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Bishops and Babies?

David put the phone down and sighed heavily. It seemed the phone call with the aging Bishop had not gone well. He pinched the bridge of his nose and glanced at the bottle of single malt on the table, absentmindedly wondering if it was too early to pour himself a glass.

"Hello." Alice beamed.

"Father." Hugo carried baby Geraldine on his hip. The little girl gave her grandfather a gummy grin. David couldn't help but soften at the sight of the little girl.

"I just spoke to the Bishop."

"Now Father." Hugo stood up to his full height. "I thought we had agreed not to involve him."

"Well, he had to know. Shame the stupid old man still lives in the last century."

"Oh no. Does he? I bet that makes things really hard. I mean how would he get anywhere?"

"Alice." David started, already exasperated by the younger woman.

"No, think about it. We're in this century, yeah? And if the Bishop is in the last century he's always going to be behind. Isn't he? Never really catching up."

"For once Alice, you may have a point."


Geraldine stared at the television, her mind full of possibilities. Each one was worse than the last. Harry stayed in the kitchen, glad to have her home but worried about what may happen now. He waited for the kettle to boil, hoping that now she was home Geraldine would slow down and stop worrying so much. The doorbell rang once and he knew his hopes were in vain.

"Owen." She smiled as she opened the front door.

"Oh nothing." The farmer paused. "I just wanted to say I'm glad you are home and I hope everything is ok with the little one."

"Oh." She smiled, genuinely touched by his concern. "Well, thank you Owen."

"And for what it's worth, this Harry bloke you married."

"Yees?" She waited for the inevitable critisim or crude comment.

"He's better than the other bloke. Whatshisface Horton's brother."

"Yes." Geraldine smiled as the farmer took his cloth cap off and put it on again. "Yes, he is."


"And?" She smiled.

"There's been talk of baby names. I was wondering if you had any thoughts? Only I was thinking of putting a bet on."

"No, goodbye Owen." She ushered him out of the house as Harry stood in the doorway and laughed.


"And then I told him if he insisted on that course of action I would take this higher." David explained as Alice sat biting her lip.

"Really, Father?" Hugo smiled, proud of his parent for the first time in years. "You said that?"

"I did."

"Bravo Father." Hugo beemed.

"What did he say?" Alice twisted her wedding rind as she spoke.

"That he would send a new vicar to replace our vicar permanently. And I told him we were more than happy with the current arrangement. That our vicar is Reverend Geraldine Kennedy nee Grainger and that was that and if he didn't like it I could put a call in to the Arch Bishop."

"You'd do that?" Hugo frowned.

"Well, yes. He's a decent sort of chap. And he owes me a few favours."

"Excuse me." All eyes fell on Geraldine as she stood in the doorway. "Door was open, I did knock. Sorry."

"Don't be." Alice got to her feet as David smiled at her warmly. "As I said he owes me a few favours."

"You know the Arch Bishop of Cantebury? The head of the Church of England? David!"

"We were in university together. As I say he is a decent sort of chap. Useless at cards but you can't have everything. Anyway, the upshot of it is, the Parish of Dibley is in your care until a time you see fit."

"Really?" Geraldine hugged him. "Thank you David. I don't know what to say."

"Nonsense." He smiled back, blushing furiously. "Nothing to be said. Now, there's been talk of baby names."


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