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Inuyasha's Point of View

I leaned against a tree watching the group that I've come to call my pack, or family. My gaze went towards the miko asleep with kit in the sleeping bag. She's really good with Shippo. I mentally glared at my human side's voice. Oh shut up. Good…good mate for pups. My face now matched my robe. You, demon, need to shut up. The demon growled. It's mating season soon…you remember deal. You mark or I do. I can't do that to Kagome. I can! Mate needs mark! No! I've done everything else you've asked, demon. Kagome knows more than the basics of InuYokai. It even shock Sesshomaru when we crossed paths. Now that was fun to watch. I smirked at the memory. Kagome had gotten mad at something Sesshomaru did and literally told him off in InuYokai. But Rival can still claim Mate. The wolf is lessening his attempts on Kagome. I think he's finally decided to mate with that Ayame girl. The hanyou's right, demon. There's no need to mark her. Inuyasha finally accepts that he loves Kagome and that she will be his mate when she's ready. I blushed. Boy, am I glad everyone's asleep.

The demon growled but other demons will smell her when she's in heat. I glared at nothing Kagome always goes home when she's about to go in heat…so does Sango. Hanyou's right. Kagome will be fine. The demon growled in surrender fine, but if even the slightest thing threatens Mate's life I'm taking control. Fair enough. What? Don't I get a say? No. No. I growled softly stupid voices. We heard that. Shut up. I heard Kagome moan softly causing me to turn. I saw a smile spread across her face and it made me smile softly.

~The Next Morning

"You guys are so slow!" I yelled crossing my arms, "We'll never defeat Naraku at this rate!"

"Calm down, Inuyasha," Sango said putting her weapon on her back, "We're ready now."

"Finally," I started walking and the others followed.

"Kagome…I'm still tired," I heard Shippo whine.

"Oh, Shippo," I glanced back and saw Kagome pick Shippo up, "Get some more sleep."

Shippo snuggled into Kagome and fell asleep. She really is a good mother… Reminds me of our mother. Even if she was human. I ignored the voices of my halves and kept walking ahead of the group. After some hours, Shippo was wide awake and now complaining of hunger, "Inuyasha," my heart jumped slightly at Kagome's voice, "I think it's time to stop for lunch."

"Keh!" I said, "Why? Because the runt is complaining?"

"Inuyasha, we're all hungry," Miroku said, "We never had breakfast."

"Feh, well you all chose to sleep in instead of eating," I stated.

I heard a warning growl from Kagome, literally, a growl, "Inuyasha…" and that would be her sit warning tone.

"Fine!" I yelled quickly, "We'll eat."

Mate learned fast… I mentally glared at the demon. I blame you. Everyone sat around a tree as Kagome made ramen. I just sat with my hands in my robe sleeves. Kagome finally started passing out the ramen. She gave me the last one to me, which also happened to be the largest one. I just took the cup and started shoveling it down. Ramen… You're pathetic… I suddenly felt a slight pinch on my neck. I turned and saw Kagome smirking. I glared at her lightly and she giggled. Well, at least she has manners… Hey all she did was say 'you're welcome'. Yeah, well you forgot to say 'thank you'. Shut up.

Even after everyone finished eating we didn't move. Apparently it was a 'nice day' out, according to Kagome and she wanted to spend it relaxing. Of course, we argued, but ended when she sat me. I grumbled things under my breath and my ears were twitching listening for anything that could cause us harm. Miroku and Sango had fallen asleep close to each other, but Kirara was in the middle of what little space there was between them. I turned and saw Kagome tucking Shippo into the sleeping bag. Mate… I get it already, but I'm not marking her yet. Weakling… Kagome sat beside me, "You okay?" she asked, "You're quieter than I expected."

"Keh," was all I said.

Oh, great words. Shut up. Kagome giggled, "Is that some InuYokai I don't know or Inuyasha language that only I know?" she asked.

I turned away and Kagome chuckled, "Thanks for letting us relax," she said.

"Well, you didn't exactly give me a choice…" I argued.

Kagome sighed and licked my cheek, "Sorry," she did the InuYokai and the Japanese.

"Feh," I said trying to fight the blush down, "Whatever."

It was quiet for a few minutes, "Inuyasha," I turned to Kagome slightly, "You never told me why your demon was tugging on my ear."

My face lit up, but quickly cooled down, "Feh, and you're not going to find out," I said.

Kagome sighed, "You know," she said, "I could always ask Sesshomaru."

"Like I'd let you go anywhere by yourself," I argued.

Kagome crossed her arms, "Is it really that embarrassing?" Kagome asked, "I get it, Inuyasha. You love Kikyo and your demon called me Mate, but I just want to know what it means."

Mate upset…DO SOMETHING HANYOU! Things never end up well when Kikyo's mentioned… Shut up…you think I don't know that? Don't say something stupid. Maybe I should take over- You can't take over unless there's a new moon! No…just let me. I growled mentally fine. I felt my emotions flood me.

Human's Point of View

"Inuyasha?" I glanced at Kagome she's angry, "Are you going to answer me or am I just going to find Sesshomaru?"

"Kagome…why do you always bring Kikyo up?" I asked.

What the heck?! Why bring Kikyo up? It's just going to make her angrier! Trust me, hanyou. If Mate becomes more upset, I'm taking control. I watched Kagome blink in shock, but then back to anger, "You're always running after her when she calls or is near," she said she sounded more hurt than angry, "I get it, Inuyasha, I'm just a copy of the original, but I just want to know what the ear pulling meant."

Hanyou! What? That was before I figured out my feelings! Both of you calm down. Calm down? She's about to cry! I ignored the hanyou and demon, "Kagome, I don't love Kikyo anymore," I said, "Maybe as a really close friend, but that's it," Kagome looked at me in shock, "I go to her to make sure she's safe, she's not hurt. I'd do the same thing if Sango or Miroku disappeared and I suddenly smelt them again. Wouldn't you?"

All hurt and sadness disappeared from Kagome's face and a small smile appeared, "Yeah…" she said then hugged me, "Thanks for telling me, Inuyasha."

Can I have my body back? Give me a minute. I'm only out once every 30 days. I never get any affection from Kagome… Oh come on! Kagome pulled away and smirked, "Inuyasha…did your human half take control?" Ha! I sighed and let the hanyou have control again.

Inuyasha's Point of View

I blinked slightly and looked at Kagome, still smirking, "Keh," I said and turned away.

After a few minutes, I turned back, "Kagome, all that was true," I said softly.

Kagome smiled softly, "I know," she said and hugged me, "Thanks."

I smiled slightly and tugged on her ear gently with my mouth. Kagome shivered slightly and looked at me while I was smirking, "What the…" Kagome trailed off, "Are you going to tell me?"

"No…" I said, "But I will, just not right now."

Kagome sighed, "Fine," she said.

I smiled slightly and tugged on her ear again. Mine all three of us actually agreed on something. Kagome giggled slightly, "Stop that," she said.

I smirked and let her go. Kagome smiled at me before walking back towards the sleeping pack and starting to cook dinner.

~That Night…

Everyone sat around the fire eating and laughing. Suddenly, I heard something that sounded like a demon roar. Everyone else apparently heard too because we all turned in the same direction. Mating season has begun… I thought it wasn't for a few more weeks?! Me too. Something has triggered it earlier… "Mating season?" Sango said causing me to turn, "This early?"

"That is odd," Miroku said, "Something must be wrong."

Shippo jumped into Kagome's arms and shook, "What's wrong, Shippo?" Kagome asked.

What was it that Kagome said? Children and animals are able to tell when something bad is about to happen-uh oh… My body went tense and Miroku turned to me, "Inuyasha?"

Mark Mate! No! Kagome isn't ready for that! Suddenly, a demon appeared. Sango and Miroku, who were close to the forest, jumped up and quickly got into fighting stance. The demon suddenly had Kagome, "Ah!" she yelled.

"Kagome!" I yelled with everyone.

Shippo was thrown on his butt and began crying and yelling Kagome's name. Mate! Suddenly, I saw nothing but blackness.

Kagome's Point of View

"Let me go!" I yelled at the demon.

The demon just growled and I growled back, "I said to put me down!" I yelled.

I was suddenly thrown to the ground by the demon, "Ow!" I yelled and rubbed my lower back, "Oi!"

The demon smirked and I was suddenly overcome by fear. The demon came closer and I whimpered Inuyasha… Suddenly, I heard a snarl. I looked up and saw Inuyasha, in demon form, and the other demon was nowhere to be found. Inuyasha came up and held me bridal style before sitting crisscross on the grass and whined nuzzling my neck. I knew this to be InuYokai for asking someone if they were okay or showing affection. I assumed it was the first one. I petted Inuyasha's ears, "I'm fine," I said softly and softly nipped the back on his neck, which meant 'thank you' in InuYokai.

Inuyasha licked my neck and I shivered. That was just pure affection. Suddenly, he tugged on my ear before licking it. I don't know what tugging it meant, but licking my ear was telling me that he was here. I snuggled into Inuyasha's warmth, "Are you going to turn back?" I asked.

Inuyasha growled a warning growl then ran his claw gently down my arm, which caused me to shiver, but I knew to be 'no' in InuYokai. I turned to Inuyasha, "Why not?" I asked.

Inuyasha tugged on my ear again then licked my neck. I sighed, "I don't know what tugging on my ear means, Inuyasha," I stated.

Inuyasha growled an angry growl. Inuyasha then tugged on my ear again, "Mine," he whispered in my ear.

I let the word sink it then I blushed brightly, "O-oh," I stuttered, "Um…wait, you called me Mate a few months back."

"Mate…" Inuyasha's demon nuzzled my neck then tugged on my ear again, "Mine."

I then remembered this afternoon, "And…Inuyasha tugged on my ear this afternoon…" I said softly, but Inuyasha heard.

"Hanyou weak…" the demon side said, "No mark Mate."

Everything came crashing down, "Oh…" I said, "Demon," Inuyasha looked up, "Can you please let me talk to my Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha whined and tugged my ear again. I sighed, "I get it, but I want to get Inuyasha's view on this," I nipped Inuyasha's cheek, which meant 'please' in InuYokai.

I heard a groan, "Inuyasha?" I asked, hoping it was the hanyou Inuyasha.

Inuyasha looked at me and I smiled when I saw he was, in fact, hanyou, "Kagome?" he asked, "You're okay?"

"You don't remember this time?" I asked.

"Eh…" suddenly he blinked then went wide eyed and blushed, "Dang it…" he muttered.

I smiled, "Mind explaining?" I asked.

Inuyasha sighed and nuzzled my neck, "I'm sorry," he said, "I didn't want to force you into being my mate if you didn't want to or weren't ready. My demon doesn't seem to get that."

I smiled and looked at him, "Really?" I asked.

That had to be the sweetest thing I've ever heard. I then realized something, "Did your human half take control again?" I asked.

Inuyasha chuckled, "No," he said, "I think mating season has to do with this…"

"Why?" I smirked, "Because you see me as your mate?"

Inuyasha blushed and pinched the top of my hand, which meant 'yes' in InuYokai. My heart exploded and I couldn't help but kiss him. Inuyasha apparently wasn't expecting that because he about fell over, but regained his balance quickly, but kissed me back quicker. Finally, we broke the kiss breathing slightly heavily. I smiled at Inuyasha and leaned up and tugged on his little dog ear with my teeth. Inuyasha growled, but I couldn't quite place what it meant. I let go of his ear and smiled, "You sure?" he asked.

I just pinched the top of his hand, smiling. Inuyasha moved my hair to the right side. He looked at me with slight question and I just tilted my head. I felt Inuyasha run kisses down my neck until he came to the place where my neck met my shoulder. When he got to the joined area he stopped, "Inuyasha?" I asked.

"Are absolutely sure," I could see red wanting to bleed out; his demon must really not like this waiting, "There's no going back Kagome. There are no…whatcha call it's…divorces, or something, this is permeate."

I smiled, "Inuyasha, I'm 16 years old," I said, "I'm allowed to get married in my time as long as the man is at least 20," I smirked, "I think you have that covered, but I want to. Inuyasha, I've told you I love you many, many times. If anything, I think you're hesitating because of Kikyo-" I gasped when Inuyasha bit the meeting spot.

After a few minutes, Inuyasha pulled away and tugged on my ear, "For the last time," he growled, "I don't love Kikyo."

I smiled, "And now, I believe you," I said.

Inuyasha licked the spot where he bit, as if cleaning something off, but I couldn't see because his head was in the way, "Your family isn't going to hate me for this, right?" Inuyasha asked once he finished licking.

I giggled, "You're kidding, right?" I asked, "Mama will start planning a wedding for my time period, Sota will yell at us for taking so long, and Jii-chan…won't show much, but he'll be excited."

Inuyasha wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his face in my neck. He then whispered so lowly that I normally wouldn't be able to hear it, but I could, "I love you, Kagome," I smiled.

"I love you, too, Inuyasha," I said petting his ears.

Inuyasha tugged on my ear and I giggled. I suddenly don't mind my ear being tugged.

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