The next day of training passes in no time at all, and me and Cato stick together through nearly all of it, training together at most stations, like archery, spears, sword fighting, and my favourite, knife throwing. Glimmer and Marvel join us too, but their mentors forced them to spend some time at the survival stations, which Cato and I had already decided were useless. What's the point? I doubt the games will last long enough to cause us to die of starvation, and finding water will be easy. Worst case scenario, if it turns out we will need those skills, Glimmer and Marvel will be helpful. That's what an alliance is for, I guess. But during the day, I keep a careful eye on that Katniss girl. I still can't get over the feeling that she's hiding something, and I watch her sometimes, trying to see if she shows her skill at one of the training stations, but apparently not. Maybe her mentor told her to save it for the Gamemakers, which I suppose was a good plan, as we now don't know what to expect from her when we get into the arena. Oh well, whatever it is, she won't be that difficult to defeat, not compared to our years of training. Eventually Atala, the training supervisor, announces that our training time is over, and that our chance to show the Gamemakers what we can do will be tomorrow, starting with the female from District 1, then the male, then District 2's tributes, all the way to the last district's offerings from 12. I smirk. If 12 is last, the Gamemakers will most likely be bored by then, and not even pay attention to Katniss, and just give her a low score, which equals no sponsors for her. Ha! That'll teach her for stealing the attention at the Tribute parade. Me and Cato enter the elevator, and he turns to me, excited.
'Looking forward to tomorrow? He asks, and he obviously is, judging by the expression on his face.
'Obviously, I can't wait to see the Gamemakers reactions to my throwing…they'll probably expect me to be all weak and helpless, giving my size, but then wham! They'll be surprised!' I giggle, beginning to anticipate the moment more and more.
'That's the spirit!' Cato grins 'And obviously there's a high score waiting for me…' He waits for my agreement, and I nod enthusiastically, appeasing him. The doors open, and we head straight for the dining room, hungry after the days training. The meal flies down my throat, and in no time at all I'm staring at an empty plate. Enobaria, Brutus and Nimi look in distaste at my non-existent manners. I shrug off their glares, and stand, scraping my chair back just to annoy them more, before heading to my room, holding in a chuckle. Once I get inside, I go to my bathroom, and dial in the necessary settings, and am at once bathed in strawberry scented foam, which is then sloshed away by steaming streams of hot water, which is a strange green colour. After being dried off, I change into some soft pyjama trousers, and slip on a silky cami top, then pause breathing in the delicious scent of the lotion that was slathered all over me by some machine back in the bathroom. Suddenly, a pair of arms slide around my waist, and I jump, giving out a small shriek of surprise. Lips find my neck, and I melt into the intruder's arms for a moment, before snapping back to my senses.
'Cato!' I whisper-shout, twisting in his arms to find his face. He stares down at me, a cheeky grin on his face as he leans down to kiss me. Our lips touch, and I relax in his arms, letting him take control. But then I come to a realisation, and pull away.
'Cato…how long have you been in here?' I ask nervously, praying that he wasn't…
'Um…' The guilty look on his face says it all.
'You were in here whilst I was getting changed?!' I hiss, backing away completely, completely freaked out at this invasion of my privacy.
His face is a mask of guilt mixed with horror at my reaction.
'Yes, but I didn't look, I promise! Seriously Clove, once I realised what you were doing, I turned away…I didn't even peek, I swear! I wouldn't invade your space like that!' He protests, reaching for me. I take in his words, considering whether there is truth behind his statement. I look at him again, and his face is full of remorse, obviously regretting his decision to try and surprise me. But he really does look sorry, and I take a step towards him, closing the distance I'd but between us. He looks so upset by my anger at his actions, that I decide to believe him, and pull him in for a hug.
'Okay' I whisper. 'I believe you'
He relaxes, hugging me tightly back. He sweeps some hair from my face, tucking it behind my ear, and that suggestive grin fills his face again.
'That's not to say I wasn't tempted…' He smirks, and I gasp, mock slapping him.
'How very dare you! 'I cry, in a parody of a posh Capitol accent, a smile beginning to form.
'Oh but I do dare…' he rasps, before leaning in to kiss me again, this time more passionately, his arms gently lifting me as he moves towards the bed. We kiss heavily, rolling around, him pinning me to the bed with his weight, me occasionally gaining the upper hand and straddling him. He moans, and I get the sense that he wants…more. I remove my lips, and kiss down his neck, before returning to his mouth for one last snog. I don't think I'm ready to go any further, and I think he's realised that, as I climb off him, laying my head on his chest as he strokes my hair. He turns to the side, his front against my back, and he locks his arms around me, keeping me safe and warm.
'Goodnight Clove' He says softly, his lips brushing my cheek, before wriggling to get comfy. I relax in his hold, and I snuggle down, my eyes closing.
'Night, Cato…' I murmur back, the smile still on my face, as the world fades to black.