Hi! So I was reading the Hunger Games and I wondered what would be going through Peeta's head when all this is happening. So I wrote Peeta's side of the Hunger Games. I hope you like it.

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I am awaken by a banging on my bedroom door. My mother is yelling for me to get up. I slowly rise up from under the sheets and walk over to the only window in my room. My window looks over the backyard of the bakery. The window is pretty small like the rest of my room because my room is the smallest one of the entire bakery. There are six rooms in total and three bathrooms. There are three upstairs and three downstairs. The three upstairs are claimed by my parents and two older brothers. The three downstairs are claimed by me and the bakery. The actual bakery itself is one large room divided in the front. The room next to me is the bakery storage area. Now my mom is telling me to come to the table for breakfast. I didn't realize that I was staring blankly out the window I keep open when I sleep. I quickly shut the window and walk out to find that my family has already started eating without me. I sit down in the empty chair and eat my toast and eggs in silence. This is natural for my family, especially on Reaping Day. Today is the day that the Capitol selects one girl and boy between the ages of 12 and 18 to participate in the Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games is an event where 24 tributes fight to the death until one remains to be crowned victor. District 12 has only one living victor named Haymitch Abernathy. He is a drunk who won the 50th Hunger Games. District 12 is the poorest district of Panem. Seeing people starve to death is the normal here. The Hunger Games gives those starving families a chance for tessera. Tessera is when you can put in more entries in return of food. I think the whole Hunger Games thing is unfair, but no one is allowed to question the Capitol. Luckily no one in my family has to sign up for tessera, but I do feel bad for those who have to sign up for tessera. I keep wishing for something I could do to help these people, but what could a baker's son do. My oldest brother, Brody, breaks the silence.

"Are you nervous about today. You're fidgeting…like a lot," he tells me.

"No. I'm just not in the mood to eat," I say not looking up from my plate. I've been playing with my food this whole time.

"Well, if your not going to eat. Go get ready," my mother tells me coldly. After sixteen years of living with her I have gotten used to not being her favorite. I walk back to my room and get ready.

After about an hour, I'm all clean and dressed and my hair is brushed neatly on my head. I walk back to the kitchen preparing myself for today. The Reaping doesn't start until two o'clock, but at one o'clock we're suppose to head to the square to sign in. The only ones to sign in is me and my other brother Seth. In the meantime my brothers and I knead the dough we're going to bake later. We work in silence until I speak up.

"So, Seth. This is your last year your eligible. You have to be relieved about that, right," I ask him. He glances at me and back at the dough he's working on.

"Yeah. I just hope that I don't get picked," he says to me. Everybody hopes they don't get picked, but two people will get picked anyway. I still have this year and two years after that to worry about. I hope to lighten his mood for today. I don't want him to keep worrying about today. I can tell he's nervous by the way he's kneading the dough.

"Don't worry everything will be okay," I tell him. I don't like to see anybody distressed even people I don't know.

At one o'clock my family and I head out toward the square to sign in. My parents and Brody take their place in the crowd while me and Seth get in line to sign in. I look over the group of kids that has began to gather. My eyes immediately land on a small group containing a little girl with blonde hair with the look of fear on her face. A dark browned girl kneels before her trying to calm her down. The little girl is Primrose Everdeen and the girl comforting her is her older sister Katniss Everdeen. These girls have been through a lot since their dad died. Every year on Reaping Day I hope that Katniss never gets picked and now I hope Primrose doesn't get picked either. This is her first year so I understand why she is so scared. I've been so preoccupied watching them that I didn't notice that I was next in line.

"Hand please." The lady tells me. She pricks my finger and draws the blood that appeared and scans it. Then I'm off towards the group of sixteen year old boys. The clock strikes two and the mayor walks up to the podium. He begins to tell us the same old story about the history of Panem and the Dark Days all leading up to the creation of the Hunger games. I've stopped listening like I do every year around the middle of the story. Right now I'm hoping like I always do that Katniss, Seth, Delly, Calum, and now Primrose don't get selected. I also hope I don't get selected either. At this point the mayor has stopped talking and Haymitch staggers on stage obviously very drunk. The crowd applauses including me because I find it funny watching Haymitch try and a give Effie Trinket a big hug. The look on the mayor's face is priceless. I guess he knows like the rest of us that District 12 is the laughing stock right now of Panem. He quickly introduces Effie Trinket, District 12's escort. She walks up to the podium with her pink hair and green suit and says bright and bubbly

" Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!" She starts ranting on about what an honor it is to be here. Here comes the moment I dread when she selects the names of the two tributes. "Ladies first," she says and walks over to a glass ball containing the girl's names. She digs around the ball and pulls out a slip of paper. She walks back over to the podium and you could hear the crowd collect their breath as she reads out the name. "Primrose Everdeen." Oh, no.

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