There are not a lot of Aquaman fics and even fewer with Mera in them. I've had this idea knocking about in my head for about a month and I decided to write it and see if anyone would like it. This is my first fan fiction in the Young Justice section, the first of many more to come. Though it really doesn't need to be said, I'll say it anyway: I do not own Young Justice. Please review and tell me what you think. All reviews are welcome.

She wondered if it could be true or if it was a cruel dream. For the past few weeks, Queen Mera felt something niggling at the back of her mind, telling her that a miracle was happening. She rested her hand on her abdomen. She and Orin had been trying for a long time for a child, an heir to the Atlantean throne, and now there was a very strong chance it would only be a few months before they had one. But Mera wanted to be absolutely certain before she told Orin. There were the obvious signs that only Mera would know and nausea that would come in the morning that she would push aside to keep Orin and others from worrying.

"Your majesty?"

Mera turned to see Prince Orm floating behind her, a worried look on his face.

"Are you well?" he asked her.

"I have not been feeling like myself," she admitted to Orm. Mera debated what her next move would be. She wanted to be certain before she told anyone. "Orm, could you send for the royal healer?"

Orm's eyes widened, a flash of deep concern crossing his face. "Right away, my queen," he answered and darted off to fetch the royal healer.

Not long after, Mera sat in her bedchamber taking in the news the healer recently gave her. She was pregnant. The healer confirmed it and was sworn to silence. She was ecstatic and worried at the same time. Yes, she wanted a child, but she was not sure if now was the best time. In seven months (the healer estimated she was two months pregnant) many things could change for the better. Or for worse.

"No, no, no," Mera whispered to herself. "Do not think like that. Everything will be all right."


Mera whirled around to see Orin behind her. He looked worried.

"Orm told me you were not feeling well," he said, coming to her side. "And I saw the healer leaving. Are you well, my love?"

"I have something to tell you," Mera started. "You may want to sit down to hear this."

Orin sat next to Mera, taking her hands in his. "Mera, what is it?" he asked. He was becoming increasingly concerned. There was a flush to her cheeks that worried him.

Mera was quiet for a long moment, trying to think of how to tell her husband the news. Finally she decided on what to say.

"Orin, I am pregnant."

Orin started at her blankly for a long moment. "What?" he breathed.

She nodded, a smile growing on her face. "You are going to be a father."

Orin's blue eyes lit up and he let out a joyful laugh as he embraced his wife. "This is wonderful news."

"I wish to keep this to ourselves for now," said Mera. "The kingdom is turbulent as the deep currents."

"Of course," said Orin. He could not stop smiling. "I do not know how I will not be able to tell anyone. But what will you tell your students when you stop teaching at the conservatory?"

"Who said anything about me not teaching?" asked Mera. "I plan on teaching as long as I can."

"Mera, be reasonable," said Orin.

Mera's smile wavered and her green eyes darkened. "Orin, let us not worry about this at the moment. We have plenty of time to decide what we are going to do later."

"How long?" asked Orin.

"The healer said I am due in seven months," said Mera.

"That is not very long at all!" said Orin.

"We have time," said Mera. "We have time." She hugged him.

Orin pulled back and kissed her. "I love you." He kissed her again and put his hand on her abdomen. "And I love you, my child."