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Thunders were roaring in the skies and lightning was tearing the night in two, making the Hyuga leader open his white eyes in a startle. Hiashi threw his neat covers away and sat on the edge of his bed. He sighed while rubbing his head from that annoying headache that didn't seem willing to let him be. And to think that sleep was supposed to alleviate any kind of pain, not cause it.

"What a nightmare." He murmured and sighed once more as he ran a hand through his long dark locks of hair. He stood up and exited his room to check if Hanabi was alright. Even if his youngest never wanted to admit any kind of weakness, she was afraid of storms and he was sure that during a storm like that she would be already hiding under her bed and crying. When he opened the door of her room though, he saw nothing like that. Hanabi was sleeping in peace and he smiled in content before he closed the door of her room once more. He had to always remind himself that she wasn't a little kid anymore because at the age of thirteen she could be considered anything but a little kid.

"She probably got over that phobia a long time ago" He whispered under his breath and a melancholic feeling enchanted his eyes. His daughters were growing up faster than he had expected. His daughters…

He turned around and looked at the closed door of the room that belonged to his eldest, his firstborn and heir.

"Daughters…" He tested the word on his lips as if it didn't sound right. Ever since his wife died, he treated Hinata as anything but his daughter and always pretended that he only had one child. He had hurt her feelings countless of times and he never gifted her with the love she deserved- even if she deserved plenty. Some said it was because of how much Hinata actually looked like his wife and how that fact alone was causing him pain, but it wasn't that- it had never been about that.

He was about to open the door of her room and see if she was alright when he suddenly stopped and let his hand drop from the shining gold doorknob. He then turned around and walked away. He was a coward, he had to admit. For the best part of his life he had tried to persuade everyone of the strong and cold-hearted person he was. But was he? If asked a few years back he would have answered to a question like that, but he didn't know any more.

A sudden loud sound coming from downstairs made his head jerk up at once. He immediately ran downstairs and inside the living room. It was dark. Not a single light was there to break the darkness. Hiashi stood there without activating his byakugan. He stayed quiet and looked around the eerie silent room. Something was wrong, he could feel it in the pit of his stomach.

And then a laugh broke the silence. It was a dark laugh. A laugh Hiashi knew pretty well. Thunders and lightings crashed the skies and silver light broke the darkness and filled the room.

"You haven't changed at all Hiashi." A man walked out of the shadows, while dragging a girl with him. "Even after all those years, you are still the same. Cold. Heartless." Hiashi looked closely at the man whose deformed face and wicked smile bore no hint of the man he once used to be. Only the mark on his forehead proved that he once used to be a caged bird, but even that mark was not like the others and its bloody red color proved that somehow he had managed to break it. Hiashi looked into the girls light lavender pupil-less eyes. They were begging him to help. They were pleading him to prove, even if it was for one last time, that he cared even the sliest for her, his daughter.

The man was keeping her mouth and screams muffled with his hand while keeping a kunai against her creamy white neck.

"Look at her Hiashi. Isn't she beautiful? Just like her mother." Said the man and laughed. "Poor Hikari. She never had the chance to see her daughter grow up. Maybe, if I hadn't killed her all those years ago then she would be in position to accompany you to death now. It must feel lonely to die alone, while everyone hates you and considers you their enemy." The white eyes of the man bore into Hiashi's soul, as if reading his heart and feelings and thoughts. "In the end" The man ran the tip of the kunai on Hinata's neck, bearly touching her skin. She shivered in fear, but the man didn't let her go. "In the end" The man said once more. "They are the only ones who truly love us when we are on the verge of our death. Our children. And even your eldest child, even the daughter you never loved, will love you and cry her heart out over your corpse when your last breath leaves your body. But you, Hiashi, you never loved anyone. You never cried over anyone, not even your wife. That's why you'll die today. You'll pay for all your crimes with your life."

Hiashi just stood there looking at the man who carried familiar blood in his veins.

"Just let her go" Hiashi then said, letting no emotion stain his voice. Instead his voice was calm. He had waited for this moment to come for many years now and it didn't surprise him the least that this moment had finally come on the tenth anniversary of his brother's death. "Just let her live and I'll welcome death with open arms". He was not going to fight. Not today. Not after everything he had done. But at least, right before his death, he wanted to make sure that his daughter would live. Hi daughter. His dear dear daughter that he was never able to gift with the love she deserved.

The man threw Hinata on the wooden floor and before she could even blink he ran towards Hiashi with his kunai aiming at his heart.

And as he felt the cold metal pierce his flesh, he looked into his daughter's teary eyes one last time. And then, after so long, he finally felt at peace. In his child's eyes he felt at peace.

"Sweet dreams…" The man whispered so quietly that only Hiashi could hear him. "…brother."

He let Hiashi's body fall lifeless on the floor. He stopped and stared as the Hyuga leader's blood stained the wooden floor and painted his white robes red. And then his eyes. His Hyuga eyes that were still wide open with sadness clearly pictured within them.

The man turned and looked at Hinata who was trembling and crying. She shot her head up and looked at him through wide angry and sad eyes.

"Why?" She screamed in despair. "Why did you have to take my father? Who are you?"

"I am no man" He said with a voice as cold as ice. "I'm not alive. I'm not dead. I once had a heart but your father ripped that heart away among with my son. What I did today is called revenge. You will understand what I mean one day as one day you'll do to me what I did to your father today. But until then you'll have to live in pain and sorrow, like I did for years and years."

Hinata was about to stand up and attack the man when a sudden hit on the back of her head turned her world into complete darkness.

The next thing she remembered was leaving the clan once and for all.

OK this was it- the prologue. Just to let you know the story will be set a few years after Hiahi's death. Here in the prologue Hinata is supposed to be sixteen and in the next chapter she will be nineteen or twenty. Garra will enter the story in the next chapter.

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