Chapter one: BRAINIAC

"Wake up, Son of Kal-l."

My eyes open. I'm cold, naked, eyes wandering, my mind floating in questions. A memory of a fight flashes in my head.

Although water surrounds me, I am able to breath. I must be in some sort of bottle. I look around, confused. Panicking.

I notice a being approaching from outside. I didn't know how scared I was, until I hear the screams coming from my mouth, but it's muffled by something I can't see.

He's getting closer, his hand reaching for the glass. I was looking at the strange being and it looked completely alien to me.

"Please don't hurt me," I say, but the words, quiet as they are, are drowned out by the whatever-it-was which muffles any sound I make. I close my eyes. If he's about to hurt me, I don't want to see.

I don't want to see the last few moments of the nine years I've had a chance to live slip through my fingers.

Then the glass shatters and I'm on the floor. I rip the object from my mouth. Then my lungs tense. I can't breathe. The being gently picks me up, like a baby, and he presses me against his chest.

I struggle to breathe and I notice my fingertips have a slightly blue tone to them. I cross my eyes, trying to look at my nose. It was a disturbingly delicate shade of pastel blue.

"Concentrate, small child. Now breathe." The entity instructs.

I gasp desperately, and feel a bit of oxygen enter my system. I lift my head and look at him.

He meets my gaze, and as I look into his eyes, I feel something on my chest, forcing me to draw breath. As my breathing improves, it withdraws. Then he holds me, and I feel my arms responding instinctively, returning the warm gesture.

"Thank you," I say, offering him a kiss.

The being looks at me for a moment before lowering me to the floor. He holds on to me until he's sure I can walk. I'm still naked, so I cover myself.

I stand there as he speaks, "You are a Kryptonian half breed. While you are here, you will learn knowledge. For it is through knowledge that doors will open themselves, and your true powers will become focused."

"What are you?" I ask quickly.

"I'm the brain interactive construct."

"I'm Jason." I tell him. "What is this place?" I ask, curious. "And can I call you Brainy?"

The being speaks again "You're on my vessel, amongst the cosmos. You have potential and I will help you realize it."

"What potential? I'm just a… "

"A life form with abilities that humans could only dream of having." The being cuts in.

"But I'm just a kid. What powers have I got, and what is it to you?"

"In time your questions will be answered," the being says, "In the meantime, we must pay a visit to an old friend of mine."

He picks me up again, and carries me to a room with a little table in it. He put me on the table. I feel a breeze and shivers race up my spine.

I curl myself into a ball, "Brainy, I'm so cold." I say, shivering.

The being looks at me and presses a button. Suddenly, I feel warm and I'm much more comfortable. I look up.

"What old friend are you talking about, Brainy?"

The being looks down at me.

My body feels tight and tense. I never realized how tiny I was compared to him.

"So you're not going hurt me?" I say while by body eases up.

"No, child." Brainy answers "As I informed you earlier, you have potential which I hope for you to reach." The being continues. "You could do many things, Jason but you need a vital component. We are going to my home world, and I need you to behave when we get there."

"Ok," I answers excited.

"Now, child, get comfortable, I'm setting a course for my home planet. I will return shortly."

The being starts to walk away. I can't help but follow. I'm so scared. The place is too dark.

I jump off the table. As I hit the floor, there's a loud thud. I hear myself yelp. I had landed on my hands and knees, and I hurt.

I find the strength to get to my knees. The burning pain fades. I follow slowly, going into a weird entrance.

I feel uneasy, until I see the room. It's full of windows, which are showing stars.

Wow, it's so beautiful! The stars shine beautifully.

Then I hear him, "I said I was returning, child."

"I'm so sorry. Please, I was so scared."

He walks towards me and looks down on me. Then Brainy speaks. "Don't be scared, Jason." He says calmly. He gently presses his hands on my shoulders.

I look up at him slowly, and smile for good measure. "Can I stay here with you, please? I want to stay with you."

Brainy goes to the controls, sitting down on a chair.

I go to sit on his lap and snuggle with him.

Brainy looks down at me, and I feel warm when I see his face. I think he's smiling.

Brainy takes his arm and wraps it around me. His gentle arms wrap around my exposed skin. I feel my eyes getting heavy and I drift off to sleep.

I'm floating, a yellow light shining on me. I feel stronger. I'm flying. I feel free, like an angel. Then I feel a warm presence. Child, you must realize your destiny. Then I wake up in the arms of Brainy in the same position we've both been for hours.

I turn my head, rubbing my eyes and look up at Brainy. I notice something. Brainy's looking at a planet, and it's beautiful.

"Here is where I was activated, Jason. This is where my quest for knowledge began. And your first step in your quest begins."

I don't understand some of the things he says, and it makes me kind of nervous.

He gets up with me in his arms. He's taking me somewhere. Before I know it, we're outside and I'm in shock. There were computers and robots everywhere and aliens as well.

It's a futuristic city. I look up at Brainy.

He's a pale man with strange eyes and something on his forehead. It's three white circles. He puts me down and then kisses me and says I should stay near the vessel.

Then Brainy is gone, and I have to stay here alone, surrounded by weird aliens.

Then I see a boy. At least, I think it's a boy. He looks a lot like Brainy. But he had some differences I thought to myself. I know I might get into trouble, but I need to talk to him. I figure I can get back to the ship before Brainy gets back.

I follow him. He looks back at me.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"Brainiac 5," the child says. Then he runs away.

I continue following him. He's a lot faster than most people. Then I see something, so I hide behind the wall.

Brainiac 5 trips. He was holding something in his hand, but it brakes when he lands.

"Oh no!" Brainiac 5 cries out.

"Brainiac 5, is the report with you?"

"It's broken." Brainiac 5 whimpers, "Please give me another chance. I could rebuild it!" he pleads.

"You are an imperfect being, Brainiac 5. Imperfection must be corrected." The robotic being says.

I'm frozen to where I stand. He looks scared.

"Don't hurt him!" I yell. Everything seems hot. I'm scared. But I stand my ground and face them. "He's trying! It's not his fault I walked in front of him."

Then a beam shoots from one's eyes. Everything hurts. My eyes shut, and I'm hoping it'll go away. I can't think clearly.

"Don't hurt him!" Brainiac 5 screams. He steps up to them, trembling slightly. But then he jumps up and punchs one of the robots.

They all stop and look at him. Everything feels cold. I know we're both dead. We're shocked when a flash of red light blinds us. The same robot that had hurt me is destroyed.

"Brainiac, what is the meaning of this?" One of the robots asked.

I look up. It's Brainy who saved us.

My stomach twist. I'm scared he is going to hit me when he's done.

"Brainiac, your programing is having a malfunction. Correct it or we will delete you."

Brainiac destroys another robot, and then looks at the third. The third robot looks at him. The metal plating was frozen, but I knew it was in disdainful.

Brainiac smashes his fist in the head, and it blows up.

Brainiac turns to us.

I'm in trouble, I think to myself.

He's approaching us. I close my eyes, preparing for more pain.

"It wasn't his fault," I hear Brainiac 5 say defensively, "He was protecting me and I broke my report."

"What is your name child?"

"Brainiac 5. I was created out of you."

Brainy looks at Brainiac 5.

"I take it that you're an extension of my programing."

"I'm sorry, Brainy. I saw him and he looked like you and I wanted to talk to him." I say.

Brainy puts his hand in my long hair gently. I look up at him.

"I didn't mind."

I'm in tears, "I'm sorry," I say, sobbing.

He kneels down and kisses me. I kiss him back and hug him tight.

"You're not mad at me?"

"No, Jason, it's time for you to know something."

"Thank you for saving me," I interrupt.

"You were the one to destroy the first artificial intelligence." Brainy says. "And you are developing your powers. I will also tell you your heritage," Brainy says.

Brainiac 5 interrupts. "Can I go with you?"

Brainy looks down at me.

"Please," I ask, "Let him come. We can be brothers."

"Yes, child," he answers. He wraps his arms around us both and we smile at one another in relief. We return to the ship to learn the truth.

Author's note: Jason is the son of Superman. This fic will chronicle Jason's training by Darkseid, his reunification with his father, and Jason's journey to becoming a hated villain and tyrant. the story is being beta thanks starwarrior and supernurse