Chapter One: The Mirror Cometh

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A/N: Okay, so this is a Legomance, I guess you could call it, but that isn't the MAIN PLOT, if you know what I'm saying. I just wanted to see what would happen, so I wrote it. Enjoy and R/R!


Aila roamed the tables, her eyes searching for something she knew at least one of the garage sales she visited would have: a full-length mirror. The edges of her pink lips curved upwards as she thought of those teen angst years which was was now happily leaving behind. Oh! the raging insecurity. Aila was finally beginning to be happy with what she saw in the mirror and what better way to reward herself than with a mirror? In front of which she could strike ridiculous poses and say cliches like "You go, girl!" as she made up a sexy dance. Propped up against the house's outer wall, she found her query.

She gasped as she took in its full beauty. It was constructed of what looked liked cherry, but the mirror was lined with cedar. The frame was breathtakingly beautiful and the glass itself seemed to glitter though it leaned uncleaned, scratched, and cracked. The mirror stretched upwards, yawning towards the sky. Regal edges became flighted arrows that soared towards the clouds. Slender were their shafts, sharp their points, and the two arrows had feathers carved so differently that Aila was sure the frame was hand-crafted. Never had she seen arrows as slender or as straight, but they looked like real arrows that she could chop from the mirror and use upon her bow, which she used when she needed to blow off steam at the range.

Aila's eyes tore from the arrows and looked towards the mirror's feet. Curving outwards and then back into the center to create perfectly round balled ends. Its wood was scuffed and the mirror was cracked that that could all be fixed. The regality of the mirror forced her eyes to stand riveted upon it. What perturbed her the msot was the writing above the glass on the cherry frame. Not in English or in any other language she could remember ever seeing before. She was absolutely positive, though, that she could decipher it.

The owner of the mirror had noticed Aila's interest and walked over to make a sale. "Like what you see?"

"I must say that I do," replied Aila, shocked because she had not heard the woman walk up. "How much?"

"Fifty dollars."

"That seems a bit much for scuffed wood and broken glass, doesn't it?" The woman shrugged. "What does the passage mean anyway? What language is that?"

"You got me," the lady replied. "That's part of the price, a mystery to be solved." *Hmm, a mystery, I like it.*

"All right, I'll give you 30 for it."


"Still too rich for my blood, $35."

"$40." This haggling was grating on Aila's nerves and she was getting frustrated. She would have just walked away but she felt so drawn to the beauty of the mirror that she felt that she must have it. However, Aila kept her "poker-face" and showed none of this emotion.


"Deal," smiled the saleswoman. Thirty-seven dollars were passed from Aila's hands to hers and Aila carried her new bulky possession to her father's truck. She carefully placed the mirror into the truckbed and began to slowly drive home, avoiding bumps and turns, as she was quite paranoid about breaking the glass further. She smiled as she drove through the small town, happy to soon be leaving Burbankian life. Yale was just around the corner and Aila was ecstatic.

She rode with the window rolled down on the pleasant summer day. People walking their dogs or doing yardwork looked up as she passed and waved because everyone knew Aila. She had scored a perfect 1600 on her SAT. The only Burbankian to do so for countless decades.

"Well hello Miss 1600"; "We'll miss ya, Yale-girl"; and also "Congratulations!"; "College bound!" were thrown into the gallery of comments she routinely received. Smiling as she went, she waved and nodded in recognition. She was hardly able to stand waiting until she could replace the mirror's glass and shine up the frame.

When she got home she simply grinned at her parents as she dragged the heavy mirror back to her room. The smile faded from her full lips as her eyes roamed around the white walls of her bedroom. She set up the mirror near her huge bookcase and collapsed onto the bottom futon of her bunk bed. The metal bars came through the futom mattress to grind into her back. She sighed and began to shift her weight to both sides, massaging her back with the bars. Aila stared at her new mirror for a few minutes before her eyes wandered back to the lettering. She was positive that it wasn't a design, but a language; which one though?

To Aila, it looked quite a bit like Arabic, but the lettering wasn't elongated enough for the middle eastern language. Her eyes passed behind the mirror as she looked at her collections of books. All of her favorites gazed back at her. Harry Potter, Redwall, the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, the Lord of the Rings. All of her favorites series were all sitting there on the shelf. Her eyes lingered on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Suddenly, it clicked.