Katniss Everdeen D12

The first ever games with no victor.

Usually the Capitol give the districts a chance to get a tribute home. But this time no one went home. No tribute that went into an arena this year came out alive at the end of it all. No one at all, and to think there were 576 children this year, that's a lot.

The whole Capitol was just in pure shock when Connectus killed herself. Silence around the whole nation. The game makers tried to make it look like a technical glitch with the cameras and that she's actually alive and well. But we all know what we saw.

We saw a distraught 14 year old girl kill herself in front of an entire country. We could all hear the game makers shouting at each other and putting the blame on one another, they must have forgotten to switch off Claudius' microphone in the chaos.

Usually if there is a bad games, only the head game-maker is executed. However this year every single person that has ever had anything to do with Connectus in her games was written off and executed publicly. From Claudius for not being persuasive enough in her last moments to Caesar for making her feel supposedly uncomfortable in her interview. From the avoxes in her living quarters to the trainer in the training centre back in District 3 in the first round.

Beetee was spared surprisingly but her escort was not.

All the people were beheaded in front of the cameras and watching it was mandatory.

But the problems didn't end there.

Thoughts of rebellion were spreading throughout the districts.

First to rebel was District 6. The rebels (which was pretty much the whole district) took control of the trains and hovercraft. They used the trains to travel to the other districts to start the rebellion and the hovercrafts were used as enormous bombs: they were put on a direct course for the Capitol and when over the Capitol at a specific height were programmed to explode.

The explosions killed hundreds of people. But still not as many children that has ever died in the games.

Next was 11, then 4, then 7 and within a couple of weeks the whole country was at full scale war with the Capitol.

It didn't last long though.

We cut off the Capitol's supply routes and in a month even the Capitol citizens were on our side because they were starving to death.

They stormed the president's mansion and publicly hanged Julius on television for all to see.

The rebellion has been won.

An unexpected thing happened next with District 13 announces their existence after all these years.

The government was reformed with representatives from the district and the Capitol.

The games were banned with memorials in each arena and district for the fallen tributes.

A huge statue of Connectus was built in the Capitol. Something to show the girl that gave her life for the freedom of her people. A public holiday was created in her name on her birthday and another one on the day that the reaping was usually held.

We will never again be killed for entertainment.

We are free.

We are equal.

We will remember.

We will never forget.

So that's the end of this fanfic! I hope you enjoyed it and I'm sorry for the sad ending. However I felt that the rebellion was long overcast and it needed to happen. So Connectus became a martyr for the rebellion.

Thanks again for reading and I will have another fanfic up in the future, I do not know when but I will!