Chapter 16

Grey managed to duck as the Sheriff threw a fork in her direction. From the corner of her eye she could see Guy flinch. "I'm thinking that I should regret letting you live!" The bald man shouted at her. "We had one of Robin Hood's men. And he got away!" The woman dodged a cup that was thrown in her direction. "You are our spy. Do you not understand what the concept of a spy is?! It could have been the perfect trap!"

"Well then, as a spy I will inform you that it wasn't any of Robin Hood's men that got Allen out." Not a total lie. Grey didn't really consider herself to be one of Robin's men. Especially not now. "I can hardly say that it was my fault that you're guards are drop dead useless. Especially if they can't stop one man from escaping."

The Sheriff looked like he was going to blow something up with his mind. More specifically, he looked like he was going to blow Grey up with his mind. Then Guy stepped in.

"It is highly possible that the Night Watchman was the one who did it."

"The Night Watchman." The Sheriff repeated, practically spitting the name out like it was poison. His narrowed eyes went back and forth between Guy and Grey. "Get out!" The two glanced at each other and with no complaints went to leave the room as quick as they possibly could. "Oh and Grey." The woman stopped and slowly looked in the direction of the tooth studded Sheriff. "You better hope that I don't find out that you are failing to give away information. You won't like the outcome."

Grey gritted her teeth. "Yes, sir." The woman tried to control her tone, keeping it from going neutral to mocking. As she went to pull the door shut behind her, the Sheriff's plate flew at her. She managed to shut it quick enough that it shattered against the door and not her skull.

The minute that she walked out of that door though, she suddenly was feeling woozy. A feeling that she knew way to well to be healthy. Her vision started to black out and as she fell to the ground she felt, what she assumed to be, Guy catch her small frame. Then everything went completely black.

When her 'vision' came back, she automatically knew that it was one of her dreams. Or memories. Grey wasn't entirely sure what they were. It didn't make sense for them to be a memory. They where way to different from everything she had seen so far.

At any rate, she was standing in the middle of a dark room with something wet and squishy in one of her hands. The lights suddenly flickered on and her eyes immediately flew to the object in her hand. Her dripping, bloody hand. It looked like a heart. It felt like it too. It was demented how amazed she felt at the feeling of it beating in her hand. As the beating slowed to a stop, her dull colored eyes followed the little trail of blood splatters on the floor to a very much lifeless looking body with a large hole in the left side of a blonde woman's chest.

From the corners of the room she heard the monotone voice of a man say, "Subject White, terminated."

The metal door opened and two men in an odd looking, black, full body armour and helmets came in to the room. The taller of the two grabbed the woman the woman under her arms and started to half drag her out of the room. The shorter one walked around looking at the mess on the floor and in Grey's hand. He gave a nod before his hand went up to the side of his helmet and pressed on something.

"Send in Subject Blue." The man didn't even give Grey a glance as he walked out of the room. As the door shut another one on the opposite end of the room opened and in walked a tall, well built looking man with short black hair and green eyes was marched in with two men in the same armour as the others. One of them un-cuffed his hands from behind his back and then they both quickly left the room, shutting and locking the door behind them.

The man's green eyes went to the heart in Grey's hand as it dropped to the ground. The woman lifted a boot clad foot and brought it down on the blood pumping muscle, with a loud squish noise. Then his eyes went back to her face.

"Grey, we don't have to do this. We can resist. Refuse to fight." Grey didn't say anything as the two suddenly heard a count down from thirty begin. "We can get out of here and go back home to our families together. Be happy again."

"My family sold me to this stupid project. Why would I want to go back to them, if not to slaughter them?" Her voice sounded cold enough to freeze an erupting volcano. "Thank you for the offer Blue, but I'm going to have to say no."

"They screwed with you mind to much." She heard the man that she had called, 'Blue' mutter. "Do you like to kill, Grey? Is it really what you want to spend half the remainder of your life doing? Being miserable and killing? You're not even getting anything out of it." Blue took a step or two closer to the blood covered Grey. In the back ground she could hear the irritating, monotone voice of the countdown get to five.

"I get a chance to start over." Grey spoke. The countdown was at three now. "You were a good friend, Blue. But I've come to realize that friends are irrelevant and only tie you down." The man looked hurt as a loud beep went off.

Grey felt her body leap in to action as she ran at Blue, with her bloody fingers curled like claws.

"I'm sorry." The man said as he dodged her attack. "I can't change your mind. No one ever could." He gave a sad laugh as he dodged a punch from the smaller woman. "But I'm not going to die here. And I'm not going to have my death on your conscience." The man threw a punch, successfully managing to hit Grey in the shoulder.

The said woman, gave a small grunt in pain, but didn't let it show on her face. As Blue went to attack again, she dropped to her knees and quickly reached up and grabbed his wrist in a steal grip as it flew over her head. She fell back on to her back, pulling Blue down with her. As his muscular body fell towards her, she stuck her foot up, where it connected hard with his gut. The man let out a gasp of pain, and his eyes seemed to bulge out in surprise as he flipped over on to his back behind Grey.

She stood up and turned to face the man as he lay on his back. She walked over to him, giving him a hard kick in the side, right around where his kidney was located. He let out another gasp of pain and his hand shot out to grab her ankle. Grey lifted it out of the way and brought it down hard on his wrist, where she heard a satisfying crack.

Grey crouched down beside him. "It was nice to know you. I fully believe that you are going to go to heaven. I wish that I could meet you there someday, but I doubt that, that will be." Grey took his head in her hands and with one hard smash, brought it in to the ground. Blood started to pool around his head. She watched as his eyes rolled back in to his head and his eyes closed. She could hear his breathing start to slow to a stop. "Don't worry about my conscience while you're up there."

"Subject Blue, terminated." Then everything started to fade again.

The woman sat up at what felt like break neck speed. Her whole body started to tremble and she felt an unfamiliar emotion of self-loathing and grief. As much as Grey wanted to believe that, that had been all just a dream she seriously doubted it was. It was a memory.

Grey had an urge to start vomiting. But nothing ever seemed to come up when she vomited. It was just painful dry heaving. Rolling out of the way to warm bed, on to the cold stone floor she fell on to her hands and knees and heaved painfully over, and over again.

The door swung open and she heard the concerned voice of Guy calling her name as he quickly ran over to her. Grey tasted a salty tinge added to the acid like taste in her mouth. Then it hit her. She was actually crying. That was why her body was shaking. And probably why almost silent sobs emitted from her throat.

"Grey, What's wrong?!" She felt his strong arms wrap around her body and hold her tightly against him.

To say that Guy was surprised was an understatement as Grey cried in to the crook of his shoulder and neck. As he pressed the shaking, sobbing woman tightly against him, trying to run his fingers soothingly through her long hair, both failed to notice Marian staring in shock from the doorway.

Another chapter finished~ Sorry if I made Grey's memory a bit to long =/ I'm working on getting her past out of the way. But I don't want to take up an entire chapter with just her flash backs, because then there would be no Grey/Guy moments, even if it was only one chapter. I like it better this way. Anyways, I don't know how the rest of you imagine this chapter, but the way I see it in my mind makes me think that I am mentally disturbed =/