So this is my 2nd fanfic. It's done with different POVs from people from all over Panem. If you care too much about my version of Katniss, I recommend you read my first fanfic, the 90th Hunger Games. The POVs at the start aren't very detailed but as the story progresses, people will die and I won't include them anymore so the other people's POVs will become more and more detailed. One of these people is the victor (apart from Katniss, I included her because I wanted a mentor's perspective). Who will it be? Read on to find out! For any Gleeks out there, look out for the subtle glee character references! Enjoy!

The New President, Julius Snow, Coriolanus Snow's son steps up to the podium to announce to fourth quarter quell. Every single eye all over Panem is fixed on his face as he takes an envelope from a box full of them with the number, 100 on it. He carefully opens it and begins to read out to the country.

"For the fourth Quarter Quell, we will have our greatest games to date. To choose each tribute, each district will have two sub-games. One for the boys, and one for the girls. The victors of these sub-games will go onto the proper games in the Capitol. This is a celebratory games and does not have any wider meaning. At the Capitol, we dearly hope you will enjoy the games as much as we will. Thank you for listening and we look forward to seeing 576 tributes in 2 months time"