.

"Guys this is not okay we can't just have two gays at our prom and just not do anything" a large black jock was saying as Jesse slipped through the open day.

"What do you wanna do Azimio? It's not like we can just go in there and beat the fag out of them, there's too many teachers around." Another boy said.

Jesse glanced around the room and noticed a pair of ballot boxes on the table in front of the two boys, oh so that's what this is about. He cleared his throat loudly to announce his presence and said "gentlemen if I may be so bold I think that I have a solution for you." Jesse noticed that he now had a captive audience and so continued "We all think that Anderson and Hummel being here together is an abomination so this is what we are going to do…" he said before delivering the key part of his plan in an undertone.

Blaine was really enjoying singing with Tina and Brittany and was throwing himself into the performance with such abandon that he almost forgot about the fact that the main tormentor from his last school was there….well that was until Finn had to start a fight with him. Blaine looked around the room in panic trying to find Kurt as he tried to keep calm and carry on.

"You were amazing, well done. I'm so proud to be here with you." Kurt greeted his boyfriend when he came off the stage "you are always so energetic and enthusiastic in your performances.." He hesitated 'it's one of the things that I love about you' he added In his head

"And?" Blaine prompted wanting to hear the rest of what Kurt was trying to say

"And…you'll probably be needing a drink." Kurt improvised

"You read my mind" Blaine smiled.

"I hope Quinn gets it" Kurt stated once Principal Figgins took to the stage to announce the Prom Court "it's quite scary how much she wants to be Queen."

Blaine nodded in agreement and was hardly listening when Figgins announced that Karofsky was prom king he was too busy staring at his boyfriend.

"Totally predictable" Kurt said "the bully whips might look like an absolute joke but I really think that it's working."

"And now the 2011 McKinley High Prom Queen" Figgins announced and then paused

"Come on Quinn" Kurt mumbled

"Kurt Hummel"

A deathly silence fell over the room as this new information sunk in. It couldn't be. Someone a solitary cheer could be heard as Kurt stood rooted to the spot, surely his ears were deceiving him. As a single person started to clap slowly Kurt regained the use of his legs and fled the room.

"Kurt, stop, Kurt" Blaine called as he ran after his distraught boyfriend "please just stop, come on."

The elected prom queen turned around to face his boyfriend "Don't you get how stupid we were? We had thought that, because no one was teasing us or beating us up, that no one cared. Like some kind of progress had been made. But it's still the same."He said through his tears

"It's just a stupid joke." Blaine said taking a few steps towards Kurt wanting to comfort his boyfriend

"No, it's not. All that hate, and they were just afraid to say it out loud. So they did it by secret ballot. I'm one big, anonymous practical joke." Kurt said quickly not wanting to believe it to be true.

Blaine sunk down onto the floor with his back as Kurt paced up down the corridor "I'm not going back in there. No way."

"Would you at least sit down?" Blaine asked managing to get Kurt to stop pacing yet only for a moment as he was soon pacing again."Do you wanna go? We don't have to go back in there."

Kurt really wanted to do just as Blaine was suggesting but he knew that if they left now they would be letting the bullies win. "Wasn't this prom supposed to be about redemption? About taking away that lump you had in your throat from running away? If we leave, all it's gonna do is give me a lump, too."

"So what do you wanna do?" The boy sat on the floor asked

Kurt sighed deeply weighing up his options "I'm gonna go back in there and get coronated. I'm gonna show them that it doesn't matter if they are yelling at me or whispering behind my back, they can't touch me." He said and knelt down in front of Blaine "They can't touch us or what we have."

Blaine smiled sadly "you are so brave you know that."

"I look like a mess" Kurt scowled and Blaine let out a huff of air in amusement as he offered his prom royalty a tissue And stood up

"Are you ready for this" Blaine asked holding out his hand to help Kurt up

Blaine stood back in the school gym and watched in awe as his courageous boyfriend accepted his crown with grace and poise

"Eat you heart out Kate Middleton" he heard Kurt say and his heart swelled with pride. As Santana and Mercedes moved into position on the stage Kurt and Karofsky took to the centre of the dance floor for the traditional king and queen dance. 'Please don't let anything else happen tonight' Blaine pleaded he didn't think that Kurt could take much more. Yet just as Blaine was thinking this he saw Karofsky leaving the dance floor and Kurt looking around helplessly.

Blaine made his mind up instantly at the sight of Kurt looking so lost "excuse me," he said as Kurt turned around "may I have this dance?" He asked before he could fully comprehend what he was doing.

Kurt gasped " yes, yes you may"

Blaine walked Kurt up to his front door "I had a lovely night with you tonight your highness." He said and bowed

"Oh get up,"Kurt laughed "That was definitely not how I imagined our night to go."

"Admittedly it could have gone better. But I still got to dance with my amazingly hot boyfriend." Blaine grinned. life might be tough for two gay boys in Ohio but with Kurt by his side he was certain that he was going to be alright.