Chapter 1

She hadn't a clue what was going on. She didn't remember anything at all. For example, where the hell was she, and how did she get here? Not only did she feel confused but she felt utterly sick. Everything seemed to be spinning, and she couldn't keep her balance. The woman stumbled to the side and in to a tree. Immediately her arms went up and latched on to its rough bark as best as they could. It didn't seem to do her much good though.

As the world continued to spin, she suddenly felt unbearably warm. Her hands started to sweat like nothing else, and her grip was lost on the tree. At least she knew what that was. Instead of her back meeting solid ground when she tumbled backwards, it met air. But it eventually did hit the ground. It was just very steep and slanted ground.

The sickly woman rolled and rolled for what seemed like forever. It really didn't help with the nausea she had been encountering previously either. Sticks, roots... rocks. All that lies on a forest floor jabbed in to her, everywhere possible, leaving a series of bruises, cuts and scrapes. A couple times her head smacked against the trunk of a tree, before she finally reached the bottom and came to a stop. What stopped her of course was another tree. And it made a very painful impact with her ribs, and she felt and heard a large crack.

And the first thing she did was start heaving like there was no end. It was just the dry painful kind. Where what only comes up is really just bile and stomach acid. Quite honestly, she felt like dying. Her pale hands gripped at the dead leaves on the ground as she tried to summon the strength to lift herself up. Which she eventually did.

While everything wasn't quite spinning like it had been before, it was still swaying back and forth. Her balance wasn't any better though. And the pain in her legs where helping. With her dark hair hanging mostly in her face, she continued to stumble around, always falling, but always managing to get back up. And she swore she was starting to hear voices...

They kept on coming closer and closer. The raven haired woman started to see blurs too. Figures, running somewhere in front of her. She was pretty sure that it was at some sort of a distance though. But they started to get closer. Her confusion was starting to turn in to panic. She wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. Their voices got louder and it sounded like they were calling out to her. But the closer and louder they got, the more they seemed to make her head hurt.

Why? She wondered. Why was it to bloody hot out here? The heat felt unbearable. Once again, she found herself laying there on the ground, on her stomach. The dirt felt nice and cold. It was a small but amazing relief to her current misery. Her eye lids suddenly felt very heavy and slowly, everything started to go to black. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was a pair of boots.

Robin and his gang where coming back from one of their many raids of rich pass biers. They had done pretty good today to. It hadn't been the biggest, but it was a pretty nice sized trunk full silver and gold pieces.

As they headed back to camp, they heard Much exclaim, "What's goin' on over there?" Following his finger they watched as a black clad figure, got up from an obviously nasty looking fall down the side of a hill and started stumbling around like a severe drunkard. Except something about the, now, feminine figure didn't seem quite drunk. The closer they got, the worse the woman looked. And in their minds it wasn't just her unusual clothing. She looked positively, ill. Her face had an almost green tint to it; you could see the sweat gleaming on her face and neck. It wasn't even that warm out. It was getting rather cool, they all found.

They ran towards the poor woman, just as she collapsed on to her stomach. Her breathing sounded quite terrible. There wasn't even a way to describe it.

Djaq was the first to be at her side. The Saracen woman managed to gently roll her on to her back. Her hand went to the unconscious woman's forehead, and immediately she pulled it away. "Fever. I think she had it bad too."

Robin and the other men stood around the girl looking down at her in wonder. "We'll take her back to camp then." Their leader spoke. It was Little John who immediately went and picked up the sickly woman.

"Poor thing..." He spoke under his breath looking down at her.

It wasn't long before they had her lying on a mat. Djaq did her thing, and was sitting with her supplies, mixing up some sort of tonic, while occasionally re-dampening the cloth that was placed on her fore head. Despite her obvious, extremely sick appearance, they weren't staring at the woman for that reason. She wasn't even that beautiful compared to some. An easy example being Marian. No, that wasn't it at all. It was her clothes.

The woman was clad in a black short sleeved shirt with the grotesque image of a man holding a knife on the front. Across the top it read, 'Iron Maiden', and along the bottom was, 'Killers'. Her pants where simple, black and a little tight, while a spiked belt went around her hip. On her feet where boots that went just above the ankle, that lazed up. Her fingernails were painted black, and it looked as if her lips where too at one point, judging from the smudges. She was dressed like nothing they had ever seen before. Ever, ever, if you get my point.

"What you think she was doing roamin' about, dressed like that?" Much asked, finally breaking the silence. Of course, it was directed at Robin.

"I have no idea." Was all he could say. Eventually they all disappeared to do their own thing. Much, going to his 'kitchen' to obviously go and cook. Will and them went to help Robin with stuff, and Djaq continued doctoring up the odd woman.

Those voices... She could hear them again. This time they were much closer. The woman felt much to tired still to open her eyes, but she could still hear them. But this didn't last long before she fell asleep again. She wasn't even awake long enough to decide how she felt.

The raven haired woman had the weirdest dream though. It was just one word being repeated over and over again.


What was 'Grey'? She knew very well that it was a color. But maybe it meant something else. Was it her name?

Sometime later, she opened her eyes. For the first time in what felt like forever, everything seemed clear. Before it had been like she had been looking through a fogged up window almost. And then suddenly, a boy's face was there. It was only natural for a confused person to be sort of shocked by this sudden appearance. She immediately jumped to her feet and found herself lying once again on the ground. Her head was suddenly hurting again too and her stomach felt very much, shaken up.

"It's ok! I'm not going to hurt you." He spoke. The boy reached for her, but the closer his hand got, the more, the now decided, Grey scooted back. Despite still feeling a tad on the awful side, Grey found herself on her feet and running/wobbling as best as she could away from the boy. Being blinded from the sudden sunlight though, she failed to notice until it was too late that she had run in to another man.

"Well, I see that she's up." He stated. Grey swung her fist at him, effectively getting the unsuspecting man in the stomach with a surprising force, coming from someone as small looking as she did. He let out a gasp, as Grey made an awkward dash around him. She heard the boy exclaim something, but she didn't catch it.

Grey found her vision to be blurring again and she stumbled and tripped. Everything went silent as she took yet another fall to the ground, landing on her knees. She didn't notice the people around her, or that they were staring at her in slight surprise. Then suddenly someone grabbed her from behind. Grey started to struggle and tried to free herself from the grasp. "Let me go!" she shouted in a slightly slurred voice.

"Djaq! We need to knock her out... or something! We don't have time for this right now! Hurry!" The man holding her called over in the direction she just ran. "Calm down!"

The woman struggled and made failed attempts at elbowing him and trying to kick them somehow managing to ignore the searing pain in her ribs. "Let go, let go, let go! I want to go home!" Somewhere in the back of her mind she was telling herself how stupid that was to say. She wasn't sure she even knew what a home was at this moment. As she continued to fight and shout for her 'freedom', a series of retching and terrible coughs suddenly emerged from her throat.

"It's ok! We are not going to hurt you." Whoever stood behind her spoke in to her ear. "Djaq, hurry up, please!"

The boy called, 'Djaq' was suddenly in front of her again. But Grey hardly even notice. She was too busy coughing her guts out practically. She felt some one tilt her head up, then a liquid that tasted somewhat like strawberries was poured in to her mouth. And to her own surprise, she swallowed it without any resistance.

And then, she was out again.

Grey didn't know how long she had been sleeping. And she wasn't sure if she should care. What woke her though was the shouting of someone being a traitor. And then something else about killing and not being funny. She opened her eyes and looked slowly in the direction of where all the yelling was coming from. Up the small cliff formation that circled the camp, by a tree was a man in black leather tied with his hands about his head and a gag in his mouth. Everyone was standing there arguing about something.

Then the one word her ears caught that bothered her the most was 'torture'. Then the man in black was suddenly punched. They were going to torture him?! To be honest she didn't care what happened to the tied up man. She needed to get out of here. Where ever here was. Grey waited until she was sure none of them happened to be looking in her direction and then she got to her feet quickly. Once again, pain shot through her side. But she would have to live with it. She heard another loud commotion coming from the group of men, and the largest of them suddenly hit the shouting one over the head with his staff! Yes, she was going to freaking live with it.

With one hand gripping her side she made a mad and painful dash in the opposite direction of the. Unknown to her, she caught the tied up man's attention. This got everyone else's.

"Looks like she's up again." Will spoke up. "John, can you... tie up Robin maybe? We best get her before she injures herself more. Or worse."

He and Allen quickly went off the running girl. They gained on her quick enough, as she had a limp as she ran. That wasn't her 'final factor' so to speak though. The lace on one of her shoes came undone and she stepped on it and landed on her damaged side. She let out a cry of pain.

Allen and Will got there quick enough and tried to hold down the thrashing woman as best as they could without hurting her. "Stop! You're going to make it worse!"

In Grey's mind she was thinking something along the lines of, 'No shit Sherlock.' Whoever that was. But she continued to fight at them until her pain become rather unbearable.

"We won't hurt you. Promise." The blonde one spoke as she started to calm down. "We are just trying to help you get better."

Soon she found herself sitting on the ground between the two trees that held the shouting one and the man in black, with another blonde man who had introduced himself to be, 'Much'. The others had gone to get that boy that she had woken to at first. Djaq. She also found out that the shouting one was named Robin, and that the other man was Guy of Gisborne. Their enemy.

After reluctantly informing him of her name, after much insisting, Grey found a way to currently occupy her time. An intense stare down with the one called Guy. Sharp blue eyes met her dull grey.

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