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Dick heard few knocks on the door, then it was opened and somebody got into the room. Dick raised his head from the pillow to see Harley Quinn sitting near him on the bed. He looked at her in silence.

"Listen, kiddo. I know that the Joker was harsh on you, but once you know him better, you'll know that he's a sensetive person."

"I don't wanna know him better, I just wanna go home." He shouted angrily, then he lowered his voice, "I just want Bruce."

"Bruce?! Are you sure you wanna get back to Bruce Wayne?" She asked surprised.

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?"

"Ahh.. Nothing, but I thought that he was a busy man and he don't have time for you." She shrugged.

"Once you know him better, you'll find out that he's a great man." He said with a smirk.

She smirked back, "Then tell me little buddy, do you enjoy your time with that billionaire?"

"Yeah, alot. He's a great mentor." Dick said with a smile, but it faded to become a frown, "But I keep wondering if I'll get back to him."

Harely looked at the kid silently, "Listen, I'll see ya later. I bet that Joker is looking for me now." She waved then left the room.

'Hurry up Batman!' Dick thought bitting his downer lip, 'I'm afraid that they'll find out the writing. Hurry up.'


Batman hid the batmobile and examined the area, lots of buildings, all of them were abandoned except that one which held Joker's gang with Dick. He found his target and went rushing to it, there weren't any henchmen on the doors. Batman was sure that there was an alarm or somthing. He checked for the electric resource, he easily found it. A simple dirty box written on "CAUTION: Electricity."

'Always having some howlers, Joker.' Batman thought as he moved to the box, but as he touched its door an sharp alarm went off. Batman winced, 'Oh God. What have I done?'

He found a note inside the box, "Do you think I'm that stupid?!"

Batman ran to the building as fast as he could, ten henchmen blocked his way, he fought and fought, finally he knocked all of them out and kept going in his way. He searched the building, then he found the room whcih Dick stayed in, but it was empty.


Dick was locked up in that room when he heard the alarm, he winced with one thought in his head, 'Batman!'

But as the alarm went off, Joker opened the room's door, "C'mon kiddo, gotta go!"

He grasped his arm, but Dick strrugled, "I don't wanna go with you!"

"Don't be stubborn and come with me!" The Joker shouted madly, but Dick tried to break free from his grip. Joker didn't have the time to play with the kid, so he hit him on the back of his head with the gun.

Dick felt dizzy, his head aching terribly. Joker carried him and went to the roof. Harley was waiting there, "How did he know about this place?" Joker asked madly.

Dick's eyes widened in fear as he hoped that the Joker won't find the write, but for his surprise, he didn't find it. Instead, he found a big blue spot. He looked at Harley who winked.

"A lucky guess?" Harley wondered.

"Dammit! Why is he always lucky? Where's that chopper?"

"I think that the pilot found a nice hotel, if you like to know, it's called jail." A voice said from behind.

"Batman?!" Joker gasped.

"You're here." Dick shouted in happiness, but Joker hit him again on his head which made Batman growl.

"Honey, the kid!" Harley shouted.

"Let the kid go" Batman yelled.

"Never!" Joker yelled back as he stuck the gun on Dick's head, "He's our kid, and noone will take him away from us."

"I'm not *Your* kid, when will you understand that you're *not* my father? If I had to chose a father after ma dead one, I'll choose Bruce Wayne and no one else!" Dick shouted, and for the third time Joker hit him passing him out completly.

Bruce who was under the Batman costume was touched deep down with his ward's words, and when he saw Joker hitting his charge infront of his eyes, he jumped like the lion to protect the little kid. He blew his fist in Joker's jaws sending him to the ground, then he kicked the gun away before he grabbed him from his collar, "It's over Joker. You're going straight to Arkham!"

Then he pushed Joker to the edge of the roof, Joker's eyes widended as he saw the police cars and officers who held automatic guns in their hands. All of his henchmen were chained and getting into a big police van.

Batman put Joker in cuffs after he knew that Harley escaped, he worriedly rushed to Dick and gave him a quick shake, "Dick! Dick, wake up."

Dick groaned before he opened his eyes to see Batman's face, "Batman!" He whispered, "What happened?"

"It's over. Everything is oright, chum." Batman said lifting him, Dick laid his head on the Dark Knight's shoulder and whispered weakly, "I want Bruce."

"I'll take you to him," Batman smiled...
He had proudly won this fight...
The fatherhood's fight.


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