Hi Guys :3

I'm so, so sorry I haven't updated this in so long! I while ago I wrote up the entire chapter for Clove's interview, which I was really, really pleased with, it was one of my favourite chapters I'd written so far...however, I forgot to save and close it before going and doing something else, and when I came back to publish the chapter, my little brother was sitting in front of the computer on Minecraft. He'd only gone and exited Microsoft, losing my work in the process. Since then I haven't really been inspired to keep writing, as any attempt I made at re-writing the original chapter just didn't match up to how good I remembered the old one to be. I'm so annoyed at myself for not saving it now -.- But yeah, I'll hopefully continue the story at some point, keep checking up on it!

I'm considering starting another fanfic as well, not sure which fandom to do though! I'm considering doing a Dramione one, and I've also just started getting into Game of Thrones, so maybe there'll be one with some characters from that in the future?

Anyway, thank you for continuing to read and review this fic, it means a lot! I'll try and get another chapter up soon :3

Taa guys! :) 3