Hiiiii…. {Since you can't hear me imagine Cat Valentine}! Ok so this is my first story and its an Auslly remake of the ion tv movie called A Christmas Kiss. Ally Dawson is an 18 year old songwriter intern and "butler" to 19 year old mega music producer Cassidy Cowell. What happens when she and her boss's boyfriend, 18 year old Austin Moon {who Cassidy wants as her future husband} share a passionate kiss in a broken elevator (it was in the movie!)? Crappy summary but its my first story! Please read it! And yes i am fully aware that Simon Cowell isn't married and doesn't have children. OOC but its still good!

And here's the stupid disclaimer: I don't own Austin and Ally bcuz if I did, then Auslly would've happened by Club owners and Quincineras ;)

Ally's POV

"OMG, TRISH! Go away! I don't want a girls' night out!

I have to finish her royal majesty's soundtrack editing and go to her house to water the damn plants and lock the windows! That takes like 10 hours! And its already noon, I'd like to wake up early tomorrow!" Lucky Trish and Jessie (A/N Ally, Trish, and Jessie are roommates) don't get to work till 5:00 at DYLAN'S CANDY BAR AND M&M World! Best jobs ever!

I wish she and Jessie would just understand that Cassidy's a bitch.

"But, Allllyyyyy!"Trish whined "you haven't done anything fun since the One Direction MSG gig!" Oh yeah, the one fun thing I got to do. Cassidy got me tickets to the concert since it was my birthday. She only softens up the first 10 days of December for some reason… "PLEAAAAAAAAAA…." They were going 5 year old on me. Damn it! "ALL RIGHT, DAMN IT!I'll finish it tomorrow. What are we doing?" I knew I'd regret this.

"Ok first Times Square since we live like 10 minutes from there and have never been" that is true… "then Jessie's taking us to… " McDonald's!" real classy Jess, but okay McDonald's. and finally a spree at Dylan's Candy Bar! Since I actually like this job i asked Dylan and she said everythings on the house!"

"Wow! That sounds soooo fun!" Jessie handed me a black cami, bright blue crop top, black skinnies and my black UGGs. This was gonna be a looong day. -_-

8 hours later

"Ok, i have to admit, you guys cleaned up pretty well." Trish was driving us all home with what i think is about 36 bags of clothes, shoes, accessories, and candy. Honestly? This is the most fun i've had since the One Direction concert. God, i really need to get out more.

"We know!" they both claimed. I hate how they're always right. Oh well! I looked at my watch. Oh, shit! I gotta go water the fuckin plants and lock the windows at Cassidy's house. "Guys i gotta go! i'll get you guys into the loft space and then i have to drive as fast as i can to Cassidy's house to do those stupid chores!"

"Bye, Alls! Don't be late! and don't crash my car!" Trish cried

Cassidy's place

I took the elevator up to her apartment. I finally found it and damn did this girl have a huge house! I watered like 13 ferns and flowers and closed every single damn window! Like, she lived on the top floor! Who the fuck breaks into the 19th floor?! Whatever. I need this "job" for future references. Working for the Cassidy Cowell! It'd look awesome on my resume. Now back in the elevator for the 10 minute ride! yay. Its a good thing its upper Manhattan, the elevator has SEATS! Oh well, since its a long ride might as well check my Facebook and email. junk,junk- *ding!* wow that was shorter than i thought, oh wait its just someone getting in and HELLO! What a fittie! This guy was cute! Blondie, blue eyes, rock/hipster look. Nice. Too bad i'm shy. CREAAK BOOM!Oh my god! the elevator's falling and i'm in the guy's arms. It was a perfect moment: We were just staring into each other's eyes. Wow, his eyes are cuter than i thought... He's starting to lean in and so am i and OH MY GOD WE'RE KISSING! His lips are so soft and both our lips are moving in perfect motion like a pair of gears(call me geeky). Like we were meant to be together. I pulled away. The doors opened and i had no idea what to do so i just ran to the car and drove away as fast as i could.

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