I look at the army quite not what I expected but enough none the less apparently my father did not want to kill all his warriors, I look at them knowing that this isn't going to be easy at all but I got a good charge up. They are hundreds of feet away; I was there with armor and a sword my powers are developing so I would need it. I was there waiting for the call, FOR DARKSEID! Yep that one, I stood as they ran they would be here in a minute so I have to run at them. I work my feet as I get close the ground shakes, I swing my sword killing 5 with one swing they all surround me covering the sight. I slice through them the way that guy did it in curse of the golden flower accept with my strength my sword and my eyebeams. I smash ones skull while breaking another's leg, I shoot one with an eyebeam and another by chopping off his head. I was fighting through them killing them, I remember him my pathetic father hurting me choosing that pathetic planet OVER ME!


I look at what was once Jason's room now it has a grieving brother, is brainy holding out Anson asked. I don't know Anson, I look at him he is a very strong and brave person the only friend Jason would call his equal if not physically. Don't worry Angela Jason will come back I can promise you that much, you don't know that what if he comes back for me and brainy with an army what then. Then we must fight I'm scared and all but I know that we might all die Clark will lose I can guarantee that, ANSON DON'T SAY THAT I realize I should not have done that. Sorry but he is the worst man of all a man with nothing to lose and will stop at nothing to get revenge. What can we do then, we must find Jason we need to hope I mean yes I am probably not a super like you guys but I do know what I'm talking about.


Hi brainy what's wrong, get out he said like a small immature teen, I SAID GET OUT! Brainy I know your scared I know you want, FUCK OFF did he just curse. Brainy he loves you, HE WAS MORE OF A FATHER TO ME THEN THAT FLYING GAY FUCK IN TIGHTS EVER WILL BE! I know people like this angry and in need of comfort, brainy let me in please. He looks at me the lines on his skin glowing including his triangle he also has red eyes, brainy calm down please look at me breathe. Puny human trying to appeal to my humanity, I WILL NOT STOP TILL THIS WORLD BURNS TILL EVERY SINGLE THING MY FATHER REPRESENTS IS GONE! HE HAS TO DIE FOR WHAT HE DID TO JASON MY REAL FATHER! Brainy was gone he was like Brainiac but with emotions, brainy stop please. Stop he repeats, I WILL STOP YOUR HEART! He punches me to a wall grabbing my neck I pretend to gasp, brainy please don't do it. He lets go, get the fuck out of my room and if you don't I will kill every loved one and friend you have slave. I walk out knowing that my family will not be pleased by the news.


Why are you here slave aren't you suppose to get my drink, brainy I'm not a slave. I slap my whoring mother, YOU DARE TO DEFY YOUR MASTER! She stays there crying knowing that the son he knew was gone. Get up and leave, BRAINY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE my father came in holding her knowing that she is in distress. Brainy did you hit your mother…she deserved it she is a human who are made to serve us beings that matter, what happened to you brainy I know you miss Jason. I will always love him I will always look for him, brainy please come back. i Look at him knowing that the man who did this must fall, I fly out the window seeing nothing but red thinking of the sacrifices Jason made for me I feel my throat tighten will I see my big brother again. I feel anger I will kill the son of jor-l to make everyone feel pain MY PAIN! I fly to the fortress for power for vengeance. I fly to the north to my destiny to become like Jason. I arrive there angry thinking of my big brother, brainy my father said tears going down his eyes. TIME TO DIE I attack him landing several punches YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR HUMANITY IM YOUR MASTER YOU'RE MY SLAVE I bite his cheek hard biting a piece of flesh off. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH he punches me off of him blood going down my lips.

You will die son of jor-l I will make sure of that I attack him shooting my eye beams at him, BRAINY STOP! NO BRAINY IS GONE ITS ONLY BRAINIAC AND THE REMAINS OF KRYPTON DIE HERE! I punch him in the stomach and fly towards the panel knowing that there is kryptonite here realizing that the wound on his cheek is gone I seen him suffer worst. I find a chamber button and press it, BRAINY LET ME OUT BRAINY IM SORRY! No humanity must fall and I must destroy all remnants of krypton! I press the button shooting intense rats of kryptonite at him, HOW DOES THAT FEEL YOU WILL NEVER DIE A QUICK DEATH ONLY A SLOW ONE. He is there writhing in pain, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ARE YOU SCARED SLAVE I KNOW YOU ARE NOW PREPARE TO WATCH THE EARTH DIE! Brainy stop this, I see jor-l there standing in holographic form. I go to the panel time to destroy jor-l for good. I press a button draining the energy from the being he fades, brainy I will be gone but be warned there are forces…SHUT UP AND DIE I shoot a eyebeam at the device destroying jor-l. I see the fortress go black seeing nothing glad that this is the beginning. I see my father yelling he is dying. I realize that what I was doing is wrong but I will be betraying Jason by letting him live but I want a daddy this is confusing should he live or die?