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Chapter 1:

It was a usual dawn of Gotham's... The morning fog and the low, dark clouds which threated to drop their water drops in any time.

The 8-Year-Old Dick sat there in his room fighting tears were threating to fall, he sat on his bed watching the sun rising slowly in a wonderfull view through the window, but that didn't cheer him up. He was regaining that nightmare he had in the last night. He shaked his head roughly trying to get the memories out. But no avail, he pulled his knees to his chest then cried softly.

He used to be comforted by his mentor Bruce Wayne, but this night he didn't find him. Bruce was out in a business trip two days ago. Dick felt so lonly, even though he didn't see Bruce much even when he's home. But he lost the touch of safty and scurity.

Bruce was supposed to get back in that afternoon, Dick wanted to see his mentor so bad. He wanted to jump on his lap and never let go, he needed his affection the most in those moments.

He turned his gaze around in his room, slowly he got out from his bed and went to the bathroom, washing his face from his tears, Dick wished that this day will pass quickly without any troubles! He dried his face getting back to his bed.

Couple of hours passed, a tiny form covered with blankets was moving around on the bed trying to find a comfortable position, "Oh, heck!" Dick shouted in anger as he jumped out from his bed, "I hope Alfred is awake." looking at the big clock in his room, he found out that it was almost six thirty.

Dick opened the door of his room and went down stairs heading to the kitchen, where he thought that it was the only place Alfred could be in this hour. Quietly, the little boy entered the kitchen, his thought was totally right. Sneeking behind Alfred, Dick tried to scare the old man.

"Good morning, master Dick!" Dick winced, Alfred always did that to him. Every try to scare the bulter failed, "Oh, Alfred. Do you have eyes in the back of your head?"

"You can say that!" The bulter said.

"Whatever?!" Dick waved his hand, he sometimes didn't understand the old man's comments, "So, Bruce is coming back today, isn't he?"

"Yes, young master. He is." Alfred said in patience, the young ward was repeating -not excatly- the same question since Bruce left the mansion. It was obvious that the young kid missed his mentor, "So, isn't early for you to wake up?"

"I couldn't sleep." Dick said simply, the memories of that nightmare attacked his head, helplessly, he tried to ignore it.

"Well, why won't you try again young master. If you didn't get enough sleep, you maybe won't be able to stay awake until master Bruce arrive."

'He's right. I gotta sleep so I can greet Bruce.' Dick left the kitchen after he told Alfred that he's gonna try to get some rest. Heading to his room, he yawned with wide opened mouth even he felt his jaws almost dislocate. 'That's good, I'm getting sleepy.'

In his room, he climbed in his bed. So tired to cover himself, he closed his eyes and went fast asleep.

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