Her vision was fading, but she could still hear; she could hear his cries begging her to come to him, to hold him, to love him and to never let her go. "Naruto. . ." Her son's name left her lips in a whisper. She could still make out his outline on top of the pillar and his hair, the same color as his father's, her husband's was a bright beacon. Another flash of yellow appeared in the distance and she knew Minato would be here soon. The Sandaime lay dead slightly behind her, the death reaper seal prominent on his belly, the same seal marked her son. She smiled bitterly she thought she had been in the clear that Naruto wouldn't have to go through the pain of being a jinchuriki this time. She had been wrong. Sakura smiled as blood continued to flow; it wouldn't be so bad this time though he had his father . . . he had Minato, and as she fell into unconsciousness she heard Minato scream her name "Sakura!" It was just a whisper on the wind.