I look down to the ground the primitive vehicles destroyed by Zod and his disciples. He shall die for all of this I hear them my father beating them. HEY I yell catching the attention of one of his friends it's a hot woman but true beauty lies within. I fly towards her at 500 miles tackling her into a building. YOU DEAR HALF BREED, yes bitch I shot the eye beams at her she he knocked back and I punch her and I fly out a window in the mood of playing tag I land in front of a building with globe on it. She is faster and stronger so I must take a different approach. I reach in my belt and I put on the kryptonite ring Lex Luther so kindly donated to me. Oh come here bitch I have something for you. You dear half breed she flies towards me and tries to strike me but I duck and use the ring and land a punch on her cheek then strike her with my other hand she is dazed the kryptonite taking effect.

I fly to a car and grab it, it hurts a bit but my strength is replenished by the kryptonite she is hit by the car. She is weakened by the kryptonite. But she hits me I fly towards a giant stick called a traffic light. I get the kryptonite ring and punch her in the stomach and then the face. She flies towards a car she is bruised my strength growing by the kryptonite. So little girl had enough I kick her in the knee. I take the kryptonite and I put it on her head watch her in pain. I get the ring and punch her knocking her out. Dad dealt with the stupid one as evident with him on the ground beaten. I hear my daddy 1000 feet away fighting a man who is as strong as he is. I know that I might be killed so I run fast and kick him. Using the fighting techniques taught to me by darkseid and the internet.

He stumbles and I twist and elbow him in the kidney area. He is dazed but recovers; this is your spawn Kal-l. You bet it I yelled Jason leave this is between him and me my father yelled. NO he dies now; I jump on him hitting him in the throat. He throws me off him and tries to kick me but my father tackles him. I fly in the air looking for something, Uncle Perry now that's something he is waving at me to come. What's wrong Perry? You have to help Clark he was defeated before using red sun radiation. That's at the fortress and unfortunately the crystals are in space I need them to activate the fortress even then the effects of the red sun aren't permanent since there is no way to take away Kryptonian powers. So what do we do Perry asked?

Simple we need something a gun can suffice. He hands me one of the guns from the dead officers that he picked up to defend himself. Thanks I fly the skyscrapers shrinking under me. I see Zod and dad fighting in the sky I tackle Zod and I punch him in his right cheek he hits me back, I fall a bit the punch hurt but I recovered. I fly at him kicking him in the noise. He bleeds and I punch him again. He counters with a side punch but I block it and I knee him. You're impressive Jason now pledge your allegiance to me, NEVER IM MY OWN MASTER I use my 2 hands and with them I smashed him like a hammer.

He fly's but gains his balance so Jason you choose your father fate. Jason my father flies at Zod smashing him in a building. I take out the gun and put the kryptonite in the bullet compartment and I loaded it. Zod dies now I fly towards the building he is fighting my father in a battle of dominance my father punches him and Zod kicks him. He looks at me and I get the gun and aim. The gun goes off with and the next thing i see is Zod grabing his chest he fell and is breathing hard the kryptonite projectile hitting close to his heart if not hitting it directly. JASON WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. Dad flies towards me and gets the gun. I HAVE TO GET HIM IN THE HOSPITAL; he grabs Zod and flies out the building. I did what I had to we all know that. I fly the anger inside of me I fly out of the building tears formed in my eyes my father hates me doesn't he. I fly the speed increases 600 miles per hour 620 630 640 650 I don't care if I get exhausted I fly away from the city. He doesn't understand he never understands, my speed is steady and I fly to grandma's house the only place other than the fortress I could clear my head. I was there the tears ever more present on my cheeks I land the farm is 100 feet away. I run as fast as I can to the house but I slow down and open the door grandma is there she looks at mom and she is worried but I have no time I run upstairs taking off my clothes and jumping on the bed crying on the pillows. My father hates me does he; I'm scared I know daddy will be angry.

Jason what are you doing I yelled at myself this isn't what you do crying like a baby. I got up wiping the tears a hint of sadness strikes me I want to cry. Then I hear him he's landed he is walking slowly to the house his heartbeat distinguishable. JASON he calls but I will not answer I'm mad at him he is weak. I want to fly away I look outside he is on the other side of the house opening the door to the front. I bound and gravity has no sway I fly the wind brush against my face the sun is fueling me. JASON my father calls but he is going to have to catch me. My dad is flying towards me chasing me. I'm not as fast as he is so he catches up I just float there not looking at him. JASON YOU ALMOST KILLED HIM Jason do you know what you do is wrong? Jason look at me, I don't hate him I partially understand him. I look at him rage showing in my eyes, Jason you almost killed him do you realize that there are consequences. THIS ISNT JUST ZOD JASON YOU ALSO SUCEEDED IN KILLING OTHER CRIMINALS he snapped! AND THAT MATTERS DAD I DID WHAT YOU HAD DID TO ME YOU KILLED ME! JASON I DIDN'T YOUR BODY WAS MISSING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, YOU LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE EEE YOU BETRAYED ME I SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH DARKSEID IF HE DIDN'T BETRAYED ME! JASON I WILL NEVER DO THAT JASON I LOVE YOU, YOU MEAN MORE TO ME THEN ANYTHING YOU BOTH MEAN MORE TO ME YOU AND BRAINY YOU BOTH ARE STILL MY SONS NO MATTER WHAT! I LOVE YOU JASON I KNOW YOU FEEL BETRAYED I SHOULD HAVE NEVER LEFT YOU UNPROTECTED. BUT YOU ARE HERE NOW AND JASON I DON'T WANT YOU TO KILL it will only hurt yourself. WELL THAT'S TO BAD FATHER I WILL KILL MORE PEOPLE I WILL FINISH THE JOB. JASON, NO YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE STOP ME AND YOU WON'T WITHOUT A FIGHT. JASON ENOUGH YOU ARE GROUNDED, YOU HAVE NO SAY DAD YOU ARE A COWARD AND I HATE YOU. JASON STOP THIS he flows towards me I blast away from him but he grabs me. Jason calm down my tears is falling freely from my face. I hug him tight this is much more than the common father son hug. I'm sorry daddy I'm just different I'm so very sorry I sobbed as he hugged back he rocks me he is kissing me singing me a song. You need time to adjust your very special to me I'm sorry I yelled at you. You will recover I will be there I will raise you I will never leave you or do anything to harm you. Thanks daddy I'm glad you're my father I'm glad that I have 2 daddies that will be there no matter what. That's right me mommy and your other daddy will help you recover. I love you daddy, I love you too he kisses me. Can I and brainy sleep with you tonight well Jason the day is still young so you know with Zod and his three minions gone want to complete our date? Yeah I hug him softly as we fly back to the island to bond we have fun we wrestle until I am tired I rest my head on his chest as we fly home brainy is there also tired we go into his room cuddling together and darkness claimed us.