Chinese Les Miserables

In this story the names of the original Les Mis characters have been changed to Chinese versions of their names.

Chapter 1

Red China, 1963

Chen Ling had been in prison for nineteen years. The reason for this was so he could feed his nieces and nephews when there was food shortage at the time of the Japanese occupation. He was originally jailed for five years but twelve years were added on after he tried to escape several times and then another two years for fighting back during one escape attempt.

"Chen, you will be realised from prison" said Sha a prison guard.

"No, seriously"

"Yes, yes but promise me you will never steal anything again"

"Oh no I won't, I promise sir"

"Very well"

When Chen got outside he saw a woman who had a piece of paper saying Chen Ling on it.

"Hello, Chen Ling. My name is An Pufang and I work for the Red Cross. I will give you shelter, we have a communal Home for you to stay in Beijing which is eight hours away"

"Okay, thank you so much An Pufang"

"My car is over there," she said pointing at her car.

"I've never been in a car before, as a child I travelled round by oxen pulled cart"

After the long car journey, Chen went into the canteen of the home for some simple dumplings and then to bed.

But when he was in bed he saw a note by the side of the bed, he immediately put the note in his pocket. The man next to him caught him soon the whole dormitory knew about it.

An Pufang found out the next morning about Chen stealing the money.

"Oh Chen I'm not angry because that money was a gift, understand?"


"Good, now be happy that you're free"