DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any TV shows, on-air or off-air, is purely intentional and meant for parody only. Remember, don't try anything you are about to read at home. Sonic & his friends have years of experience that keeps them safe.

Sonic the Hedgehog came running into Knothole Village, ending one of his daily runs. The blue hedgehog pressed a button on his watch and looked at the display.

"All right, a new record!" exclaimed Sonic. "Let's see what's on the tube today!"

So, Sonic went to his hut, sat down on his couch and turned on the TV. Now see, the country of Mobius had been taken over by a mad scientist named Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, and as such, there were plenty of restrictions on the media. Nevertheless, Dr. Robotnik did allow some freedom for the media, just to keep his subjects from rebelling (not that most of them would do so). Besides, Sonic & his band of Freedom Fighters had ways of circumventing restrictions, too.

Anyways, when Sonic fired up the TV, he was just in time for The Amazing Adventures of Edgar Eagle, a show based off a popular comic book character. The opening narration went as such:

"Quicker than a cheetah,

More loyal than a beagle,

Stronger than a grizzly bear,

He's Edgarrrrrrrrr Eagllllllleeeeeeeee!"

And of course, no superhero show of this caliber was complete without a heroic orchestral theme song.

"Aw yeah!" exclaimed Sonic. "This show is rad!"


"SONIC! SONIC! You gotta check this out!" Sonic's best friend, an orange fox named Miles "Tails" Prower, came running into the hut, plopped himself next to Sonic on the couch and changed the channel.

"Tails, what are ya doin', man!?" demanded Sonic. The show had been changed to Super Changin' Muscle Rangers, a popular TV show about a team of teenage superheroes. The theme song went:

"Go Go Muscle Rangers!

Go Go Muscle Rangers!

Go Go Muscle Rangers,

Super Changin' Muscle Rangeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrssssss s!"

"Oh, this show?" said Sonic. "I hate this show!" So he changed it back to Edgar Eagle.

Just a couple of seconds later, Tails changed it back to Muscle Rangers.

"But Sonic, you gotta watch this show!" pleaded Tails.

Sonic changed the channel back to Edgar Eagle again.

"Tails, that show stinks! I'm not watchin' it!"

Nevertheless, Tails held his ground and changed the channel back to Muscle Rangers.

"Come on, you'd love this show! It's got lots of action, a rockin' soundtrack & some awesome fight scenes! It's right up your alley!"

The Blue Blur was unconvinced. He went back to Edgar Eagle.

"More like up my nose!"

His little orange friend wouldn't give up, though, and turned over to Muscle Rangers yet again.

"Sonic, please! You gotta watch this show! Come on, just watch one episode with me!"

Sonic tried to grab the remote again, but Tails grabbed it too and held on tightly.

"Tails, let go of the remote, pal!"

"No, I wanna watch Super Changin' Muscle Rangers!"

"Well, I don't! Gimme the clicker back!"

"Sonic, no! Let go of it!"

Still, neither of them would let go of the remote, so they had a tug of war over it. In the process, however, it flew out of their hands and broke when it struck the wall.

"Fine…" said Sonic, now in a state of resignation, "Go ahead and watch your crummy show. I got better things to do, anyhow!" He left the hut.

"Sometimes, I just don't understand him," said Tails to himself. He just let go of the whole thing, though, and continued watching his show.

Outside, Sonic was surprised to discover the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters were having a lively discussion about something or other. Intrigued, he went over to see what was up.

"Hey, what's shakin', fellas?" asked Sonic. Everyone stopped talking and turned to face him.

"Oh, hi Sonic," said Sally Acorn, a brunette squirrel. "We were just talking about the latest TV shows!"

"Oh really?" inquired Sonic. "What shows?"

"There's this one you'd really love," replied Sally. "It's Super Changin' Muscle Rangers!"

"Oh, that crud?" said Sonic. "Eh, I'm outta here! It was nice talkin' to ya, I guess." Sonic turned around and proceeded to leave.

"Wait, where are y'all goin', Sugar-Hog?" asked Bunnie Rabbot, a golden rabbit with a robotic left arm & legs.

"Well, Muscle Rangers just ain't my bag, Bunnie," replied Sonic. "'Sides, I got somethin' more important to take care of!"

"Now what's wrong with Muscle Rangers?" asked Bunnie. "Y'all would love that show! It's hotter than a flapjack in a volcano!"

"Yeah, it's awesome!" added Rotor Walrus. "I especially love the Vords, too."

"Vords, schmords!" retorted Sonic. "The show's still bogus!"

"Mais Sonic, if you are watching that show, you would overstand la beauty of Mademoiselle Hartman!" said Antoine Depardieu (D'Coolette), a tan coyote. "Ah, l'amour toujours!"

"Ant, it's only a TV show!"

"Non, it is not only a TV showing! It is a life-change experiencing!"

"It's 'life-changing experience'! Which it's not!"

"Come on, Sonic, you should watch the show sometime!" said Rotor.

"No way, Rote!" said Sonic. "I ain't watchin' that stupid show!"

"Sonic, have you even watched Muscle Rangers?" asked Sally.

"Of course I have!" replied Sonic. "Believe me, I've seen enough of it to know it's mondo uncool!"

"OK, so if you have seen it, then tell me, what do you hate about the show?"

"Because it got my show cancelled!"

"Sonic, that's a poor excuse! Besides, your show was so 5 minutes ago!"

"It's OK, hon!" said Bunnie. "I'm sure y'all will take to Muscle Rangers just as good as your ol' show!"

"It's not the same!" snapped Sonic. "Oh, and speaking of same…that's another problem with the show! It's the same flippin' thing every episode!"

"Oh, so you haven't watched the show, then," said Sally.

"Of course I have! Believe me, every episode is practically the same! Why don't they change it up a little?"

"Sonic, you're just generalizing about the show! If you actually took the time to watch the show, you'd see just how brilliant it is."

"Brilliant my foot! I'm done with this jive! You guys go on ahead and keep blabbin' about your 'brilliant' show. Gotta juice!" Sonic ran off into the Great Forest.

"Gee, I never figured he'd be spittin' upon the show like that," remarked Bunnie.

"It's OK, Bunnie," said Sally. "It's just another one of his phases. He'll get over it!"