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Bold: Human Inuyasha talking/thoughts

Bold Italics: Demon Inuyasha thoughts/talking and instincts

Italics: Hanyou Inuyasha thoughts/talking

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"Inuyasha!" I went to run after him, but Sango and Miroku held me back, "No!" I yelled, "Let me go! I have to get Tessaiga back to him!"

"Kagome! You can't!" Sango yelled, "He'll kill you in that state!"

"Sango's right, Kagome-sama," Miroku agreed, "It'd be best if you go home until we can get him back to normal."

"I'm not leaving him!" I yelled.

"Kagome!" Sango yelled and pinned me down to the ground with Miroku, "Something's wrong with Tessaiga and the sit command didn't work! You can't go near him!"

I could feel tears running down my cheeks, "We made a promise to Inuyasha," Miroku said, "If something were to happen to him we were to keep you safe, Kagome-sama."

I struggled, "He won't hurt me!" Kagome yelled.

"In this state he would!" Sango said, "Kagome-chan, please, just go home."

"No!" I struggled, but they held me tightly.

"Kagome!" Sango and Miroku yelled.

I looked at them with hurt in my eyes. Sango called Kirara and they forced me on the flying neko and Kirara flew up so I couldn't get off without hurting myself, "Kirara, take Kagome somewhere far away!" Sango called, "If she won't go home them take her and Shippo far away."

Shippo jumped onto Kirara and the cat flew off. I yelled at Kirara to put me down for about ten minutes before I was suddenly was falling, "Ah!" I yelled.

"Kagome!" Shippo yelled.

Finally, I felt myself stop falling, but I felt no pain. I looked up and was surprised, not scared, but surprised, "Inuyasha?" I asked.

Demon's Point of View

I sniffed the girl in my arms. Human, just as I thought, "Inuyasha?" My ears twitched at my spoken name.

I turned my head to face the human girl. Why does she not fear me? That whole group feared me and that village. The human caressed my bloody claws with a pained face on, "Inuyasha…" that tone…why does this human make me feel the human feeling of guilt?

This human…who is she? I growled in a way that scared all humans. The human didn't have the scent of fear on her, but the scent of hurt and upset was flowing from her, "Inuyasha…" the human said, "I'm sorry…"

My ears twitched and my face became confused. Why is this human apologizing and to me no less, "I'm sorry," suddenly, the human…hugged me?

I growled lowly, dangerously, but still no fear could be found in her scent. Why doesn't she fear me? I began to sniff the human's neck. The human giggled…giggled, "Inuyasha…that tickles," she said between giggles.

I tilted my head and looked at her confused. The human's giggles died down. My ears twitched when I heard a twig snap, "Kagome-chan!" a human's voice yelled.

Slayer! I growled at the realization. I looked at the human in my arms before running away from the scent of the slayer. The human yelped and grabbed my neck as I ran. Why didn't I leave her? The slayer wouldn't hurt her. Suddenly, as I ran, I realized my scent was mixed with hers. I came to a cave and set the human down, roughly, yet gently, "Oof," she groaned, "Inuyasha? Why'd you run from Sango?"

Slayer! I growled and went on all fours and stalked up to her. The human backed away, but still, no fear was coming from her scent, "Inuyasha?" the human asked.

I put my nose up to her neck and sniffed again. Again, the human giggled, "Stop that," she laughed and pushed me away gently, "That tickles."

I growled lowly and pinned her wrists to the wall of the cave, "Inuyasha?" she sounded confused, but again, not scared.

I ignored her confusion and sniffed her everywhere. She did have my scent on her, but…it wasn't just because she was always around me. I growled lowly, but it was more of a content growl, "Inuyasha?" now I growled dangerously.

The human seemed to get that I wanted her to shut up and did so. After a few more seconds of sniffing her realization hit mate… I growled contently again and licked the back of her ear. The human shivered. Not mate! Not mate! I growled at the hanyou's voice. Baka doesn't get it. I looked at the human's brown eyes and she had confusion…and something else in her eyes love. I tilted my head slightly at the human side's voice. Mate shivered again she's cold…it's close to winter. Wench runs around in that…school uniform-thing all the time! If she wanted to be warm than she'd dress differently-what the heck are you doing?! I had removed Mate's wrists while the hanyou lectured and removed the robe Mate cold. She is not mate! Yet… I wrapped the robe around Mate and then nuzzled her cheek and growled happily. Stop that! The wench is not mate! But you love her… Shut up! I do not! You're lying to yourself…literally…

I started to tune out the arguing between the hanyou and human and just curled up next to Mate. I do not love the wench! Yes, you do. Take it from your half with emotions… Mate began to run her fingers through my hair and I began to drift of, but not completely. What the heck are you doing?! Lying with Mate. Not mate! Mate…you've already claimed her. I have not! She has our scent. That's because she doesn't wear any other clothes! It's in her skin. What?! I ignored the hanyou and snuggled into Mate's lap and she shivered again, but she was warm? We're not finished with this! Yes, we are…If you don't mark her by springtime, mating season, then I will. You will not!

"Inuyasha?" I turned to Mate, "Are you…okay?" Mate seemed very confused.

I leaned up and licked her cheek trailing to the back of her ear. Mate shivered when I finished. Quit that! But she likes it. She does not! You said yourself that it was close to winter! The human side groaned and I simply lay contently in Mate's lap. Would you get over the clay pot! I remember the so-called clay pot. When living she wanted to get rid of me. I growled making Mate jump. I whined and licked her cheek again before lying back down. See, even the demon doesn't like her. What does Kikyo have to do with this? You're so dense…how are you a combination of me and the demon? I mentally growled at the human so not to startle Mate again as she rubbed my ears. Do you not see? See what? The human groaned. You are an idiot! Kagome, unlike Kikyo, loves all sides of you-us. She doesn't fear the demon. She's PETTING the demon. She's calmed the demon. You're the only part of us who has yet to come to the conclusion. Kikyo loved me, not you or the demon- Hey! It's the truth hanyou. She wanted you to turn into me, but this one, Kagome, loves you, which means she loves me and the demon as well. Is any of this clicking yet?

The hanyou was quiet. Can I mark her now? No! You cannot mark her! I'm telling you now. Springtime is the deadline… Shut up! Kagome doesn't love us- Are you insane? How are you this blind? The DEMON even figured it out before you and I've known for who knows how long… What are you talking about now? You're both annoying…shut up.

"Inuyasha?" my ears twitched as Mate's voice, "You have to turn back-" I growled at her dangerously, but she still had no fear, "Inuyasha," she creased the marks on my cheeks, "I know you'd never hurt me, but you'll be destroyed by your demon blood if you don't turn back. Please, Inuyasha, I don't want to lose you."

I whined and tugged on her ear gently with my teeth, making sure not to pierce her skin with my fangs. See? She shows no fear for the demon. She trusts YOU that much. The hanyou had no reply, "Inuyasha," I turned to Mate, "I don't speak dog. I don't know what you're trying to say. Why won't you turn back? I'm worried."

I whined again and licked Mate's neck and she shivered again. Hanyou, teach Mate InuYokai. What?! Why the heck would I do that?! And she ain't mate! By spring she will be. I won't let you! Heh, try and stop me Halfling… Both of you stop it. Sheesh, I feel like the middle child. You stay out of this! I think not. The demon is right. If we don't do something then Koga's going to get her. My ears twitched at the name Koga Rival? Oh big time. That wolf won't even get near Kagome! Make up your mind, hanyou. Do you love her or no? No! Then why do you care about Koga? The hanyou then began stuttering like an idiot.

I sniffed Mate's hands and growled causing her to jump in shock. Rival's scent was on Mate's hands. How'd I miss that? I took Mate's hands and began licking them. Mate's face now matched my robe, "I-Inuyasha? W-what are you-" she began giggling when I cleaned in between her fingers, "T-that tickles," she tried to pull her hands away, but I wouldn't let her and growled lowly.

I continued to clean the scent off and she continued to giggled, "I-I don't u-understand," she said, "W-what are you doing?"

Quit that! You want Mate to have Rival's scent on her? She's not-never mind… I smirked and finished licking Mate's hands. She wiped her hands off on my robe and I was totally fine with that. I think it's finally settling in… Shut up. Mark now? No! I growled and Mate jumped again, "Inuyasha, please speak Japanese. I don't speak inu," Mate said softly.

I growled softly, "Baka hanyou..." I said, "No mark Mate."

She is not mate! And back to square one… "Mate?" Mate asked, "Kikyo?"

What?! What?! I growled at Mate and tugged on her ear more forcibly than before, but not enough to hurt her, "Ow, Inuyasha," Mate pushed me away gently, "Words."

I growled at her again, "Wrong," was all I said before tugging on her ear again.

"Ow," Mate pushed me away again, "Wrong? Wrong about what?"

I growled and pinned her wrists to the wall again and tugged on her more, "Ow," she said, "Inuyasha, too hard," I softened my tugging, but it was still rough, "Inuyasha…what are you doing?"

Quit that! Not till she understands. I'm afraid she's more confused than you think. It's hanyou's fault. How is it my fault?! Didn't teach Mate InuYokai. Not mate! Oh stop that hanyou! Would you rather have a mate who only loves me or one that love all of us? Shut up! Kagome doesn't even love us! No one can! Idiot…, "Inuyasha…" I stopped tugging on Mate for a second, "I think my ear's numb."

I whined and let go of Mate's ear and licked it gently. After I finished licking, I nuzzled Mate's neck where I would mark her, "Inuyasha," I looked up at Mate, "What's wrong? Why won't you change back? I'm really worried."

I growled lowly, "Hanyou idiot," I said.

Confusion soon entered Mate's scent, "Um, I don't follow, Inuyasha," she said.

I mentally growled at the hanyou. Teach Mate InuYokai. She's not- Shut up! I've had it up to here with you. Demon, kiss Mate. I smirked. What? No! I ignored the hanyous cries of protest and kissed Mate. Mate froze. Oh, now you've done it! I don't need another person I care about hating me! Look again hanyou. Mate soon relaxed and began to kiss back. Huh? Understand yet? I believe she literally told you that she LOVED you as a HALF DEMON. I pulled away and Mate was breathing heavily so I started nuzzling and licking Mate's neck, "Mate…" I growled contently.

"Oh…" I felt Mate's neck go red, "Um…thank you," she petted my ears, "But I don't think the real Inuyasha likes me like that."

I growled and tugged on her ear again, but released it the second I tugged "Ow," Mate said, "What does that mean? I don't speak-" I growled cutting Mate off.

Do you get it yet? Sort of… Idiot…mark now? No! No! Fine…springtime it is then… Can I have my body back? No…you don't treat Mate right. I have to agree with demon on this one. Oh come on! I nuzzled Mate's neck and pulled her closer to me, "Um, Inuyasha?" I glanced up at Mate, "Um, are you planning on turning back soon? I love your affection and all, but I don't want you to be killed by your demon blood."

I looked at Mate's eyes and found all kinds of emotions in them, "Please…" Mate begged.

I whined and nuzzled Mate's neck. You win this time hanyou…but remember, you mark before springtime, or I do. I then let the hanyou have control again.

Kagome's Point of View

I heard Inuyasha groan, "Inuyasha?" I asked, worried.

"K-Kagome?" Inuyasha lifted his face to mine and I found the hanyou I love so much.

I hugged him, "Inuyasha," I said relieved.

I don't know what all the stuff Inuyasha's demon did meant, but I really didn't mind all the affection, but I could've lived without all the ear pulling. I felt Inuyasha hug me back, "Baka…" he said, "I could've hurt you."

I smiled at him, "You could never hurt me, Inuyasha," I said, "No matter what form you're in."

"Don't be stupid," Inuyasha stated, "Kagome…"

"I'm fine, Inuyasha," I said then giggled, "But just in case something like this happens again. Can you teach me the basics of dog? I really want to know why you kept tugging on my ear."

Inuyasha's face suddenly matched his pants, "Uh…sure, but I won't be telling you want that meant," he stated and stood up.

"What? Why not?" I whined and following him out of the cave, "Inuyasha! Inuyasha, don't ignore me!"

Inuyasha's Point of View

You just HAD to tug on her ear! She's mate… Oh shut up with that! Now she won't leave me along until she knows! And you're complaining why? You shut up too! I continued to walk with Kagome yelling my name, "Inuyasha, sit!" I hit the ground before I had time to react, "All I wanted to know was why your demon was tugging on my ear!"

"Keh!" I yelled face still in the ground.

Kagome sighed and bent down to me as I lifted my head up, "Sorry," she smiled, "Let's go find the others. You kinda just ran off with me."

I blinked, but stood up and followed. Mate… I groaned inwardly. Fine, mate. Finally! Mark her! Not yet! Both of you shut up! I feel like I'm going insane. You're talking to yourself…of course you're insane. Shut up! I looked at Kagome as she walked and smiled slightly.

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