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Chapter 4: A death and a Life

Hinata stood before the tall well built guard waiting for his reply, with her arms crossed over her chest and a stern look crossing her face when she realized that it was taking him too much time for a simple decision like that.

"Will you let me inside or not? I don't have all night." She said but he just looked at her without answering for another full minute.

"Alright, but if Kazekage-sama gets angry with me for letting you inside despite his orders then I'll throw all the blame on you. Remember that." He said once he unlocked the very old heavy wooden doors of the prison and Hinata walked past him without caring the least bit of the possibility of Gaara finding out that she had gone against his orders and decided to disobey him once more. He will thank me for that later,she thought as the doors closed behind her and she started walking through the barely light up dirty corridors of Suna's prison, searching for the cell of the man that had tried to poison Gaara almost three weeks before. He had not revealed a simple thing about the man that had ordered him and his friend to poison and kill Gaara, despite the tough interrogation he went throughout all those weeks. Hinata had decided to change that. She knew that the more time they waited for Michio to speak the more time his leader would have to plan and carry out the next assassination attempt against Gaara.

She started walking down some stairs while being lost in her thoughts. Gaara had forbidden her to interrogate Michio for whichever reason he only knew.

She walked through another corridor, trying hard to make out the numbers above each cell in search of the one with the number 286.

286…286…286…, she was repeating inside. She turned around the corner with her steps being the only sound that broke the deathly silence. She stopped. Something just wasn't right. She stayed silent, trying to find what was wrong, until she heard it: that heavy breathing and panting. She immediately activated her byakugan, unable to see in all that darkness without it, and looked ahead, towards the cell at the far end of the corridor before her. She looked at the number of the cell and cursed. Cell 286…

"Damn it!"

She ran towards the cell and slipped through the half open door before quickly bending down next to the heavily bleeding and barely alive man who was looking at her through half open and tired dark brown eyes. He couched and she panicked as she was trying to find where he was hurt. She then pressed her palm against the side of his neck once she found the open wound and tried to stop the bleeding.

"Michio! Hey, Michio! Don't die, damn it! Not yet." She half shouted before she turned her head towards the open door of the cell and yelled with all her might. "GUARDS! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP! HE IS WOUNDED! CALL THE MEDICS!" She then turned her head and looked at Michio once more. He was moving his lips, trying to say something. She leaned closer trying to hear the words that were barely leaving his throat.

"He… did… it… he… came… he-re…wounded… me… he wants… kill the… he… you… eyes… kill… plan… blood… same… seal." His voice was rough and barely audible.

"I don't understand." Hinata said, desperate to find some answers. "He did this to you? Your leader? The one who is behind the assassinations?" Michio nodded his head in reply. "What is his name? Do you know his name? She was asking as many questions as she could, knowing that his time was running out and that this was the last chance they had in finding out something more about the man hiding behind it all.

"Hyuga… white e-eyes… dif-formed…. face… broken seal…. He wants to kill… you… not the… Kazek-"His sentence ended there as he took one last deep trembling breath and then died.

Hinata's eyes were wide as she took her bloody hand away from his half slight neck. Pictures of that night four years ago seemed to be coming back. Hyuga. White eyes. Broken seal. Deformed face.

She walked down the stairs with her byakugan activated. She had heard the sound of glass being broken from downstairs and she wanted to make sure that it wasn't anything bad. Her intuition was telling her otherwise though.

She walked through the moonlight corridor before entering the living room. Her legs her bare and cold against the hard wooden floor.

She stood at the entrance of the living room, looking around for any possible intruders. The window was broken and small pisses of glass were scattered everywhere on the floor. No matter how long she looked around the room she neither saw a single spark of charka nor sense anyone's presence. She shrugged her shoulders and sighed. She was just overreacting some times. But yet, how had the window broken. She shrugged again, trying to convince herself it was nothing of much importance and she turned around to return to her room, but she stopped once she felt the frozen and sharp blade of a kunai being pressed against her soft white neck. She gasped but a quick hand quickly covered her mouth. Then she felt a hot yet disgusting breath hit the side of her neck as the intruder she had been unable to notice, leaned in closer to whisper something in her ear.

"Protest and you'll regret it. Scream and you're dead." He said, his voice as cold as the air coming through the broken window. She shivered in fear and a tear ran down her cheek. Who was that man? And most importantly: what did he want from her?

She dared to open her eyes and looked at their reflection on the large mirror hanging from the wall in the corridor outside the leaving room. And what she saw made her gasp once more. His eyes. He was a Hyuga. His heavily deformed face and wicked smile made her cringe. What shocked her the most though was the crimson red caged bird seal on his forehead. What was this? What was he?

"You'll find out one day" He said as if able to read her thoughts. What she was sure about is that she wasn't sure whether she wanted to find out who he was because it definitely wouldn't be any good.

When guards, medics, Temari, Kankuro and Gaara arrived she was still sitting on the stone made floor of the prison cell next to Michio's lifeless body, her hands stained with his blood and her light lavender eyes wide open.

Gaara and Temari walked towards her and helped her up but once they saw she was too shocked to even stand on her feet, Gaara picked her up in his arms and took her away from the scene, whispering something along the lines of "calm down" and "it is alright, it will all pass" as if able to feel what she was feeling.


Gaara sighed as he watched Hinata wash the blood away from her hands, through the half open door of the bathroom. All the way back home she hadn't spoken a single word to him and kept lost in her own thoughts.

Hinata walked out of her bathroom while wiping her hands dry in a white towel. She then threw the towel away and walked towards the large windows of her bedroom, opening the heavy curtains wide open to watch as the sun rose in the distance with Gaara's eyes following her every move.

"The doctors that checked him in order to find the cause of his death spoke about suicide. They said that he sliced his own throat open with a broken piece of glass he found somewhere in his cell." Gaara said and a bitter smile graced her lips. "But, tell me, why don't I seem to believe them? Why do I think that they are either lying or ended up with the wrong diagnose?"

"Of course and it's not a suicide, Gaara. Michio was murdered. He told me himself." Hinata said and turned her eyes on him. They seemed a bit red, as if ready to shed tears. He said nothing about it though.

"What did he tell you", he asked instead.

"Just that… someone did this to him by force. He killed Michio because he was afraid of his betrayal, that he would tell us information we were never supposed to find out. And I'm sure that you know of whom I am talking about." Hinata said and Gaara immediately stood up.

"You mean that his own leader committed the murder? That is impossible. That man, no matter how foolish he may or may not be, would never risk to be captured by coming here just to kill a mere soldier of his."

"True" Hinata agreed. "but what if that man has nothing to be afraid of? He wanted us to know that he came himself, that he was so close to us that we could also have been dead now. He wants us to be afraid. Michio couldn't have known much about his leader's plan anyway. He was just a tool."

Gaara stayed silent, looking Hinata in the eye.

"You are hiding something from me, aren't you?" He said after some moments of silence, but Hinata didn't respond. "He also told you something else or else you wouldn't be all that shocked back then."

"The possibility of me freaking out due to the fact that a man died in my hands doesn't even pass your mind, does it Gaara?" She said and he smirked. It was obvious that she was keeping information from him, but why? What was there for her to win?

"You've had friends of yours die in your arms during the war and you didn't freak out, and you tell me you reacted that way for a man you didn't even know?"

"Are you questioning my motives, Kazekage-sama?"

"No, I just know you are lying, and since you seem unwilling to tell me what Michio confessed before leaving his last breath, I'll find out on my own" Gaara said and left the room before he could let his anger take over. Hinata rushed and locked the door before her legs were just too weak to keep her standing and she collapsed on the soft carpeted floor.

Since when had she become so weak?


Gaara walked in his office and sat on his chair. For the next couple of hours he was signing papers while having people over his head telling him all sorts of things considering the village. He hadn't really heard a thing of what they were telling him though and he just made sure to node from time to time just to let them believe he was listening to them closely. No a single word left his mouth though. He was deeply lost in his thoughts and the person that popped up in his mind every single minute was no other than Hinata.

He suddenly fell a hand on his shoulder and he turned to see Temari smiling down at him while Manabu kept on talking non stop about facts of zero importance. Just then the doors of his office opened and Kankuro ran inside with a worried expression on his face.

"Gaara" Kankuro addressed his brother and Gaara immediately stood up.

"What's the matter Kankuro?" Gaara asked him.

"We have visitors, from Konoha. It's serious. They say they want to meet you, immediately!"

"Who are they?"

Kankuro stayed silent for a moment.

"Who are they, Kankuro?"


Hinata stood outside of Gaara's office. A guard had come to her room to inform her that the Kazekage had asked for her to show up to his office immediately, yet now she was standing outside of the closed doors of his office and hesitating to go inside. She touched her heart with her heart. That weird feeling, she knew something was wrong.

She finally mastered the courage to knock on the door and once a barely audible "Come in" came from inside the office, she opened the door and walked inside.

What she saw shocked her though.

"Nee-chan!" Hanabi ran towards her twenty one year old sister and hugged her tightly, as tears of joy and sadness poured out of her eyes.

"Imouto" Hinata said affectionately as she hugged her sister back, both socked and happy to see her, but when they broke their hug and she saw the scar that ran across her sister's forehead, only shock remained. "Hanabi! What happened to you? Who did this to you?"

"Someone you can't even imagine" Said someone and Hinata raised her head to see her long time friend.

"Shikamaru", Hinata said still a tad shocked. "What… do you mean? Who marked my sister? Who put the curse seal on her forehead? Who could do something like that to her?"

"Someone you met a long time ago. More specifically four years ago, the night your father was murdered." Shikamaru said and Hinata's eyes grew wide. Gaara looked on the conversation quiet interested.

"You don't that… that man. But how?"

"He attacked us during the night five days ago. He burned the compound to asses. He killed many. Almost half of our clan was slaughtered." Hanabi said in tears and Hinata just stared at her, not believing her ears. "At fisrt he killed all the members of the main family, all the members of the Hyuga council and then many branch house members, whose corpses lay all over the place we used to call home. And among them was…"

"Was?" Hinata said with her voice cracking. "Was who?"

"Neji is dead, Hinata" Shikamaru said instead of Hanabi and held his head low. "I'm sorry for your loss.

Hinata froze in place and Gaara stood up from his chair, shocked as well to hear that Neiji Hyuga was dead. He only looked at Hinata now.

A tear stained her cheek and she immediately turned around to leave.

"Nee-chan, where are you going?"

Hinata stopped for a moment, but didn't turn to look at her sister. She didn't want Hanabi to see her teary eyes and tear stained face.

"I" Hinata said. "I'm going to Konoha. I'm going to bury my cousin with my own hands and then I'm going to wipe that man out of existence once and for all"

And with that she walked away and out of their sight.

She walked out of the Kazekage Tower. The night had fallen again and the streets were empty. She brought her hand to her chest again. It hurt so much that it felt like her heart was being ripped in two. Her breath caught up in her throat and her legs gave away under her. But before she could fall, strong hand caught her and she was gently brought against a toned and warm body.

"Hinata" She only heard his voice before she let darkness overtake her. Gaara, she thought.

She could remember what that man had told her the night he killed her father, words that still ringed in her ears: You will loose everything; I'll make sure of that.

And he had kept his word to her. He had taken everything. The only thing that was left to her know was her life and she wouldn't hesitate to give her life if that meant that she would be able to kill him.


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