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This is another Bunny x Jack.

Like in 'Alice in Wonderland' Jack falls down the rabbit hole. But instead of the Red Queen, Pitch threatens Wonderland. Tooth is the White Queen, Sandy is that weird caterpillar that smokes. North is the Mad Hatter, and you can guess who Bunnymund is, right?

Enjoy! ~

"-and 48 is equal to- Jack? Jack are you listening?" Jack stared out the window, the ground covered in snow. All he wanted to do was to run outside and play.

"Jack?" he's teacher asked again.

"Hum?" He turned around to see her with her hands on her hips.

"Jack, what will it take for you to pay attention?"

The timer went off.

"Well, I guess our lesson is done for today." She closed the book as Jack ran out the door. She watched out the window as Jack played in the snow.

"Honestly, he's almost 17, and he still plays in the snow like a child!" The teacher complained to Jack's father.

"He will learn," He said absent-mindly. "King me." He laughed at his chess game.

"He needs to learn now! He is to be married soon!"

"That, is not of your concern." He said slowly, stroking his chin he moved a pawn.

"Come on, BT!" Jack yelled to his puppy. BT, short for Baby Tooth, yipped and jumped threw the snow, only to be barred. Jack laughed and scooped her up and carried to the edge of the forest.

"I wonder," Jack started. Then a tall and fast shadow ran from a few trees.

Jack caught the sight of it, a 6 foot tall grey-blue, rabbit?

"Hey!" Jack called out, making the figure stop. The hare crouched down on all fours, and turned its head to look at Jack. Hunter green eyes pierced deep blue ones.

"Sorry mate, but I don't got time." He scratched his cheek with his back foot then hopped off.

"Wait up!" Jack set down BT, and chased the talking rabbit.

Jack last saw the rabbit crawl into a tunnel.

'now how could a 6 foot rabbit fit in there?' Jack peaked in, it was black, but he pressed on and army crawled threw, with Baby Tooth on his feet, quite literally.

"Now where did he go?" Jack felt along the walls of the tunnels, and didn't reach out in time to feel the drop.

"Whha!" Jack fell down the rabbit hole.

Baby Tooth jump after him and landed in his arms.

Cliffhanger! No Bunnymund is not the white hare.

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